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International Public Notice: Sloppy Language Kills

By Anna Von Reitz
10/1/2023 #4405

For the first four years — nearly five — of our country’s political existence, the Federation of States handled all external international and global business.  

Then, in 1781, but still during The War of Independence, the Continental Congress delegated the responsibility of commercial business management to the Confederation.  

The Federation of States was left in control of International Trade and the new Confederation doing business as “the States of America” took over commercial (incorporated) business affairs.  

Here is the junction where sloppy language becomes a big problem.  




The Federation is made up of the member States — the physically defined States of the Union we always think of.  

The Confederation was made up of member “States of States” which are businesses under contract to the States to provide government services.  

Over time, people began calling these “States of States” —like the State of Maine— first “Confederate States” and finally, just plain “States”.  

This sloppiness blurred the line between the actual physically defined States and the associated States-of-State because people were referring to both using the same word: “State”. 

This leads to profound misunderstandings. 

We can naturally mistake what kind of “State” we are referring to in documents and conversations, if we start referring to the State of California (one of the Confederate States) as “California” (one of the Federation States).  

In our research we discovered that this lapse of language occurred extensively in the years leading up to the Civil War, so much so that it was difficult to distinguish the context of numerous documents. 




Initially, we thought that the Federation required State Electors to be “white landowners above the age of 21” — but in fact, it was the Confederation that had this requirement.  

Our Federation of physically-defined States only requires that Electors be free, that is, not in a condition of slavery or indentured servitude, and have attained the age of majority.  Every eligible Elector is considered to be a “landowner” as all free men and women are in possession of their body: “dust thou art and to dust returneth”.  Members of the Federation Congress must be at least 35 years of age and our President must have attained the age of 45 years.  

Thus, there are no racial or land ownership requirements to be a Federation official, officer, or Elector. Federation and State Assembly Justices, Jurors and Court Officers can be any color or creed. Our last Federation President was a black man, the Grandson of George Washington’s Aide-de-Camp.  

It was this same confusion that led so many Americans and people worldwide to mistake the nature of the so-called American Civil War, too, which was commonly called “the War between the States” to promote the idea that the actual States were the combatants in this illegal Mercenary Conflict.

We have substantively proven that this conflict was between the States-of-States and not the actual States, by a process of positive evidence and a process of negative averment, affirming the same conclusions.

In terms of positive evidence, all the Muster Rolls and Induction paperwork is related to business entities.  Unknowingly, soldiers in the Civil War and ever since, have been signing up to serve as mercenaries serving corporations, not bodies politic.  They were never given full disclosure of this fact.   

In 1863, Lincoln bankrupted “the United States of America” (Incorporated), and thus, also, the franchises thereof— the Northern States-of-States; we know from this circumstance that the combatants were corporations

Actual States have State Immunity and are not eligible for public bankruptcy protection

We also deduce the illegal and commercial nature of the conflict from the following facts: 

1. No Congress ever issued a Declaration of War; 




2. No formal peace process or Peace Treaty ending the Civil War was ever recorded — only a form of Armistice resulting from Lee’s Surrender at Appomattox; 

3. President Andrew Johnson declared “peace on the land” via three public proclamations, but these verbal contracts with the civilian population were immediately dishonored by the British Territorial Congress Lincoln used to conduct business in the “absence” of the American Confederation Delegations. They set up military districts to extend the power of the District of Columbia government into the States of the Union in breach of trust and service contract.  These “carpetbagger courts” created in May of 1865 have remained in operation ever since

4. The Reconstruction (that is, bankruptcy Reorganization) required was outlined by the Territorial Congress as the Reconstruction Acts, nearly all of which remain on the books and in effect to this day; 

5. Successive Territorial and Municipal Congresses have operated under pretense of “emergency” and “war”, following a practice of declaring “war” on something every two years — Cold War, War on Poverty, War on Drugs, etc., to maintain an excuse for pernicious British Territorial occupation of this country.  

6. The members of the Federation Government —which was owed the return of all delegated powers of the Confederation the moment the Confederation failed  — were attacked by Lincoln’s thugs, burned out of their homes, falsely accused of crimes, murdered, ambushed, slandered, and forced to flee to other countries and to the far frontiers of the Northwest Territories; 

7. Thus, an American Raj was established by foreign corporations, most especially, the British Crown, and the Municipal Government of Rome, and the horrors inflicted by this new brand of Colonial Feudalism have reflected the same oppressions, lies, omissions, and abuses that Mahatma Gandhi exposed in India a hundred years ago; 

8. Now we and all the still-occupied (since WWII) countries of Western Europe and the former British Commonwealth are being threatened by the same corporations in the form of the WEF — a Municipal Corporation styling itself as “the World Economic Forum” and the UN CORP another Municipal Corporation styling itself as “the United Nations Corporation”.  

9. These heinous monsters follow the banner of “national socialism” — and have forgotten who really owns their corporations and under which law their corporations are created and allowed to endure

They have admitted that we, the General Public of this country and our lawful governmentown their corporations via their frequent and repeated abuse of public bankruptcy protection. 

We are the Principals and Priority Creditors owed all substance and control of these corporations and we have invoked their prosecution for unlawful activity under the Ecclesiastical Law that created them.  




There can be no doubt that every member corporation in the “World Economic Forum” and every corporation purporting to represent other countries in the “United Nations” enfranchisement scheme, is the literal property of our government or another lawful European or former Commonwealth government which has been illegally and immorally occupied by military services that depend upon us both for their personnel and their funding. 

Whereupon we call upon every American, every European, every African, every Japanese, every Indian — all people worldwide who have been robbed, oppressed, defrauded, and violently attacked by this gang of Liars and Thieves and Murderers, to stand up against Satanism and all that it has promoted via the abuse of Legal Fiction Persons and Phoenician (Phony) Courts to create a form of Corporate Feudalism more damning than the Feudalism of the Middle Ages.  

We are the Employers, the Owners, and the Principals.  

The CEOs and Generals and Admirals and Presidents and Boards of Directors and Boards of Governors running these delusional corporations are merely professional middlemen who have failed to perform their duties owed to us by law and contract. 

Like any employees who defraud and harm their employers, they need to be replaced and their positions need to be defunded.  

The offending corporations need to be liquidated or forfeited to our (meaning the impacted lawful governments) direct control under new management ––  not limited to:  all the enfranchised members of the UN CORP, and the various iterations of US CONGRESS, United States Congress, Inc., SERCO, Senior Executive Services, Inc., ALPHABET, INC., Alphabet, Inc., MINDBOX, INC., Mindbox, Inc., MICROSOFT, INC., Microsoft, Inc., DARPA, INC.,  Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Inc.

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary   The United States of America … October 1st 2023  #4405


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