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Our Court System

By Anna Von Reitz  | Th 9.21.23 #4400

We say, “Our Court System”, in the sense of distinguishing it from their court system(s).  

We, Americans, have our own court system which is separate from the courts of “strictly limited jurisdiction” allowed to our Federal Subcontractors. 

The Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia have their own “administrative courts” — that is, corporate tribunals that enforce the policies and codes of these corporations

These are in-house courts that are limited to addressing corporation officials, corporation employees, agency subcontractors, and departments within their corporations




It’s somewhat confusing because there are two Municipal Corporations in the District of Columbia and they each have different policies and codes, one set for the Federal Civil Service and its franchises serving under the Municipal Code of Washington, DC, and one set for the Military Services under Federal Code

None of these codes, nor any State-of-State franchise statutesare meant to “generally apply” to the General Public. 

So what do we mean by “generally apply”?  

We mean that only about 8% of all Federal Code applies to Americans, and only when those Americans are engaged in federally regulated activities or on federal property. 

Obviously, the administrative tribunals of a foreign corporation have little or no business speaking to Americans, but they do so all the time.  Their excuse for “assuming jurisdiction” over us is that our own courts have been vacated or nearly vacated for several decades.  

It’s up to us to change that and to restore our court system, but before we can do that, we have to have a firm understanding of our own law and our own courts— and that’s difficult to come by after decades of our courts standing vacant and/or largely dormant. 

Even our system of Public Law, referring to ourselves as the “Public”, has been obscured. Our case law has been reorganized and buried in archives. 




The first thing we have to notice about our courts is that they are courts of general jurisdiction.  They are not limited as to what issues they may address and are competent to judge both the law and the facts involved in each case.  Our juries have the right of jury nullification and can overturn any law that is unjust, unreasonable, or void for vagueness

The second thing we note is that our courts operate within specific limited venues when exercising their general jurisdiction.  For example, our State Courts only have jurisdiction within the physical borders of each State. Our county courts only have jurisdiction within the border of each county.  

The third thing we have to know is that our courts operate under American Common Law— not any of the myriad other forms of “common law”—and then, we have to learn our law and set up our courts

Is that all?                        

We are helped in this mammoth undertaking by having copies of: 

Bouvier’s Common Law Dictionary, the only such dictionary approved by our American Congress: … [more references/info at referenced source]

… everything we need to know to set up our State Courts. 

Thank you, Kevin Annett. It’s a humbling place to be, as we lift ourselves up out of the mire of a purposefully engineered ignorance, and restore our rightful place among the nationsby restoring our American Common Law Courts of General Jurisdiction, and begin the process of correction and restitution. // Anna von Reitz #4400


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