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Reader Post | By Victor

Behind the eyes of the avatar body there is no solid world there. A solid world  was never needed in creation, only the illusion of solid was needed. That which we think is there, is an illusion. What is really there is the NOW. …and that is the AWARENESS that holds the space for the dream of the matrix.  the solid illusion playground called “creation”…or the universe that seems “real”…when it is nothing but a MIND PROJECTION  within the aware ABSOLUTE.

So what is outside of the matrix.?…ONLY THE NOW MOMENT….That NOW moment is the hardest thing in the world to find and understand and to be. It is in fact impossible for your mind or the MIND to be in the NOW…or fins it or become the NOW. It can’t happen and I will explain some of that. The NOW IS…If you are aware enough or awake enough, familiar enough with “the space” ….you will recognize it. So….what if you look right now. There it is…do you FEEL IT?…. is always there. It never moves or goes away, but the mind can not find it. So that is the only real difficulty here in this “SELF REALIZATION”…quest or … to get out of the mind…or the matrix.

That NOW is when you find …by Being it…That finding and residing in it, is what dissolves the whole matrix illusion idea, that the world is solid and “real”….because what remains is YOU…out of the matrix and …THAT IS REALITY..That then becomes ” the only real”… that there is there for you because YOU BECAME IT.

that is the end goal of SELF understanding. To find and obtain by acceptance of YOU…That is SELF UNDERSTANDING.or existing the matrix. That is what you want to really know. That what remains you can find because it  in fact already IS YOU right now. The only awakening is just ACCEPTANCE OF WHAT YOU ARE.  When writing about this kind of exploration requires me to repeat the same idea over and over in many ways. Simply because it is so difficult to see and understand without direct experience. But then at the same time, you just never know which hammer blows and from what angle will crack the illusion in your mind. So its a process of chipping away.

But we who are still believing in the Matrix, Think we see the “real reality” and we are certain in that conviction that this is all a solid world. That “illusion”…will take many hammer blows and that is why it is so hard to comprehend these ideas unless you have first hand personal experience of that state outside the matrix. All of this talking is part of  “explaining” the prison perception idea, from within  matrix vision from behind the avatar eyes because that is how most people still perceive their world.

That kind of avatar perception can not see the NOW moment for what it….” IS”. Which …”IS”…pure awareness.This is because even though the matrix seems solid/as ever present: it is always only within in the ABSOLUTE…which is itself NOT SOLID….But will be experienced by you as SPACE. So the matrix is within that empty space as a MIND creation. That mind creation is where the “I AM”…is manifested also as the spirit of space.

So you have to get out and find out what that is like.? How most people find that awareness has always been through meditation or by so called “miracles” when people have a near death experience (NDE)….and come back to share what it was like to be out of the matrix. When they come back they tell everyone what they saw and matrix inhabitants mostly will say…that was a dream of a dying mind or an illusion. When the exact opposite is true. The matrix is the dream illusion and reality is outside of this MIND creation. The  Absolute…which holds any mind creations like the “I AM”…and then that “I AM”…holds creation and the world and then a body is projected as a idea hologram and YOU THINK….you are that little body.Hence the difficulty in waking up and escaping the matrix.




Because the matrix is the dead zone in existence. It is the dead zone as I describe it because it is not made of Awareness but of thoughts that are not awareness or Life. So MIND is dead and devoid of LIFE, so that is why it is called the illusion. Those in MIND… are dead to the experience of the NOW….OR AWARENESS. For them still and in  this is a temporary experience (the matrix)….They are not seeking or not seeing the NOW…or still in a state being “asleep”to the NOW or Awareness. It is an experience by choice. YOU CHOSE IT.

This means that if you realize you are one of the walking dead in the movie:…like ” the invasion of the body snatchers”….you are no longer as dead as you were and are waking up. Everyone will wake up eventually when done with their desires here to experience the illusion. The illusion provides the contrast of suffering…which let’s the ABSOLUTE …observe it SELF…from those perspectives in creation or the matrix. YOU ARE THAT ABSOLUTE…and the you in the matrix is the dream of being small and lost and lacking.

So you get out when done here because that is how dreams progress. When you are done here you will find such and article as this one and it will seem interesting for unknown reasons. So start your trip out of the matrix….NOW…Notice the NOW.The matrix is such a ‘non-solid’ dream. It is a place of learning and for experiences that are done with the use of the avatar body or “your body” which you think is real when it is not.

It is how and why a …”SOLID WORLD WAS NEVER NEEDED”….and as you see the matrix is doing a great job at fooling everyone that the world is solid and real and you are there screwed “in it”.?..and perhaps waiting for the currency RV and make lots of money or the Orange man to come and save the day etc….etc…etc…How fun right? Don’t come crying to me or to anyone else?…You’re choosing it?

That is the land of the MIND and how the idea of a separate individuated person came into and apparent real world and manifested in a creation. A creation is the correct term for this illusion because something is there and we certainly think it is very real because it hurts when I stub my toe on the edge of the chair… feels  real!…and you will scream out.

But it is not real. It is how the NOW experiences anything. I will include two videos on how you can find this NOW or AWARENESS…because unless you have direct experience of it….or the NOW…it is just meaningless talk within the matrix that will not get you out.

YOU WANT TO BE OUT….to do that you have to prove it for yourself and to yourself that this dog will hunt. YOU WANT PROOF and YOU NEED PROOF.




You can have that because that is the only way out and how the dream ends. In these videos perhaps they will help? If not, find others that you think are better. How you get out or what map you use does not matter. Results matter, direct experience matters.

IMO….NOW IS THE TIME….a good play on words but actually the TRUTH…since there is no time and NOW is the actual space that holds the illusion of time. Which you experience when you are in the MIND matrix and in your avatar body playing in the ILLUSION.

What holds the matrix is that NOW. YOU can get out into that NOW by being still and quiet or meditation. It is really the only viable option because when you are in the matrix you are always in MIND….or thinking about everything….or you are recreating the matrix all the time and refreshing the illusion of a solid world.

So meditating works in two ways. One is to stop you from manifesting more illusion in the NOW that then only makes the dream more real. So when you close your eyes….you will notice that at least most of the matrix disappears?…Yeah…but the false you or ego you or the matrix addicted narrow minded sleeping lost you says….”Bull, the world is still there!”….WRONG YOU ARE.

So how can I prove it to you? I can’t speak words to convince anyone here, from within the matrix to a matrix addict. You think giving up sugar or coffee or cigarettes or drugs or alcohol is hard?….that is baby steps hard…this is the only REAL HARD….because you are 100% certain that the world is solid and that you were born. That your solid body is trapped in that solid world here and the solid universe and the solid GOD made it all.Then…. maybe after you’re dead and gone from here that solid GOD will save your rancid bacon butt hard head?…OK…if that is fun for you?….Go that way and take the long road and …Don’t get out?

I am being a little mean, yeah…but that is my personal bias because.(I am bad?)….haa….haa…NO!…no bad here in the NOW.  I only want you to get out of the matrix and whatever it takes is worth it….even if your feelings get hurt…because you are never your feelings as you are not ever really in the matrix. But how do you get out of the dream? That is the question because each person will have to do it to graduate.So investigate and don’t give up….go and make your escape.

(3090) Alternate Way to Abide as Non-Dual Awareness – Guided Meditation – YouTube

(3090) Yoga Meditation: Pouring Emptiness into the Body | Rupert Spira – YouTube



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