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Reader Post | By KS

Hey everyone, I hope you all have had a better start to your day than I have. Yes, I am a little bit PO’d this morning, BUT, I’ll try to keep this Respectful nonetheless. This will most likely be My FINAL POST!!

I (and others on here) have stated several times how the So Called White Hats still Refuse to PROVE anything. Even after now supposedly 7 Years of what they still claim to be as Actions they have been (according to them) Proving and Doing. Yet they STILL Wonder Why they can’t WAKE UP EVEN THE VETERANS like Myself and Many Others. Let alone why they cannot even Still WAKE UP the Civilian Masses to what has really been happening for all this time with the DS/CABAL/CRIMINALS in this world!

The Veterans, KNOW FULL WELL, how the Chain of Command Works! WE,,,,,,,,,Don’t Need to be Told that By ANYONE. WE all know, that when Orders are given, they are Coming down from someone Much Much Higher up than US! WE ARE NOT STUPID!!!!! Like these So Called WHITE HATS keep Convincing themselves of! WE ARE NOT THE ONES WHO ARE FAILING HERE!!! IT’S The So Called WHITE HAT LEADERSHIP who is Failing US!! They ARE NOT PROVING ANYTHING to Even We Veterans like they Think they are!! So how are they Really Going to WAKE ANY CIVILIANS UP, When They Can’t Even CONVINCE ALL OF THE VETERANS of What is REALLY GOING ON???? DUH!! We are Not CHILDREN and REFUSE to be Treated as such!! By ANYONE!! We are Also not STUPID OR IGNORANT, and Again, Refuse to be Treated as such!! 

I Read just this morning, 6 Nov 23, on Judy Byington’s Restored Republic, this as it was posted on AMG:

They are STILL, trying to Blame US for not Waking Up yet Or for NOT BELIEVING Every thing being Spewed out as So Called TRUTH when there has been NOTHING But LIES and BS put out (FROM BOTH SIDES) since they CLAIM to have started this “PSYOP” War!! AND THEY KNOW THAT, YET, Still Blame US for not Waking Up yet!! 

They seem to completely FORGET, that any Soldier/Veteran, KNOWS the chain of Command, and KNOWS that orders come from Higher ups who REALLY Call the Shots. They ALSO seem to Forget, that Most of us Veterans, no matter How long they served or in What Capacity they served, All know Full well the REAL CORRUPTION that has been Long since so deeply Entrenched in THE PENTAGON and all of the Corrupt Generals. Those corrupt Generals and CONTRACTORS, are STILL Following the ORDERS from Their Higher ups Calling the shots! But I GUESS, These so called White Hats, ALL think WE PEONS are just Not Smart enough to KNOW how corrupt the Government HAS BEEN for so long now!! Any Veteran who Paid any Real Attention while they served SAW First Hand, things that were NOT Kosher or Completely on the “Up and UP”!! WE Veterans, have KNOWN for Many YEARS now, how it was Osama/Obama, and KILLARY CLINTON, who Gave the Orders for Benghazi, THEN LIED ABOUT IT!! No Matter WHAT was put out to the populace, WE KNEW IT!! Because WE AREN’T STUPID like they seem to Think!!! Just like many of us KNEW that 911 Was An Inside Job and how those ORDERS came from Higher Up CRIMINALS like GW Bush Jr and the like!! We KNEW, about KILLARY’S Uranium Deals ALL AROUND the Planet (NOT just with Russia), Without having to Be Told, or Have our Hands Held to “LEARN” from THEM! How did we KNOW? Because again, WE ARE NOT STUPID like they Still Think we are!! And I for one, AM SICK of their Condescension towards US VETERANS on these things! Most Civilians would not Know such things, And THAT is Fully Understandable!!  But far too many Veterans have been put in situations THEY KNEW they Should NEVER have been in because of “ORDERS” coming down from Corrupt Criminals in Washington!!

THEY (the so called WH’s), have the Audacity, to still Blame US for Not Believing THEM??? Uhm, I don’t Think so Skippy!!




When Trump first Ran for office, we were All Promised many many things. But the thing that stuck out the Most TO ME at least, was when Trump stood on the Candidate Debate Stage and TOLD KILLARY CLINTON AND THE WHOLE WORLD, how if HE were POTUS, SHE would be Locked Up for her CRIMES! Crimes that MOST Military Veterans HAVE KNOWN FOR DECADES! Same with Osama/Obama and GW and BILL and Bush Sr and many many many more!! They HAD Killary IN CONGRESS, And MY Thoughts at the time, were FINALLY!! We Are FINALLY about to see SOMEONE Actually Start Putting An END to these Degenerates and START PROVING AND ACTUALLY DOING WHAT They SAID they Would Do! BUT!!!!!!!, THEY DID NOTHING!! They ALLOWED Her to ONCE AGAIN,,,,,,,,,GET AWAY SCOT FREE!! THEY,,,,,,,,,Chose to offer up some Low Level PEON to the “Justice Finally” crowd, INSTEAD of one of the Very Criminals WE ALL KNEW SHOULD HAVE BEEN ARRESTED and PROSECUTED for the Crimes WE VETERANS KNEW they had Been Committing for DECADES!! If they are SOOOOO Danged INTELLIGENT AND BRILLIANT in all of this, they would have Known, that THAT ARREST,,,,,,,Right Then and There,,,,,,,,Would have Single Handedly PROVEN,,,,,,,,Without Doubt or Question,,,,,,,,that They Actually WERE, Going to Do what We Veterans have all KNOWN for Decades now, SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE A LONG TIME AGO!! That would have Solidified in MY MIND at least!! And I Believe As Well, in Many More Veteran’s Minds too! But NO! They Once Again, Did NOTHING!! FAILING to Hold True to What THEY SAID!! NOT ME, and NOT all the Veteran’s who also Don’t believe them! But What THEY SAID and CLAIMED!! So How is it, They want to Blame US, for THEIR FAILINGS?? Uhmmmm NO!!

Then, just 2 days ago, Derek Johnson, Gets on HIS little High Horse and tries to RANT about how WE VETERANS are ALL IGNORANT to what is really happening!! Even tho I NORMALLY, Refuse to even Watch HIM, or SG Anon, or most of the Others because I Know they are all spewing More Crap about all of this, I DID Actually watch THIS Video of his. Here is the one I watched, so you can Go Listen for Yourselves and NOT just Take me at My Word.

That Video of his can Also be found on Before It’s News site. That’s where I watched it! Just go to the search window at the top and type in his name then the date of posting. It was I believe on the 3rd of October, just a couple of days ago.

THEY MISSED the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY, to PROVE their “CLAIMS” by Not ARRESTING and PROSECUTING KILLARY WHEN THEY HAD HER IN FRONT OF CONGRESS!! FOR ALLLLL, of her REAL Crimes that many of us have known for decades that She has Really Committed!!! THEY,,,,,,,,Once again, FAILED to GAIN the TRUST of Every Veteran in America when THEY LET HER WALK when WE ALL KNEW Exactly how Corrupt Her and Obama and Biden and Many many many more of them in DC AND in the Pentagon have ALWAYS been!! 

If THEY, Weren’t so Conceited and Convinced of how Brilliant they are in all of this, THEY,,,,,,,,,,,Might have Actually Woken Up FAR MORE Veterans and Civilians alike By Now than they have!! They keep Insisting on all of this being soooo Critical in the TIMING is Everything aspect, and YES IT IS, but THEY MISSED the PERFECT Opportunity ON KILLARY’S CONGRESSIONAL HEARINGS over her EMAILS and SERVER,, yet REFUSE to Accept ACCOUNTABILITY for THEIR OWN FAILURES and MISSED Opportunities so They can keep BLAMING US for Not Being “AWAKE” yet!! Uhm NO!! That’s ON THEM and THEM ALONE!!

IF, There Truly ARE this Galactic Federation, as is Also being Claimed, I Read an article just last week, as to how They TOO, are FED UP with these So Called WHITE HATS and all of their Screwing Around in ALLOWING so much more MURDER and CRIME being committed by the DS/CABAL Criminals than was Necessary and how THEY,,,,,if these so called WH’s Don’t GET THIS DONE by the End of 2023, how THEY were Going to STEP IN and if needed, even bring these Really GRAY HATS to Trial before the Galactic Federations’s TRIBUNAL Council on Charges of their own!!

I’m Really not sure I Believe in all of That yet Either! But it’s Funny how they Said almost the Exact same things that Myself and a few others on Here have said for almost 3 Years now!! Almost word for word!!




Yet THEY, have the Nerve to post on AMG how WE should either Trust the Man and the “PLAN”, or Stop Wasting Our Time!?!?!? I Do Believe, it is THEY who are the ones WASTING so much time With their Stupid little TROLLING’S here and GAMES there!!

MANY of us WANT to BELIEVE their Claims to BE REAL!!! WE DO!! But we VETERANS, whom they seem to like running down now for NOT Believing every word they say, (and I’m Not Presuming to Speak for All of the Veterans out there, but I KNOW I’m Not the ONLY ONE to see things this way), We Would have KNOWN and BELIEVED them, IF THEY HADN’T LET HILLARY CLINTON WALK like they WILLINGLY CHOSE to do!! That to ME, Was Proof of how They Were Yet Again, Just another Mouthpiece Full of Political Promises just to Get into Office like we’ve all seen for more than 40 years now!! It showed ME, More All TALK and No DO!! Promise this and promise that then after getting IN Office, NOTHING. Just like Always BEFORE from EVERYONE who have Also Made those Same Sort of PROMISES then FAILED to Deliver!!

But it’s All OUR FAULT’S, Right???

As I said before, this will most likely be My LAST POST on here. But you all Comment your own thoughts and opinions, as I have!

Thanks to Patrick again, for giving us all a Platform to Post and express Our Thoughts, opinions and Findings!!

I hope you all have a Great Day and Great Week ahead!!

Reader KS Signing OFF!! 


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