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We either do it or don’t. Make a decision. Decide now. Don’t wait. Procrastination is for losers. Be it right or wrong, make a decision. Do you want to see a beautiful world, or do you want the one that we have at present time? 

Liberals will only be happy when orange man is dealt a deathblow and illegals can vote and steal and take money from American families who have worked their entire lives contributing to the economy and hopefully have something at the end to retire on before death. Liberals are inherently evil supporters. When it comes to the truth, they’re deaf, dumb, and blind. Those are undeniable facts. It’s not my opinion. Just look at the facts that are glaringly obvious. 

Liberals want orange man gone. Liberals want conservatives gone. If you’re pro life, they want you gone. If you don’t support LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ, they want you gone. If you don’t support Satanism, they want you gone. If you don’t support the climate crisis bull$!/#, they want you gone. Liberals think they’re the only ones that deserve to live on this planet. Liberals think up is down, left is right, hot is cold, forward is backwards, upside-down is right-side up, intelligence is stupidity, love is hate because good is bad. They claim that rainbows are their property and claim the rights to use the rainbow colors as their symbol of enlightenment for the unenlightened. 

Does this crap happen every single time at the end of the 26,000 + years cycle? Does the programmed Matrix just reset/reboot itself ad infinitum without oversight? 

Why do perfectly created beings feel the need or desire to be subjected to such dark and murky existences? 

To me, personally, it has to be something more than an obvious answer to that question, because this sh!/ show is never going to end unless we get to the root cause. 

What is the root cause of this insanity? 




Programming. It’s a program running. You, me, everyone, everything in existence is a simulation. Why do I say that? Because nothing real could possibly be this stupid. 

I don’t think the Creator created this sh!/show. We did. We were tricked, coerced to swallow a lie. 

Dying is easy. It’s life that’s a bitch. But, it’s all good. Just because we have our brothers and sisters of the dark constantly attacking decency in all its forms, there’s no need to be upset because it’s all an illusion. 

Planet Psycho is just an illusion. Mother Earth is just an illusion. The cosmos is just an illusion. There’s nobody out there. It’s all in our minds. Everything is in our minds. Existence is in our minds. 

Whatever, man. Call it the way you see it. Call it the way you feel it. Call it nothing or call it everything. The liberals have resolved themselves to a carved-in-stone mindset. They have no ears for the truth, nor eyes to see the truth, nor do they have voices for the truth. They have resolved themselves by allowing evil to guide them. 

It all good. 

I have a resolution for myself, maybe. If it’s so great on the other side of the veil, why is it that perfectly created beings feel a need, or even desire, to come to this Matrix of illusion? 




Entertainment…entertainment purposes only. Is it boring on the other side? I wonder. Oh, wait. I know. It’s karmic debt. How could I have been so stupid? Easily. I’m a program running. 

Resolution. We are all just a program running. 

Nothing real could ever be this stupid. 

It’s all good. 




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