(Reader: Michael B) When will the Movie be Ready for WWIII?



Reader Post | By Michael B

Are you aware you can’t have WWIII until the show/movie is ready for it? President Trump keeps saying he’s the only one who can prevent WWIII. Did he prevent the Communist coup on 11-3-20? The Communist coup overthrew the government of the United States. What does that mean? It means the wrong person is serving as the President of United States or in this case the actor playing the real person. The real person is not necessary in an alternate reality. He has said for a very long time he has it all and we caught them all. He’s saying the reason he’s not going to tell you is because he’s taking a pause to allow America to experience a show or create a movie so the the American people can get the feel of a Communist country. Get cozy with it. Who’s feeling good about the Communist country the movie is portraying? The difference between going to a movie and being in the movie is reality. He has provided you with an alternate reality. Are you enjoying this alternate reality?  Apparently the purpose of the alternate reality is to give you a chance to experience and show you what Communism the 16 Year Plan of the Deep State would be like and wake you up from being brainwashed by the MSM. In this alternate reality we are going to allow the MSM to continue to brainwash. We’re going to stop the brainwashing all the while the brainwashing is allowed to continue. Is that a logical way to stop the brainwashing? Is this a new method? Is this psychologically sanctioned? The only way for you to make a logical decision about the choices as a  result of the brainwashing is to place you in this alternate reality and WWIII is not permitted in this alternate reality even if it’s reality. Remember it’s alternate reality not reality. Who thinks this is insulting your intelligence?

WWIII is going on in reality and we’re going to stop it by continuing the alternate reality. President Trump how much longer is needed before you determine enough people have been un-brainwashed. You’ve had almost three years. It’s like opening the oven door to determine when the turkey is roasted. America is currently being roasted by this alternate reality. Have you been burned enough yet? How much more burning do you need? The brainwashed are preventing us from returning back to reality. They haven’t been burned enough yet. So, America get ready for more burning. How many more years will you be able to stand the burning?

So, apparently President Trump says WWIII is on the way and he will prevent it. Rumors are it could be nuclear or cyberattack or whatever. Here are the events that don’t qualify as WWIII events. Overthrow the US government, invasion at the Southern border, allowing a bioweapon to kill at will, fentanyl to kill at will, attack food processing plants at will, allow a fake virus to kill millions of chickens, train derailments, toxic spills, DEW attacks in California, DEW attack on Lahaina, and more. These are all part of you’re alternative reality even though the deaths are real. We can’t recognize any of these as WWIII events and fight against them because they are occurring during alternate reality. We don’t stop any of these because this would stop the rollout of the movie that needs to play to it’s end (however long that is) or show 16 Year Plan of the Deep State and if the people don’t experience this then they won’t get un-brainwashed.

So, when will the American people be ready to fight the real WWIII in progress instead of waiting for the movie or show to determine this? How much more do we need to get burnt before we say it hurts? America is hurting.


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