(Reader: Victor) Response to Genesispark Foundation “Gelato Rubicon”



Reader Post | By Victor

Thank you for the “CORRECT” version of HO’OPONOPONO prayer. I did know that there were other versions that were much earlier. I shared the modernised version because that was all I had. So now….I have tried both. The modernized version brought me to the experience of Heaven. So that I can not say was not very correct and it resonated with me as a very good technique that worked like no other in all my life.

In the modern version, I did not want to get into “details of history”because I did not want to taint the experience of the prayer as it presently was given to me. I wanted to try it out myself under simple conditions with no mind stuff.and see what happens or how I feel about it? So the modernized version I recommended because Itworked like “GangBusters”…as they used to say. Yet I understood that even if the language in the modern version says” I LOVE YOU”….I am aware that it implies a distance and a separation in the idea of the child and you at your present time. But I knew that the child was me and I connected with myself as that child as I said the prayer to “it”….which was really ME in the present adult version. So I did not feel any separation as the words may imply and I think that is understood through the whole prayer by inference…IMO.

So imo….”the intention” is what mattered because there are levels of perception in a prayer and if the “intention”is understood as a vibration? The energy will find itself and resonate by attraction to itself….and that was my direct experience in a very clear way. So then I put your “Original” version to the test unders the same standards. No more research and in fact I did not write your exact word for word prayer down when I did it and went from my understanding of just reading your reply and the intentions I remembered. So I changed it slightly in each phrase in KNOWING that I was going full monte and speaking to the real ….”ME”…Which if truth be told ” I have never done a prayer or direct meditation to …”ME”…so now is the perfect time and it worked even better!

So I want to thank you again because you were “ME”…contacting “ME”…within this version. I only got that “CORRECT” understanding deeply by doing your “ORIGINAL ”  version of HO’OPONOPONO. I did it for an hour?…and this version brought me to a much higher expanded understanding. Now this does not happen to me all the time or evern ever? It just happened two times and each was with this prayer?…and add 50 years of searching and meditation with everything else.

This version was very powerful for “ME”…is that it was the missing piece of the long quest…..SELF REALIZATION… I realized that “EVERYTHING IS ME”….The dream characters, the movie, the space, the awareness….the Game…the viewpoints are all…”ME”….WOW…..I think no one talks about this kind of material but I think it will encourage others to try and work on it. You never know when miracles happen and as the course in miracles says….”there is no order of difficulty to miracles”…Which is a great way to encourage trying these methods because they work.

So in a lovely way You shared the final piece in a Quest for “ME”….which is Enlightenment or Salvation or Nature as I like to put it. Because this prayer opens the Heart and brings you right to YOU or ..”Me”…and only “ME”.

SO??….”HAAA….HAAA!!”….THAT WAS A GREAT FINISH…..I AM THERE….and it is always “ME”..




THANKS …”ME”…and “YOU”



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