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First … Comes Conception …
The Birth Of A Thought …

Then Conception Is Followed By Creation And The Application Of Such Loving Wisdom With Each Stroke Of Our Cosmic Pallet Of Colors … 

This Application Of Creator Abilities That Cause Us To Exist At An Embryonic Stage Which Then Leads Us To Our Destined Development …

Preceded By The Formation Of The Creation Within Its Different Stages Of Development As The Matter Coalesces Into Its Formed Design  …

Cognition , By Its Definition Designs The Matrix In Which Such A Creation Is Formed … 

As Thought Creates Form And Christed Consciousness Is Source Generated As Super Consciousness Which Is All That Is … 

At This Stage All Is Flowing And Coalescing Into The Perception Of The Creation And The Application Of Matter Within Its Formation …




As All Is Subjective At This Stage Of Our Evolution And Until The Observer Can Perceive The Rendition Of The Artist’s/Creators Formula…

The Shifting From The Observer’s Perspective Will UnVeil The Creator’s Creation …


All Is An Evolutionary Process 
In Order To Remind Us That We As Co-Creators Must Learn To Observe Before We Can Learn To Apply The Matter In Order To Formulate Our Thoughts Enabling Our Elevated Selves To Co-Create …

We, From Our Lowly Perspectives (3D) Are Therefore Required To Become Inspired As To UpLift Our Thoughts , Within This Process, In Order To Comprehend Our Own Evolutionary Actions From A Higher Perspective (5D) Which Will Alter Our Perception …

Of The Illusionary State In Which We Reside …

As We Are All Creator Beings




Which Will Uplift Us All Toward’s Source’s Creation 
By Severing The Distraction Of Perceived Separation 
Which Was Only A Concept Within The Construct And Therefore Not REAL …
But; A Transitory State 

Sans Jugement

An Embryonic ReBirth Into A Higher Dimensional State Of Being
Which Is Preceding Our Achieving UNITY
Returning Us To The RESTORATION Of

Yet; We Are Told
That Seeing Is Believing
Yet Observing Is Knowing 
That Just Seeing … Is Deceiving

On This Journey Of Self InLightEnMent

Tony Martí

Was MichaelAngelo a Painter?
A Sculptor ?… An Architect ? Or
During The Renaissance  /The ReBirth
Arch[Angel] Michael
The Manifestor ?

If The Renaissance Occured Between The 14th-16th Centuries…
( As Historians Surmise )
How Can The Europeans [ Jump ] 
From The Devastation Of The Black Plague (14th Century) Killing a Reputed 1/3 of The Population (25 million )…
InTo Such Magnificence ?
Reset ?
The Manipulation Of Time ?…
The ReSetting Of The Clock ?

This Parenthesis In Eternity Appears As Though It Has Taken An Eternity To Return Us To The Point Of Our Embarkation

The More I Feel I’ve Learned
The Less Veracity , I Observe To Be




Is Our Present Day Reformation
The Culmination Of Millennia
In Bringing Humanity From


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