(Reader: Victor) The Bible is for the Ego



Reader Post | By Victor

The Bible was written for the Ego. The Child in you does not need a Bible because it already is happy and perfect….and that is what you are…THE CHILD. The Ego is never happy because it is not who you really are. So the Ego that seems very real is all based on confusion and forgetting the  INNER CHILD OF GOD.  That “choice” of multiple identities in people has a cost. It caused  much suffering and a long thick book or books to be written as a “map” for those with an Ego problem.

But the Ego problem only exists when you are in the Ego identity or when you say that is “ME”. The fact of this perceived problem is that YOU are not the Ego at all, but are the CHILD NATURE OF GOD itself. YOU have a part of that nature and you can accept as much of that nature of GOD as you want or you can reject as much as you want of who you are. When you are in the rejection identification you are choosing an illusion of who you are. For that illusion the Bible tries to help you find your way home. 

Adam in the Garden of Eden had an Ego problem and so did Eve. What has changed since the very first time an apple with a warning was biten? The Ego illusion was created back then by touching the MIND and its illusions. Nothing has changed since the very start of Creation. Adam still loves the Ego and so does Eve. If this was not the Truth, why would you need a Bible still.? You wouldn’t and you would rest within your CHILD NATURE….in SILENCE. So the Bible is supposed to be a road map because a lost adult needs a map and a child does not have a clue what a map is talking about and does not need it since it never left Home. The CHILD needs no map and is always with GOD IN HEART. 

The CHILD is always who we are. It is within us and just forgotten and not loved. So the child waits in silence and sadness to be seen and held again. The Adult in need of …”maps”… is all humans like Adam and Eve because they said they know better than GOD….or the CHILD NATURE within. WE have all said that…”I know more than the CHILD”….so give me that apple.

The perfect child does not know anything about “MIND” or books to tell it about GOD. It is already there in the state. “IT IS” … it is inherently happy and loving. It trusts everything because that is what a child’s nature is like. It was “found” before the apple was eaten by the very child who did not know what it was doing because it was always in Sinless GOD. Fun and Joy is it’s nature and it only sees that and thinks that the whole of Reality is like its very nature. The CHILD then projects itself on to the world screen and believes what is sees and says:… that is REALITY…just like Adam and Eve’s Ego project the minds ideas on to the NOW moment to create time.

Once the mind was touched and consumed? We get what we now have in the “PROJECTED” manifested world….in the perfect Garden of Eden…we start to make trash, Was there ever any “SIN” …in the child’s actions of taking the apple? NO….No such thing as SIN exists. Sin is the mind again creating a story about a dream illusion on the MIND…The MIND of GOD …that is holding the mind of thoughts. The Ego is confusion itself because it brings for the deception of separation and the idea that you are separated.

In the Garden the perfect GOD NATURE OF THE CHILD….OR YOU…It will touch anything and explore everything in thinking. Children stick everything in their mouths…and so have you eaten everything that the mind has made. Is it guilty of anything? NO….its just a child who tasted an apple …and everything else, after it was told not to do it. But in a child’s nature. GOD’s nature, the world NO does not exist. “NO”… is an Ego creation because the word “NO”…is the very rejecting nature of the Ego. The Ego is a insane rejection of its own nature….THE CHILD.




For that confused Ego the Bible was written as an attempt to fix a problem that appears to exist when it does not. The  Bible was also a control tool where a few distortions at the right place will make your map worthless. The mind distortion in the Bible and all religious books is the idea of “SIN”…When you believe that SIN is “real”…Then you also believe that you and your Ego are real. Then when that happens…”YOU THINK YOU NEED SALVATION’….when all you had to do is remember the CHILD WITHIN…..and say…..”I LOVE YOU, I AM SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME, THANK YOU”.

When you say that….YOU ask GOD for forgiveness and you say that you are sorry. Then GOD accepts your true prayer and you can see that child that was never taken away and was always with you right NOW. For that simple task NO BOOK IS  NEEDED….and no stories needed. The MIND EGO made up all the stories to make something very SIMPLE…very complicated and confused for an agenda. The EGO never wants to die…SO IT WILL LIE !!!. The serpent that it believes it is will write all the books in the world with its self serving agenda….”To keep itself in power”.

But when you REST IN THE CHILD… you are the whole REALITY…..and the problem that seemed so real and complicated is resolved. Then where does the a word in creation like…”NO” …Live? It does not live any more as it always appeared to live. It only lived as MIND idea and was never really created. So its false ideas of SIN…vanish…in the only Light there is. SIN does not exist anywhere in the Garden of Eden….it just pretended to exist because you said so. 

For a child of GOD….what obstacles are there? NONE exists. So when GOD said: “Do not taste the apple?…what does that mean? The word ..”NO”.. It does not compute with my own nature.? That word does not resonate with the CHILDS INNER NATURE. IT DOES NOT EXIST..The CHILD…checks within itself and says…” I do not have a problem, I am going to eat the apple”. So said and did the child in Adam and Eve.

The result of all this confusion is that more confusion is always being build upon more confusion. This is then the “haunted house” that has to collapse. The end of Falseness. Which means that you can not save the world really. It has to fall because it is build on lies and is a complete lie. YOU have to collapse because you build your life on an EGO LIE. It is all build on quick sand and illusions….but that is what was perfectly supposed to happen. That was the Plan.

The CHILD had to be let loose to be itself. It could not be wise until it could learn from its own creations that “Confusion has its costs”….or the world and who you falsely thought you were, when you were an Ego identity.. All of that trash and suffering that has been created has to bo transformed by GOD back to its original nature by you asking for FORGIVENESS. YOU as the child that became and adult with a MIND….made a mess. But how else were you going to learn about your own nature? By direct experience. So now we have it. The whole world is of our making. NOW we have to heal it and heal ourselves….by simply finding the CHILD WITHIN…..its all still there. WE are still there. 

You are not supposed to save the world or even your false Ego self. It was a dream or an experience that seemed and was very real from your perspective. But it was still not ever who you are. Who you are will remain after death takes the body and the world with it. You can die to the world while still alive and beat the Grim Reaper because that is the lesson here in manifestation of duality.




 Then when you ask for transmutation of the trash you created….YOU will find the Garden that is Here right NOW….just hidden by your veils of trash. But that trash you are responsible and you have to clean up after you CHILD….Then the Child will never be forgotten again, but that lesson had to happen. So you are not ever a sinner. That was another EGO lie. GOD NEVER CALLED YOU A SINNER.

What remains that no book can explain with words of the mind,  is to ….”BE STILL”…What remains in that stillness? After you pray with this “Ho’oponopono” phrases. YOU will experience the depth of the CHILD NATURE..THAT REMAINS, .as the trash is cleared by your request. 

Then…IN that Space of SILENCE? During that prayer to GOD,…IN the very Silence…WHAT was there and held your prayer ?….GOD. After the prayer the same Silence is there….GODS ALWAYS THERE. Always Before your prayer and when only the Ego ruled your world, the Silence was still always there. That Silence is here now as you read this.

There also is no other locations. It is always HERE. The Silence holds the Bible that you read to find GOD. The adult child reads and reads….but the mind does not understand that thick book and it does not help.Because that is the Ego reading and that has to die as all of the world it created. or …YOU …created. YOU HAVE TO DIE TO THAT SILENCE.

What can be said about that “SILENCE”…That which holds the prayers which are done with words and the mind. You could write many Bibles and add many volumes and the EGO will still not understand. Because the Ego is a Mind illusion and does not exist, except as a talking voice in your head. the mad hatter is a dream. Can you find that voice and actually touch or see it? Where is it? It dies into the silence that it arose from. ONLY THE SILENCE SURVIVES…..ONLY THE CHILD.

The Ego only shows up when you break the SILENCE that IS. Something always is here. What is that? Can the Ego feel that? NO it can not. That is why the many Bibles are written in all cultures no matter what they are called can not ever change the Ego so that it accepts GOD or SILENCE….since the EGO DOES NOT EXIST. All that is ever required it to notice what you have forgotten….THE CHILD …WHICH IS YOU….

So why write many Bibles and many Books for an “Ego Affect”…that can never hear what is REAL. How can what is not Real in Reality ever know Reality? Impossible. Which means you have to go back to the Garden and understand that nothing ever happened to the CHILD and that an Ego can never ever understand… it can not. 

So how can an Ego that does not exist pray to GOD for salvation and forgiveness? It can’t….How could GOD answer a prayer from what does not exist? When all that EXISTS IS SILENCE. Existence will always exist a no Ego illusion can change anything.That Silence that is always Eternal. The Eternity holds the Apple of the Mind and the Garden where the CHILD can play. That Garden is Creation and where we are playing in it. The world and the Ego have to be released and let it die. It has to because it is not who you are….THE CHILD.

So the child will never do what a book says or even be interested. It is only more mind stuff that is not needed What can make the EGO give up? ONLY YOU KNOW?….Because YOU are pretending to be that Ego and do not know that you are pretending. YOU forgot the child which is alway happy and went instead for the MIND which is never happy because it can not feel the child within. YOU can feel yourself when you shut up? But when do you do that? When do you look at what the Garden of Eden was like and is like right NOW.?

SILENCE IS HERE….What books can help you choose that? When the books only give you more mind words and ideas. You do not need more translations that suit your Ego, since you have not follow any translations so far. NO change and your stil the same and you outer world is still the same or much worse. Since you have asked for more of the worse pain. You are that dense. NO EGO IN SILENCE…..That is the Heaven you Fear. The very  SILENCE where GOD is but you are not. So you want a better translation to suit your lies, so you can pretend some more.




See your complete hypocrisy and how young ignore the CHILD OF GOG WITHIN….and go tor the Apple in the Garden all the while condemning others and wanting more rath for them and not for YOU who have chosen the MIND.That is instant SELF REALIZATION AND SALVATION AND ENLIGHTENMENT. …It is here right now. RIGHT NOW. And YOu do not have that WHY?

If the Ego touches that SILENCE….it dies. It no longer exists. If you identify only with Ego?…then you will not go where you will die. YOU will go to the books….where they talk about YOU and then you can still live with more ideas and concepts. In SILENCE….only GOD LIVES and the CHILD LIVES…NO EGO THERE.

The Child lives in the Garden of Eden which is a realm of Heaven. All manifestations are in Heaven since that is all that there is….Everything is always within GOD, where else could it be? Humans get a Garden for children. So here we are….”A house divided” where you are the answer and the answer is all that exists and that answer is the very space all around the Garden and yet?…YOU choose the apple? and that MND is still your first love.?

Somehow the child has to convince the adult Adam and Eve to REMEMBER….ITSELF. Remember when you were a child. What was that? Where is that right now? The child is still here, but it is hiding in the corner in the dark where you told it to go. From there it listens to all the voices you listen too. It trusted you and you betrayed it. YOU abandoned it to be alone in the very dark that you are in. YOU left it there while you got what you wanted….more of YOU and NOT GOD. Even the voice of GOD can not stop you. Maybe the CHILD CAN?

Say to the CHILD….or to your own hidden and forgotten nature. “I LOVE YOU, I AM SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME, THANK YOU”….This is the bare bones EGO KILLER….It is YOU ACCEPTING YOU AGAIN….Accepting what is that SILENCE….That happiness of the GOD child like nature. A child is LOVE…REMEMBER YOURSELF………That is instant Salvation. Do it until your heart cracks open and weeps for YOURSELF AND YOU WANT BACK INTO THE GARDEN.

YOU just have to ask. YOU do not need anyone and not even an intermediary because that is another mind trick that will get you lost in the woods for a long time. NO need to be lost any more. Here with those 4 phrases ( I LOVE YOU, I AM SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME, THANK YOU)…you get what a Bible should have in a simple way given you. What a map should tell you. HOW TO GET HOME…..I am just reminding YOU and ME….of how simple and close everything is.

The mind’s stories are mental illness and no matter what you touch on the EGO….it is all NOT WHO YOU ARE? …and an illness of delusions. That is why the Bible was written by the EGO for the EGO…The church wrote it for control of YOU..but the Ego will say that GOD wrote it. BECAUSE THE EGO THINKS IT IS GOD….Do you really think that the EGO would tell you the truth?or that its outer world would telly you the truth?

So the EGO did lie about who wrote what. It is proud if its own self deceptions that is sold to …YOU…and all the other parts of itself. SO THAT NO ONE GETS OUT OF MIND…..Proof?…2,000 years latter your still lost when it takes and instant to  WAKE UP? How long is an instant,  to remember YOU ARE THE CHILD.

OF course “The Ultimate Blasphemer” it will always say That …”God wrote it All”… because the Ego wrote distorted enough of it so that GOD will fail and the Ego MIND will win!.So now the EGO set it up so that there no risk in the Bible for the Ego ever. Because the map is always point towards the EGO while pretending it is not. But…Just enough Truth to fool everyone was left in the Bible….imo.

NO risk at all then… None at all. So the EGO loves the Bible because it then can still pretend to EXIST!….”YEAH IT SCREAMS!”…. with its made up misdirections….If the EGO ….went silent?…Only the CHILD REMAINS….AND YOUR HOME.  Go SILENT  and you are there with no EGO and NO distorted books and no more false ideas. Just YOU….the CHILD AWARE….and  IN SILENCE?




(3273) “He is Dreaming Now” | Neville Goddard Reading (HQ) – YouTube



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