(Reader: Michael) Why there Can’t be a 2024 Election



Reader Post | By Michael B

The most important fact is President Trump has never conceded the 2020 Election.   What does that mean?   President Trump saw the 2020 Election was rigged and the US Military Space Force gave him the evidence.   When he says he’s go it all and we caught them all he’s not kidding.   He couldn’t and will not ignore this evidence.  Since the US Military and Space Force has this evidence they too can’t ignore it.   Because he never conceded the outcome of the 2020 Election has not been decided.  US Military Law is separate from civilian law.   Under Military Law the US Military can’t pass on the nuclear codes or relinquish the previous Commander-in-Chief (CIC) President Trump of his duties and pass them to a new CIC ie. Joe Biden (or in this case actor Joe Biden) until the previous CIC President Trump believes there is a winner of the 2020 Election.   He knows it’s him.   President Trump didn’t concede because he took his responsibility as CIC seriously and he is merely protecting the nation from someone taking control of the US Military that has not been authorized to do so.    Isn’t it comforting to know someone took this responsibility seriously.  So, President Trump is the current CIC not actor Joe Biden.  The actor Joe Biden has never set foot in the Pentagon and was actually refused entry.  Just like he has never set foot in the real White House for the same reason.   Why would the US Military pass power of the military to Joe Biden who they held a military grade funeral for on Inauguration Day in 2021?  In fact on Inauguration Day President Trump was the first President in US history to leave Andrews AFB on Air Force One.   The Air Force only allows the CIC to do that.   Why would they pass power to a person they clearly knew was dead?   Why would they take orders from a dead person?   They have known all along President Trump is the the real CIC that they take orders from.   To be true to their oath they only take orders from the President of the United States CIC.   President Trump has taken a pause and allowed the actor Joe Biden to literally play resident in a fake White House until the true results can be verified by an entity of authority ie. Congress and Supreme Court (to date both bodies are totally corrupt and they have refused their responsibilities in this area)  so that he can return to his duties as the real President of the United States.  So, basically America is in legal limbo.  Until we can break this legal limbo of the 2020 Election there can be no 2024 Election.   The sooner this limbo can be broken the sooner we can back to normal and have the 2024 Election.  In fact when President Trump returns all of what the actor Joe Biden has done will be declared illegal or null and void because he had no legal authority to do it and he actually committed treason every day he’s been a resident

 because there was an attempt to overthrow the US government by virtue of the 2020 Election.  Do you see why there can’t be a 2024 Election?   “We the People” must demand Congress and the Supreme Court to stop their corruption and do what is required to legally allow President Trump to continue the Presidency he won in 2020.  The evidence he has will prove it.   Why are we allowing the suffering and misery of this fake regime?   How much longer do you want this legal limbo to go on?  The 2020 Election must be resolved first to have 2024.   Let’s end this ASAP.


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