(Reader: Victor) The Sodomites Love of a Lie



Reader Post | By Victor

The act of a sodomite is to sow seeds in soil where nothing will grow. That action is an evolutionary dead end because it is a lie that will lead to no children being produced. Sodomites have therefore chosen the path of lies and the EGO with its sorrow of SELF IGNORANCE.

In evolution or preservation of a species nature automatically culls the weak because it hurts the whole of nature or a particular species. All of nature is many particular species each battelting to retain themselves in the most perfect state for the species survival.Nature like bees is not concerned with the individual because the survival of the whole is what matters and the individual does not. Like bees in their collective hive mind. Nature works for the service of the highest good or survival of nature.

So when you choose to live from lies? You get the whole of Nature or the universe fighting your “individual choices” which do not serve the whole collective of the species.Sodomites or any paths of delusion based on ‘MIND” ….will fail and be destroyed by the whole of Nature unless it serves all of Nature. So Sodomy as an evolutionary trend can never go anywhere beyond the EGO and it’s arrogant ideas.This is just on area where current culture promotes what does serve the whole of the collective by choosing dead end view points….which destroy the family and American and why it was always promoted. 

These egotistical agendas have worked and the American of old is gone and finished. NOW we face a decline of the whole of society and Nature will cull those systems that do not serve the whole or the greatest good. Same with “Woke” mind ideas that do not help the whole human collective because they are also based on lies that refuse “SELF RESPONSIBILITY”…which is what the EGO always does. So the EGO creates and promotes the next lie in order to create DISTURBANCES ….and negative emotions…which is what the Matrix of lies needs and the same EGO needs as food.Since the EGO is not ever using the light of GOD as its energy source but feeds darkness like a vampire or a parasite.

What is the point of all of this? TO GET YOU FED UP….AND LOOK WITHIN.Are you fed up with creating and believing lies? That is the only thing that will motivate you enough to look inwardly and find a way out of the insane asylum called earth or this current matrix.

Earth is the Garden of Eden but YOU have let it degenerate because of following many more lies before these current popular dead ends. But it is more than that. All that you see with your eyes currently is a dead end and a lie…..not just the extremes in the EGO propaganda agendas of current popular and trendy “self promotions” which always lead to extinction….because it’s a lie.

To get out of the “lie”,,,YOU have to wake up and find the SELF WITHIN. …which we all have but are not aware of our true self. It is a very strange situation that is hard to understand when all you have known is lie. Those lies that everyone believes in because they only know the EGO.  Which always only creates more unconscious lies to be manifested on the whole of Nature or the human collective conscious and worse the unconscious. This leaves man not only unconscious of his own nature but of all the “trash” man and woman have manifested and now….we all suffer and do not know why?




The Why is that you created the current war in Israel as another example as the “unconscious” comes home to outer awareness to be transmuted to  LOVE energy by saying a prayer for help, but not from the EGO again….So again.YOUR NATURE…or the whole of the unconscious nature of all of man is showing up as the whole outer world we see.

 A great old movie from 1956 called the “FORBIDDEN PLANET”…Is a entertaining nostalgic look at an example and disclosure way back then to what IS always going on. Your unconscious mind is creating all your problems on the outer world and the inner world. The unconscious manifested all the wars and problems in society. In the movie a giant computer like current AI computers picked up the unconscious fear thoughts of the inhabitants and manifested them.,,,which destroyed them all. This was an analogy to how REALITY works or how we manifest the so called reality when really what we think we see is much more complicated.

This world could actually be suck in a computer program running what we think we see and could call the matrix. But IMO…it is not a computer but REALITY ITSELF….creating all of these experiences for the SOUL of the CHILD…which is YOU…or a learning trip for YOU, so that you can grow up by seeing what you are making.The current world is what you are making, which needs self responsibilities and not lies to fix it.

After that fun movie here is how YOU can really wake up with the world’s most easiest prayer  or the HO’OPONOPONO…which is only this….”I LOVE YOU, I AM SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME, THANK YOU. You just repeat this over and over to transmute the unconscious creations made by us all. I have referenced with about half a dozen recent articles here if you need more intellectual understanding of it.

Also….If you want more accurate information on another path of how to get out of the matrix you should watch this next video. This is very advanced information and will get you out of the matrix or EGO….when you notice the “I AM”…within. This is more or a pure meditation of BEING AWARE OF AWARENESS.

So here is a link for that.  Now if Israel destroys itself or the whole world now destroys itself? Know that YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE…for this destruction because you do not yet understand the things in these two videos.Which brings us back to the loop of taking self responsibility again to change you first and then the outer world follows.

(3281) Forbidden Planet: The great machine – YouTube




(3281) You Are Older than God – Season 1, Session 8 | Self Realization School – Bentinho Massaro – YouTube



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