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Reader Post | By KS Patriot

KS….you made me laugh as I too was Army (1988) and our favorite acronym was SNAFU, which seemed to fit the Army appropriately. If you haven’t been in the military, non-military people do not understand the waiting involved. I was in peacetime, but even then, just doing paperwork was always a long drawn out SNAFU. So, hurry up and wait, as well as the best laid plans go to sh*t, the minute boots hit the ground for an operation are ALWAYS the case. 

This enemy was well funded, well entrenched, aggressive, not necessarily intelligent, but very crafty, very patient, and evilly ruthless. Like rabid dogs, they will not surrender and damage anything and anyone that gets in their way. Like any war, new developments happen constantly which requires new plans and new offensive maneuvers and that, I believe, is why this has gone on so long. But if you look at the time lines of other wars, where thousands suffered and died, people weary and stressed, they lasted longer than this one. I know, some patriots have been awake for decades, but the majority of us woke up in 2020. We may have sensed stuff over the years, noticed trends, but still went about our daily lives. Now knowing all those wars, all that blood shed and needless deaths, acute and drawn out suffering, was just a ruse for the deep state to make money and aid their depopulation plans while enjoying watching their slaves toil and cry…..makes me ill. 

I wouldn’t bat an eye if asked to be on an execution squad. 

I also agree, we took our oath on the country and the constitution, fully believing we were a free Republic. And even if the pretend President was ever declared the Commander in Chief, my oath does not preclude me serving a treasonous leader. These tyrants easily fit the definition of a domestic enemy and should be treated as such. The situation down on our open border is reason enough, let alone the other multitudes of damage they have done to our country and it’s people.

Our entire history is being shown to be lies upon lies. Things we were taught and things we have seen over the years, all fabrications to advance their malicious and destructive agendas. So, how can we ever believe anything we are told or shown, even in an EBS? even if it is wonderful, uplifting and good? With the technology available, they can do anything now… is all make believe. How will you get your proof? your evidence?

So, here is something for you to ponder regarding truth and proof. I have a very wealthy relative who is also a very successful lawyer. I have tried and tried to wake him up, but he wants PROOF, EVIDENCE, PROOF, EVIDENCE….just like any intelligent attorney would want. He became very religious after he prayed for a miracle in his family and it happened. Now, I don’t know how religious some of you are, but if you are, you believe in GOD, Jesus (maybe Buddha or Allah or even Greek Gods), the bible, the torah, the koran etc. How many different Gods, religions, and beliefs have come down through the ages. If you think about it, there really isn’t any tangible PROOF or EVIDENCE that any of that happened or any of it exists. YOU didn’t see it, YOU didn’t experience it. The bible (as well as other holy books) have been translated many times changing the original words and meanings, and whose to say they weren’t written by a bunch of men sitting around a table drinking and telling stories. Whose to say, the bible is correct and the Native Americans are wrong? Yet billions of people have FAITH that those people were good, did exist, and those things happened. Many people have very different views on who to worship and what they believe. Many people have also died for those faiths, gave their lives on no evidence or proof. 

When I brought up the strength of religious faith over lack of tangible evidence to my very religious attorney relative, he didn’t answer me, but told me not to bring this “cult’ stuff up again with him. I found it interesting the lawyer had no rebuttal, but I honored his request and gave up (although we do have a dinner bet riding on it, so the relationship held). 




There are indicators that what we all feel is really happening, is really going down. Yes, there is lots of “noise” and misinformation, but anyone in the military knows that it part of warfare. I love some of the fake-outs in WWII, like the blow up tanks ready to attack from England to Calais (while we hit them in Normandy) to the dead guy they put in the plane to crash in the ocean with fake papers for the enemy to conveniently find. There are tons of stories like that. Use many sources, listen and read many different sites, analyze events from both the black and the white side on who may have caused it, why, and who gains from it. NO ONE knows for sure but you can get a grasp on what might be true or not. Use your gut. 

Have Faith….in GOD, in yourself, in Trump, in our fighting forces and in good over evil.

KS Patriot


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