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Reader Post | By Victor

A few days ago I was going to sit down in my meditation room, which is a space that I made for myself. It is a place that I said would be a place of “Silence”…or a place that I would try to be in silence for myself to break the spell of the constant mind chatter and inner dialogue, because that is the problem. It’s not a big room but I have a big chair and a soft leather couch, my humidor for cigars and all the walls have paintings that I have painted. So I personalized the room to make me feel good. I have panel doors to keep the cat out and all is golden. It has good energy and you can feel it.

So I sat down and lit incense which I like, which is Frankincense incense which kind of permeates the room with a feeling of the past and mystery of the unknown….or at least that is my story that I tell myself. I sat down, got some pillows to brace myself and thought I would meditate or be silent for an hour. All was good in my world until after I sat down. Then…. a big old giant fly was attracted to the light behind the blinds and curtain and was not just a little house fly but a supermodel one with big hairs on its head and green iridescent reflections. This guy was mad and bouncing off everything……..and very loud or ” not silent”.

Of course I said nothing out loud like a four letter word….NOT….Yet….the “noce” spell was broken and I had broken the silence. I was not the first to do it and it was that little ####e that did it!….AAAhhh….Here he is right in my face. Not the fly but the great pretender himself who had been silent and hidden within for a long time. But now it pounced on an opportunity to speak out in my mind….”THE EGO ”….here he is again. This fellow is what I always thought was me. MYSELF….Yes this is me talking to me because I exits….(NOT)….and it was just pretending once again to have subsided and perhaps shrunk in size?

Haa….haaa…haa…Not likely and not so easy is this beast going to go lie down and go away. It’s not like I do not know myself and have not been at this place a million times. It’s the battleground of the Quest or the great trek out of the matrix. It is in the NOW MOMENT….the battle and this fly was in my moment and in this timeline of mine.I PUT HIM HERE!…CAN I OWN IT?

I speak of this and share with you what seems like a small event that should not even get much attention. But not so….if you are a warrior on a quest. Everything is a clue and a key and a chance for…..”CHANGE”….or something that can be used to make my escape out of the matrix. Because even the smallest thing is a complete and utter reflection of a much larger more important thing…..”ME”… or the unconscious as I will explain some.

So…. I had put that fly in my timeline. YES….ME!…Why do I make a big deal of what looks like a super small nothing deal? Because there have been many battles before this NOW MOMENT…and the battle is now very subtle and the “test” are now more advanced and have greater consequences than when I started on the Quest for the SELF….a long time ago. The battle is now in a subtle realm.

NOW….a fly has great consequences and reverberations in “MY REALITY:….because this is what I manifested for myself. I brought this fly here because of MY ENERGY….or the space that I was holding with the energy that a warrior builds up and carries with him when he is trying to get out of the matrix. This is the AWARENESS…that I always speak off.,,,or some call “zero point energy”…some call it “the kingdom within”.




Since we all have time when we are alive. We can use that to notice awareness and be…”THAT”… . Over time as you refuse the “EGO EFFECT”…the ego takes a lesser position in the bus because you have kicked him out of the driver’s seat. He is no longer in charge all the time and is a passenger, because I have delegated him to be there….at the back of the bus.

I am driving the bus and that “Ego effect” can sit way in the back because …”I AM IN CHARGE”….I am familiar with many of its tricks and they get very subtle when the war has been going on for a long time. YOU get to know your adversary because he knows you also. In fact we are two sides of the same coin, that is why we know each other so well. Now the battle is one of wits and perseverance and persistence. Which is nothing new, really because persistence is what it takes.

But here he was….right in my face again and so….what to do?….Laugh and get a fly swatter and kill the beast. That is the simple solution and the obvious one with no great meaning and consequences in one way….BUT NOT SO. This has great meaning because as I said…we have refined this fight to each MOMENT AND EACH NOW….and the silence room is the battle ground. The holies of holies and the enemy has snuck in like a trojan horse in the night….I brought him in and he was in my unconscious mind.

NOW…is where the battle is fought. It is always in a new NOW…and in my NOW was a fly that was here to test me. I laughed because it was a medium attack, which was subtle and snaky ….so it deserved a good laugh and respect for your enemy. Because when you know your enemy completely?…You will defeat him and also love him because you know all about him.

So this is the quest to know all about ME and the NOT me. The pesky fly had some effect on me but I caught it in time and much damage was done and I got back to BEING AWARE….and I handled it with logic and It was not a problem In fact I am using that small attack to magnify its power for maylse now as I share with you the tricks of how you fight. But it was not always so….the clarity and the awareness.  In the past I might have gotten ticked off for a long time and stomped out of the room and given up the quest and said…..”forget this bs and I am going to get a beer!”…and not get back to silence or meditation for a week or years?…Yeah….it’s that hard… because that same voice has won many times when it said in my name….”this is a waste of time”.

I share this response on wasting time….because that is the EGO talking and the MIND talking and the momentum of you out there in the world….when you are not aware. YOU are also it seems in the human collective that has manifested much low energy and that is what most see every day and you also have to be in. Because… YOU MADE THE NEWS AND NO ONE ELSE. …as I made the fly for myself. The news?…..I am not making that any longer, but many others are.

The way out of the matrix is to take self responsibility for what shows up in your life? Because it is your creation. MY creation was this fly and I knew it and it was no longer a big thing. I also did not spend most of this article describing this small event because I am lost or rambling to kill time. In fact I am using time to my advantage….ALL THE TIME….because I work very hard in trying to stay in the NOW. 




If you are not in the NOW?….Where are you?….AHHH?…SEE?….You are in MIND from the unconscious to sometimes a little conscious. NOW again we get close to home, because you have to get close to home and to that point honestly and with complete self responsibility. You do not spare yourself or let yourself escape ….INTO THE MIND. Because the MIND…is the enemy.

Yes….it is a phantom ego effect but that is what you already know after years of fighting in time. After years you realize that the NOW is all that you ever have and all that you ever are and the only place the Freedom is and the only place the awareness…..”IS”…and the only place that ….”YOU IS”…

So this long explanation is to show you how to fight the battle when you asked ….”HOW?”…what are the steps…I do not understand all of this talking. RIGHT YOU ARE..again…because those are valid questions and now you have a valid example of what it takes and who you are and who the enemy is and how you fight to escape the matrix….or get to the promised land.

YOU get there with full self responsibility for what you “create”…or what energy you are holding in the present moment …”IN”…of your perception or level of vibration. All of that energy will draw to you what comes next in your PERCEPTION. You are the magnet In your space and evern the smallest thing that is there because YOU PUT IT THERE. Then the fly becomes or is a “test”…. that you pass or fail. The fly is what it is. It matters as much as if the Russians were coming through the front door… difference.,,since there is no order of magnitude for miracles…and anything showing up at all is a miracle. What is this place?

This is the principle of attraction and “creation”…. because in your NOW….there is no one else there but YOU. Once you realize that YOU are the only ONE HERE….It is then obvious that you put what shows up in your life there and you then put the meaning you want because of your level of understanding or lack thereof on ANY EVENT AND ALL EVENTS…..YOU DID IT…whether it is on the collective level of 8 billion people or just you here and now.,,,in your little bubble.

This attraction principle was talked about by Dr Hew Len….from Hawaii. He is well known because he  cured a whole hospital of mental patients by ONLY WORKING ON HIMSELF. …YES!….He worked on what showed up in his life.He worked on each and every fly which in his life were his patients. He worked on himself and not the movie on the screen. The patients were there for HIM….AS ARE YOUR LIFE EVENTS THERE FOR YOU.

So he cured them ALL, by realizing that each patient was just a mirror reflecting back to himself his own personal problems or creation from his unknown and unloved MIND ideas that had made Him sick… those people were like the fly and returning home to its creator. Because YOU ARE THE CREATOR….or all that you experience. 

This amazing story is worth investigating further to understand a huge key to get out of the matrix or to wake up and to change the world. Because the main principle is one that few know or understand. Which is that YOU have to change you to change the world. The world is just a neutral mirror reflecting back to you what your energy is manifesting.

This means that if you are still addicted to the news and think that there is some event coming to save the day or change the world and set it right? Well that can never show up unless you change your energy and actually change yourself. How easy is it to change yourself? Not easy…but what other choice do you have?…NONE…because this is how the matrix works.

The matrix of creation here in this experience works by certain rules and I have shared some rules that I think are how it works. But you will have to try them out. You have tried waiting for next week here for years and years,,,,right? Nothing ever changes and the lies keep on coming. That is because you have not changed and the mirror is just mechanically giving you the same thing every week because that is what you created. So you did not save power by becoming aware of your self. So you then have no energy to create in a new way. You have no distance from the reflection of the mirror and you got your nose right up against it looking for a new reflection? That’s not going to happen….how can it?




How can anything new come in that condition that you are in. In the Ho’oponopono technique Dr Hew Len healed the whole outside world that showed up for him because he healed himself first. Here is just two videos. One a short explanation by him and another so you can feel the simple 4 word technique that he used.

(3059) 【The real cause of the problem】 – YouTube

This video is a simple technique you can do. It is very powerful.

(3059) Ho’oponopono | The Powerful Ancient Hawaiian Mantra to Manifest Miracles – YouTube


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