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If you lived your life without regrets while you’re on your deathbed, then you might be one of those elusive perfect people that have walked this planet. It’s my opinion, of course. As for myself, the list of my regrets is a fairly long one. Of, course, they won’t be known to anyone except for when the time comes…you know. 

Anyway, the reason for these many and varied regrets are clearly just my ego spilling its guts. My authentic, real self isn’t concerned about this. Yes, I know it’s just another journey prep, but it doesn’t make it any easier unless you’re filled with light and love, and even then it could be daunting. 

You might be wondering if I’m dying. Yes. We all are. It’s not something we should be dwelling on. But, let’s get real. Life on planet Psycho is short. The planet I fell in love with ceased to exist the moment I realized what a con job it all was. It’s not that the planet itself is a psychopathic entity, but it is a planet where psychopaths have thrived for hundreds of thousands of years. Now, tell me, how is it that advanced civilizations with the power to protect and defend and who were responsible for this planet’s safety be caught off guard? That’s easy. They were out maneuvered and out gunned by powerful dark forces. Period. I guess we’re not the only ones still learning lessons about being responsible for our actions. 

The reasons for having regrets can be as infinite as the universe or as simple as just shrugging your shoulders and blowing it off as simply not a big deal. 

We all know there’s a reason for everything. It’s a fact that I refused to admit when I was a much younger man because my understanding or comprehension was limited to the terminologies I was exposed to along with philosophical information. I used to think it was a personal  attack coming from the universe…and in some ways, it’s true, but it’s because of the Law of Attraction that I had no clue about way back then. The Law of Attraction is a brutal thing for the unwary and uninformed. 

It’s the way it’s been done for billions of years. It’s just the way it. But, if you have no idea what it’s like to be vibrating at a certain frequency to attract what you want, you receive things by default…and it’s more than likely you won’t like what you get. How is a person supposed to match a vibration that they have never experienced before? They’re limited to the strength of their imagination. A person can only imagine what it might be like to have something they desire, but is that vibration a match? Usually not. Example: dreaming about something is not necessarily a match vibration to a desire. Feeling it is the key, but how do you know what it feels like? You don’t. You can only imagine it. If it’s not a match vibe, it probably won’t show up and will remain in a dream state which is very close to a lack state of consciousness. If you’re in lack, you’re screwed. That’s just the way it is. And not everyone can afford the luxury of going to one the retreats that Joe Dispenza offers to retrain your mind to let go of limiting beliefs and heal yourself from subconscious programming and its cold and calculating mechanics of operation. 

The hardest thing I’ve ever done in this life is to work on myself. I’ve been doing it since high school. It’s a never-ending path…a never-ending journey into oneself. 




Of course, I have regrets, and the reasons are personal. Many of them are small ones. There are some huge ones, however. I often wonder if my higher self is a sado masochist. I say that with tongue in cheek, of course. 

There’s a reason for everything. There are reasons for regrets. Right or wrong makes little difference in the end…when this journey is over.

Will you be here for another 25 to 50 years? If you get to live through this hellish time-line you’ll have plenty of reasons for regrets if you look close enough, otherwise, consider yourself a very advanced soul with no regrets. 




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