(Reader: Victor) You Can Get to Heaven While Still Alive



Reader Post | By Victor

You can get to Heaven while still alive. It is a real Realm and I have been there. YOU can go there and you do not have to wait until you die. Because if you wait until you die you can not fix “YOU” there as well as YOU can fix YOU here while alive. Both YOU and Heaven need “cleaning” as well as all the “other” …YOU’s need Healing.

YOU see Heaven’s not far away at all. It is here in this “location” that you are at. It is not in some far away “location” beyond space somewhere in a distance beyond,beyond Galaxies as religions have told you. It is right here right now and YOU do not see it because YOU have forgotten your true SELF. YOU are not vibrating at Heavens freequency ,so you can not enter. YOU have not lost it or been kicked out. YOU just  have covered your higher nature with very dark layers of lies and pain that block YOUR LOVE…That which YOU ALREADY ARE.

Love is what you are made of as you are made from GOD and are that GOD itself. Right here is Heaven because this world always was the original Heaven and the original first planet. This was the Garden Of Eden. But look at it now. This is what you made of it with Free will. It no longer looks like the original 5D Garden creation where anything is possible. Everything is still possible and the way it looks is proof that anything is possible because of”you”. Because YOU MADE THIS WORLD. …So?….This world is the proof that….”YOU GOT THE POWER”…YES YOU DO…..You are not lacking anything, since every prayer you made manifest ….”THIS MESS”…Here and that is the truth of it. 

NOW YOU HAVE TO TAKE OUT THE TRASH YOU BROUGHT INTO HEAVEN…NOT GOD…..Its your Heaven for YOU….What do you want to make of it? The world in the news is of your making. That is why you need to awaken to what you are creating right NOW and the in the same NOW start to Heal Heaven….by cleaning the mess you made. It is still a place of many mansions as you will see when the veil of your own making is lifted and when you get there. But not only is it pristine and empty in those places that you have not manifested dead matter. That is also there and connected to “you”. That is what needs cleaning.

That is why you have to get to Heaven while you are still Alive and fix it while still alive. Because creation happens when you are alive….not “dead” with no body. The work and healing is done from this level as you see. Since you made the trash from this same state. It is not that you will not get to Heaven when you die, because you are already there/here and YOU DO NOT KNOW IT. But the Healing and cleaning work on Heaven has to be done from this Living state with the body, or “you” will not learn anything and not learn SELF RESPONSIBILITY. 

This is what we manifested. What I manifested, What you manifested. What each person that went before you manifested. All that is still here and also in the same here of the higher dimensions. In Heaven there is no INDIVIDUAL YOU or any separation. it is like a collective mind of one SOUL mind. We are ONE. When you accept that and when there, all of that is self-evident. HERE?…Not so self evident because of the trash we made and the damage done. That is what we do not understand, because we have forgotten that there is only ONE DIVINITY, ONE REALITY, OR ONE GOD AS THERE IS ONLY ONE YOU. 

So, we made a lot of trash over time and many lives that have been lived. Our creations still remain. That is Free Will. GOD is not going to fix his “children’s” mess.? How will they learn unless they see what they have made? So did you do it on purpose? NO….”you”…just were young? and not familiar with REALITY or your SELF. But now reading this you are hearing something new and that is the truth, that you did not want to hear while you were making trash? You were probably warned many times and “you” did not listen. Do children listen?…Depends. But all of that is mind chatter and the trash remains waiting for you to clean it up. THATS REALITY.




Heaven has been described in many ways and the descriptions that you hear are true because it was never anywhere else but where we are. It is just that over time this world has fallen to a 3D planet because everyone that has ever lived here kept on making trash or manifesting low level distortions that we presently can see. The proof of the junk (WE MADE)…is in the news. It is your neighborhood, it is YOU.  It is the whole world as we see it. WE MADE IT LOOK THIS WAY. There is nothing complicated or mysterios of how this works and why it happened. History is irrelevant because knowing that will not fix Heaven. No need to explain, because… ” I CAN SEE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE “…Only taking “Self Responsibility”…will  fix this world and what you see and what you experience.

When you are alive you have more power to change this world because this is where you made it from. Then when YOU get to “SEE” your works in 5D Heaven you will understand what you can not understand when your vibrating at lower levels of perceptions. Heaven is a more subtle realm that you can know and experience. YOU do not have to physically die to get there. You can get there from here while here. Do the HO’OPONOPONO exercise to get there.

After “here”…You actually do not ever die because you are the ONE DIVINITY. It’s the body that dies, that which made for itself this Heaven on earth so you can witness your creations. Your creations effected many levels of the mansion of Heaven. From here is where you fix everything. The DIVINITY….  made of its SELF many sparks of life so as to experience everything in manifestation. We see here on earth as “appearing” separate sparks of light have the proof of what we made everyday here….AND WE DENY RESPONSIBILITY. Can you be honest and accept that? You or I have to at some point. If you do not?…maybe “you” will destroy all of Heaven?….and all of earth.

So when you get to Heaven when you’re in a 5D energy…with 5d eyes and heart. YOU will see things in a more subtle way and it will feel just like Heaven. Yet…That is what this world is right now. But when it is veiled by our own creations of trash and dark matter since the start of Heaven. There is a lot of dark gray matter and many distortions that have been created by each life the ONE has lived as those sparks.  We are those lives. There is no separation. That is what needs to be cleaned up….YOU.

This means you have to change or fix YOU when you are alive. Because this is where you “practice”..?…at creating ,,,perhaps? Don’ know that answer. When you do not have a body you are in a different state of Being in 5D Heaven. Here in the 3D you made, you can create what looks like real matter and real solid but we have forgotten our true 5D state of Being and so we created trash and pain because of your amnesia.

The news in the world and the way we look and feel is our creations. Because we are the only… ONE here….just in many separate appearing bodies. That was the whole intention to know our SELF not just as ONE with no body. But to know our SELF with many bodies. Heaven on earth was a good idea. But now we each have to get back to the more better real Heaven that we do not see yet….because we are still making trash. We need unification of our Selves to change anything for the better.

No religion is required to get to Heaven because YOU ARE ONE BEING….No ideas are needed because ideas are what manifested this present trashed out declined condition. What is needed is Healing and forgiveness by YOU FOR YOU…..and then the ONE SAME DIVINITY….repairs Heaven when individuated parts of itself ask for FORGIVENESS. The children have to grow up and ask for Forgiveness.




Heaven looks like an infinitely large space. It feels great and perfect and when empty it feels like floating on water…and its full of LOVE…except for your un-conscious contributions that do not fit.The open pristine unmanifested infinite potential, that is when YOU have not manifested anything yet. There are many kingdoms there, I saw a few,  so there is nothing stopping you from manifesting the Heaven realms you want. But if you do not know how to manifest and make only greay trash? and all your prayers have been answered and are in your world? What next?

So Heaven has a darkness problem. I saw the dark dead matter there. Huge expanses of what was a non-living hell that appeared like a fungus or roots of twisted energy trapped in the existence of Heaven. This means that every time a person lived and they said something harmful or judged another person or judged themselves….anything. Dark dead matter was manifested by “US”…by “ME”…the same “ME”….that you will know when you get there. There and then you will know that you are ONE….There you can leap over buildings and make buildings and make any realm you desire. So when you experience the LOVE…bring it here and remember and create from there.

But in the present state of SELF amnesia….we are only manifesting junk. We do not realize this Truth ….so we do not take SELF RESPONSIBILITY…for what we are and what we hold as truths. We hold the mind as a false truth and never see the NOW or the AWARENESS that lets us see and know that we are alive or that “I AM THE I THAT I AM”….I share this because there is a change happening. YOU are that change. YOU are starting to wake up AGAIN….Because we have been here before …imo.

You can actually get there today if you want too.?…Since you are already there. But you will have to work within the rules of how REALITY WORKS OR HOW HEAVEN WORKS. The way Heaven works is in the last few articles I wrote that will give you the basics. YOU get there by doing the “Cleaning exercise”…or really a prayer or it can be called a meditation also. It literally really  is a “Cleaning tool”…this prayer. This “cleaning” practice with all the benefits, will make sense  and become understandable to you with direct experience when you see the dead zones there that …..”NEED CLEANING”….get healed. Then your physical body gets better and you attract good things and not trash. Because you have and are always taking the trash out now.

So…YOU manifested the trash while you were alive or are presently alive still manifesting trash. All of that process of hurtful creations you have to stop and then you have to clean up your mess! You will feel the cleaning prayer in your heart. Stay open to that and follow it. Release your mind ideas and Feel it…your heart expand. In the Ho’oponopono cleaning you say..”I LOVE YOU,I AM SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME,THANK YOU” .That is the short of it.

You clean the trash out by saying this prayer and it really is more on the side of a prayer because you are asking for transmutation of your “SINS”…or really trash creation from DIVINITY. In that state YOU are not a sinner at heart. Only when wrongly creating with only the MIND …did you manifest trash. It could look like  are a sinner in deeds?…I mean you just have to look around. But your not that at all…because that can be transformed by FORGIVENESS and then nothing has ever happened. Only in time did it appear to happen and time is an illusion. SO in Heaven you will see the illusions that you brought here/there…but they are not who you are or who DIVINITY IS.

There is no judgement in Heaven….there is LOVE THERE….if you want some of that healing love you have to become it by first doing this cleaning exercise. We can call it that “so that the atheists will do it also. We are all that ONE….so here is the simple most effective way that I found to Heal and fix yourself and then…Heal Heaven…It works because it worked for me.,,,this simple prayer meditation. I speak from conviction and not theory of faith but from experience. I am speaking to other aspects so my …SELF….YOU… you can taste the real Heaven while alive and be the solution.


I did find that listening to this one hour cleaning prayers on the audio I am linking worked great!. that is all I used. It was so wonderfully easy. I just lay comfortably down and played the tape. Then just follow what shows up in you. You can just listen and feel into it. You will see what needs cleaning come up in your mind. It all shows up and you have to just be in the NOW.You will get back what needs to be healed. It will be all the stuff that is of low energy or confusions. The trash you made that the waves of the ocean are bringing to you for healing. YOU just say the prayer and GOD DOES THE REST. 

YOU just have to do your part. The more you do it the more YOU heal. The more others heal and the more Heaven Heals. What will your experience be like? I do not know? It could be miraculous?…Why not? You deserve it and are 100% accepted. How long do you have to do this for? Until you’re happy with Heaven as it is? I mean if trash is your thing? which it really is not. …IMO..




So along with cleaning the un-conscious we also from now on have to create what feels good? What makes you happy?…that is the compass, not hard to figure out. Then the happier you feel, You will no longer find those kinds of mind questions that show up here in that temporary confused and sad state of a 3D  world. Help restore Heaven by restoring you.

Here is the cleaning prayer you can listen too. Anyone can do this.

(3139) Ho’oponopono | The Powerful Ancient Hawaiian Mantra to Manifest Miracles – YouTube

Here are two short videos for a mind explanation. There is more information available but ?..For me. The first audio tape with the cleaning prayer  worked for me?…that got me there. So do you need more complicated tools when a simple one works? Do you need more information? You decide but YOU HAVE TO DO THE CLEANING….ITS NOT HARD AND IT WORKS…..Just do it…or it will take a lot more suffering and time to heal YOU and everyone and Heaven.

(3139) 【The real cause of the problem】 – YouTube

(3158) 【Return to “Zero”】 – YouTube


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