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Reader Post | By Victor

Eternal life is really what everyone wants or is looking for. Anyone who has a body knows that this thing will get old and die. If you are lucky you will get old because we all are very familiar with friends and family no longer here. This is a sobering fact that can spoil your day or your life or not.? It depends because there seems to be reactions all over the map of extremes, how this Life is handled. For those that…” get this point”… they will be “seeking” for a solution to this perceived problem. I say perceived because that is a very important point which will become more apparent the more you seek.

I will share how I handle it or have and will. IMO…most people are not really searching for Eternal life earnestly for as many reasons again as there are people. To try to figure why that is so? or someone else out is a waste of time because just figuring ourselves out is a lifetime task, or at least it is for me? Why ?…is one of those questions with no answers.

What I found was that I never “consciously” knew a good compass to figure out which direction to go because … I was always seeking Enlightenment and to seek that, you need a compass? That was my byas to seek that since very young and that was my internal compass heading also. Lucky …I listened to that excitement early in life for some reason. I was actually aware that I favored that quest and looked in that direction first and even at 5 years old did not like to go into churches.

 I felt that they were not telling the Truth there. I always have had that compass heading almost built into the system?  I Always put that quest first consciously, even over carers and other loves like art. So I intuitively I knew that following “My Joy”…was important. But I did not understand how it worked as a compass until much much latter in life after other compasses failed me.

Others do what feels the best for them because that is their highest excitement as mine is mine. That is the COMPASS….but how many recognize what that compass is or how it works and what it means?  I will explain briefly this process some now and how it works at the end. I will attach an video that is very good but it is in depth because the compass operation requires knowing how to use it.

The other path besides Enlightenment is to seek Salvation where you do not so much need a compass. Since you know your direction and have a specific destination such as Heaven. For that particular path to Eternity you will also have the help of an Intermediary like Christ, so a compass is not seen or noticed.

These are two slightly different roads that eventually end up at the same Eternity understanding. Yet I have to say to those Seeking Enlightenment, it is a different harder destination that is more strict because you are going all the way ? The Complete elimination of the Ego….Salvation retains the ego…. IMO…




Salvation is a very good start and it certainly beats Hell and is a good way station that at some point will require more seeking eventually. That is a subjective opinion and that can be a long time until you are done with Heaven and want something more? 

So…. How do I get to any ENLIGHTENMENT TRUTH when I do not really have a …”compass”…or way to tell what is actually the Truth or how to decipher right from wrong ?. Since “opinions” of the Mind are not dependable because of each person’s subjective biases which will not give you an objective directional heading and can mess up your trip. Even simple right or wrongs like do I take a right or a left to get to Walmart? …can be hard. The directions to Wally world and getting ” of course”are easier to solve. But when the time clock is always ticking in a human Life? A wrong heading can leave you lost for years going in the wrong direction. Causing you fail in your quest.

Many people on the Salvation path pray to Jesus here in the west and then there are infinite more prayers in other religions world wide solve the same problem of how to get to Eternal Life?. I have prayed few times in life (usually when I was at death door, since I was desperate)… but it was never something that really worked for me by making me feel excited over it. I used it as a last hail mary pass?

It appears that my mind is linear in the way it works and that idea of praying to Jesus did not resonate as the ultimate answer for me? “it was not my highest excitement”….It was not in my compass. Which was my introduction to how I did find an “internal compass there”….all the time in the NOW…..”Following Your Highest Excitement”…. was that compass.That was the internal compass I was using sometimes?…In my seeking but did not understand until much much latter down the road how important it was or is now.

I have tried another compass for years and it seemed to work at times but then I realized that it was still a MIND based compass that pretended to operate as a direct connection to SOURCE….compass,when it was again another mind trick and ego deception. That compass was a compass promoted by Dr David Hawkins, Author of “Power VS Force” … who expounded on a method that he discovered from someone else and he called it “kinesiology”….or muscle testing.

The short of it was that if you held an idea in your mind and then did a muscle test on yourself or another person that could act as surrogate tool for you,  to test if their body muscles get weak by holding a though in mind. The idea was that a true statement did not weaken the body but a lie or a “not true statement” did. This did not work for me various reasons. Then eventually I found this method of:  ” FOLLOWING YOUR HIGHEST EXCITEMENT”….OR JOY… The subtle power of that is not very obvious unless you have graduated to understand Awareness and then the Absolute and how the REALITY operates. So that important meaning is  lost or ….”WE”…do not get IT?….and then we also hardly ever get what we want out of LIFE.

The irony in my life is that I have met Jesus and I also have met GOD? How strange is that? Both of those experiences were in a dream state. So many people will put no meaning to that kind of experience but I do, for various reasons that I will share here and have shared before in other articles, because everything connects in your life as everything connects in my life. But to see connections you have to reflect and become introspective and stay open and realize that true wisdom will take work and time and even a whole lifetime and more. 




For those seeking Eternal Life it is obvious to me that many if not all never find what they are seeking for. That has sadly been my personal experience with many friends and I have had many friends which actually were also on the same quest for Enlightenment….and I have seen them die still with no answers that offered any solace really to that fear of death. They had been seeking all the time with no real compass heading or understanding. I saw the pain of that lack or not knowing how to use your internal compass. Now …”their perceived failure” that is my subjective opinion projection and could more about me again?….because who really knows the life of another?

So let’s proceed…. “My”…. experience with Jesus was a few years ago and there is nothing “fantastical” that I can remember? Its weird in that way. It meant a lot more back then but now? I have changed and I no longer need the maps and tools when you have reached your destination. The details of the past compass headings and lessons along the way you forget because they no longer matter to you.

I know for sure that it was HIM as I know for sure that it was GOD  that I met a few months ago. Both experiences were like that….not super duper over the top. It was like meeting an old friend both times. We resonated and understood each other is how I remember it because simply….” We talked about “things”….and you could say some were silly. ? Crazy right?…but that is what happened and I really know why it was seen that way by… “ME”…That is about all I can share that makes any sense. I know that there was much more that I do not remember because it does not translate here to 3D and it also may be my business.

Now there are many people who have had near death experiences and they have had similar experiences…or “contacts”… that they consider very real and valid. One thing that I have learned about researching those and also from direct information from a so-called Enlightened master is that when you die or really at any time you encounter higher beings….they are “Conscious energy”….So…You will be shown an image that is…”the one you put on then”… with say Jesus or God. Because then you recognize “THEM”…It is simple that way and no confusion of an energy body your mental context….is projected back to you. 

That is why for me, I know why it was not fantastical for me? Because I always have felt that Jesus and I were like equals and the same with GOD….We may be not equal?…because that is not the right word here…BUT MADE OF THE SAME STUFF?…. AWARENESS…So there was never any …..” less than”…in the encounter experience. So I understood in the best way for me and that is what I was shown. That is why experiences are ALL…”subjective”.. because they have to have meaning for you and be given to you at a level that you are projecting meanings at.

Now I am a person who has always had many dreams and for me, most I do interpret literally and as… “Very real”…With real meanings because like I mentioned before…”PERCEPTION”….is very important. It relates to how you put meaning on Life and experiences like dreams. In my life I know….That I am living many lives at once.How do I know that? I JUST KNOW IT….Because I can remember them and visit them at times in my dreams and I know all about those lives when there. I understand that they are other options that are going on in the matrix of reality…and I know it is me but the life details vary from my “waking dream life”….. 

That means that those other lives wer …”OTHER COMPASS HEADINGS”… are only another turn on the road that I did not take in this timeline but did in the other. In this way the person named “Victor”…will know what the whole trip to the ABSOLUTE is like. That is why I say that at some point even Heaven might not be enough, but you certainly do not want to miss that stop on the way.

So if you want to pray to Jesus or any deity or Spirit …I think you should…..AND PRAY HARD. Do it to the maxx….try it out and do it well. Because that is your compass heading. Something in you told you to follow that highest excitement. That “JOY”… It is a compass that you can use and have used and are using perhaps without understanding how to use it to a greater benefit and accuracy. Now your compass will not work for me and I might not like your headings at all….but I do not matter in you life…right?

 Why do you pray? You pray because it feels good for you. You pray because at that…” moment “…that NOW… that thought to pray ….”WAS YOUR HIGHEST EXCITEMENT”….So because of that joy you follow that compass heading and never thought about it as…”SUPPER IMPORTANT”….Like you did not think about that dark fudge ice cream that you had because for sure that was super exciting!….You for sure did not think that ice cream was only to bring you to a destination of JOY…or “HIGH ENERGY”.

But how is that fudge ice cream compass heading to anything important or life changing? Well,… it means that in a creation, with all options already in existence, like infinite frozen 2d whole universes already there. ONLY THE ABSOLUTE…..KNOWS EVERYTHING!…Because its nature is to be Aware and observe. From that conscious view point it knows where you are heading as your ultimate destination of say….”Enlightenment”….It can then  guide you there by using its language of …”FEELINGS”….The ABSOLUTE ….does not thinking or use thoughts like the language of the MIND or the language of Creation and duality..




So …”YOUR HIGHEST EXCITEMENT AND JOY”…is the infalible heading…given by the ABSOLUTE…pointing the way. It then guides you to your destination by telling you in each NOW MOMENT….the right heading….which feels amazing. That is how it talks to you. Now this means that when you take a heading that feels good to you. You follow it until you encounter another highest excitement. That means that the fudge ice cream was guiding you to the ice cream parlor where you were supposed to meet that girl which was to be your wife?…SEE?….but you might not have found her had you not followed your Joy or excitement.You could have gone to the bar that was kind of boring but safe and then you created another timeline?

Only a complete perspective of all of reality would know how to guide you like that. So this compass method really works but I am out of space to explain it well NOW….and it does require refinement and practice to use the whole universe as your compass. What can be more fun than that.? Now you can use this tool in anything you desire to obtain, like more wealth or relationships, careers….etc….

Also remember to be in the NOW….I can not stress how much that matters and HOW HARD IT IS TO DO….or even recognize the NOW….because that is where AWARENESS IS and where you IS….and where the compass IS….and all within the ABSOLUTE.

(3074) Follow Your Highest Excitement to Shift into Alignment – YouTube



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