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Reader Post | By Victor

All your prayers have already been answered the moment that the universe was created. This means the world or the experience that you want is already in existence. Which means “there is no lack in creation.” This is why Creation flows from one perfect moment to another perfect moment. ..because NOTHING IS LACKING IN YOUR LIFE…or creation.

So this moment is perfect. It is so perfect that it is very hard to see. Those that wake up to how creation operates live in that perfection because they take full self responsibility for what shows up in their lives.They know that they themselves “chose” what they are experiencing and that the world acts as a movie screen and just is reflecting themselves. What you are seeing as the “outside world”…is called the illusion or the dream, because it describes what this experience is. It can also be described as the Matrix or the hologram because the experience of the world is like a hologram where you are in your own separate bubble of perception.

It is a hologram that appears very real and if felt as real. In the end the whole experience here in this world of duality is that it is all as real as you say it is….because YOU CHOSE IT. YES….you chose this experience as you have always chosen any experience but you are also choosing the level of identification with the movie itself or “how real it feels for you” .That is what Free will is….the ability to be Free to “choose” the experience you want from the infinite options of an already existing creation. You are choosing the music on the jukebox,  That means that if you do not like the sound you have to get up and change it….not GOD? He created the music box and the diner that you think you are at? GOD creates the universe for you to play in. So what is more perfect than that.?

Well….what is more perfect is that YOU have and are the spark of the very GOD that you are praying to for change or help to “change the music”…and end your suffering from that “rap song”…you do not like. This article I write in the Faith that there is a reader who can hear and listen to the answer. Does such a person exist?….Probably because I would not be woken up out of bed to write this for you unless there is a reader in that whole perfect creation. 

That means that there is no real cause and effect in the whole of the universe since all has already been created. The effect of this is that YOU as a Soul are made of AWARENESS itself. YOU are SPIRIT as the Creator of all of this is. That GOD It is not a man or anything like that, unless you say that there is a GOD like that for you to experience.?…So maybe in your movie there is. ? Which also means that if you want a Heaven….and you say you want that experience and you can have it. It also means that any religion can have any Heaven that they want. Are those Heavens real? …as real as anything in the matrix experience. These other explanations are just other options that exist for those that want them.

They are as real as anything you are doing. They are not “real”…like they are physical in creation. That would not work because it is too limiting and slow. What you then have is a “MATRIX EXPERIENCE”…so that means that you are in a creation of MIND…that is manifested by the ABSOLUTE. 

It is not “Bad”…that you are asleep and not comprehending how prayer really operates in another option,because you need to be asleep in order to understand what being awake and creating really is. This is just another “Theme”…and probably it is not exclusionary of other ways of manifesting. But….there needs to be a contrast of awake and not awake….such as light and dark or there would be nothing to compare anything to. This means that the sleep in the matrix is self created and NO GOD forced you into that sleep. It is just another option of THE LACK …  “experience.”




Sleep is part of the operating system of this hologram where all options exist. Which means that as a SOUL or really a point of awareness, YOU….just surf the solid movie frames of infinity reels and you make the infinite combination (or many lives combinations)of those frames of perception of the whole universe. YOU do this all at the same time, like I have described before. YOU then as a Spirit surf each frame at a super fast speed to create the experience of time and movement and space. This happens in MIND….which is a universal aspect of the ABSOLUTE….which permeates all of creation and is AWARE….OF EVERYTHING.

This means that the ABSOLUTE observes but is not involved directly…”it holds the space for this Life experience”…. Which means that it is something above GOD. Because God only showed up as part of the matrix experience in a duality Creation. It is there to fill a need in education and experiences. Because you will now be suffering and you are not yet ready to accept as a young SOUL….the whole experience of WHAT YOU REALLY ARE…..(THE ABSOLUTE)…So you will need an intermediary idea or something in the matrix that you will use to call for help and to fix your false sorrow. GOD is that intermediary that was created in duality. So GOD exists as anything else exists in the matrix….but it is not the ABSOLUTE  answer or the absolute TRUTH OF WHO YOU ARE….which is the ABSOLUTE itself.

Now you presently see yourself as a human being and person which is a very stepped down form of perception of your own free will choosing in order to learn something about YOU. YOU are the ABSOLUTE. But the ABSOLUTE can not be known as a human because in a sense that is a dream creation in a matrix hologram….that is where lack can be known. But that is good and perfect and has a reason for existing or it would not exist the whole of creation.

From the human perspective most people are not even aware of their ” AWARENESS” within or without their whole experience in the matrix. So to ask a human to know the ABSOLUTE now and completely is not the purpose of creation in the present experience that you are. YOU can touch parts of this knowledge and have some experiences of the ABSOLUTE….but then you would probably be a buddha or a sage or Christ but even those awaken Spirits would know the ABSOLUTE  or seek that in other higher dimensions than here, since this is so dense of a 3D type experience. Which means     “all in good time”…. as the perfection of your every moment unfolds for YOU.

This means that the end result of that ABSOLUTE EXPERIENCE… already exists and you are being drawn like a magnet to it.  In all of the infinite ways that you can get to that final Knowing of the ABSOLUTE. Presently we know ourselves as “humans”…..That is only an avatar suit that we go into, as a spirit in order to be able to interact with duality or the experience of “solid things and suffering”.

This means that your concepts of GOD  are in a way concepts and part of your chosen experience. Which means that YOU are running into this article that I am writing?….YOU CHOSE TO FIND IT….It was a bread crumb that you chose to place in your path to the ABSOLUTE. 

Choosing means that you as a stepped down version of the ABSOLUTE right now. Which you know as BEINGNESS OR AWARENESS  and it comes with the very real feeling that “I AM”…or I Exist here feeling in this moment. This moment is the understanding that is crucial to comprehend how the matrix dream works. Because the NOW is what holds all of these universes or still 2d frozen pictures that you as a SOUL are surfing through right now. That is why all can already exist and all can be known by the awareness that you are and by the ABSOLUTE.




That is why prayers are often experienced as NOT WORKING….it is not that GOD did not answer your prayers. It is just that you still have not graduated to learning how the LIFE experience works or how the hologram works or how the matrix works. YOU ARE THE ONE. YOU are like Neo in the movie. You do not know jack yet and you are trying to learn what this whole Game is about…..and it is a Game. Because nothing EVER happens to the ABSOLUTE…which is really the only thing in creation and the only ONE HERE.

This means that there really is no YOU as a person. That is part of the game illusion. But you are more than a person who lives and dies. YOU are the ABSOLUTE ITSELF….but in this format you are very stepped down in perception and power of creation. Knowing this kind of information is the first step and part of the future drawing you or the ABSOLUTE….learning about itself from the start of a separate person idea which is you to knowing what it would be like to be you and experience all the notion that you can THINK OFF….to get to the final finish line of knowing the ABSOLUTE AS YOURSELF.

That is why there is something more than GOD. …this idea also needs a larger context to understand. Because the ABSOLUTE….that state can not be described with words. Yet you can say it is “ME”…or…”YOU”….What that feels like in creation is the present state of “I AM”…that we know. In a sense it is the same thing but then not. The “I AM”…in creation is also connected to the “EGO EFFECT”…which is how we suffer in this life in the perception that we are inside of a human body. When we are not really in that separation small experience. That is what this matrix is for. To create that illusion or dream of what we are NOT THE ABSOLUTE….when you really are!

This is why prayers can not be answered unless you know how to pray and how you manifest your experiences in this construct. It is not that GOD is cruel and not caring. It is just that you are using the wrong tools and understanding. Since you are not even aware of awareness itself and how you are perceiving the whole of the creation matrix from that AWARENESS.

So think of the situation you think you are in with this new information here in this article. How could GOD be GOD and answer your prayers if ALL IS ALREADY IN EXISTENCE?….BUT YOU ARE NOT CHOOSING THE RIGHT EXPERIENCE? What could GOD say to that? Ahhh?….Maybe go Silent and shake his head?   But I am making a joke, so that you can realize that you have Freewill to already be there…..”IN”…the experience you want. All of this talking only means that,,,,YOUR PRAYER HAS BEEN ANSWERED …before you made the prayer.? 

The only problem here is YOU….since YOU are the only one in your hologram matrix and you are at the controls with your creation powers of intention and thought. This means that at best your prayers let you know what you want. Unless you are already awake and Self Realized…and consciously playing in the game. ? That is excellent because that means you have a direction in your manifestation to getting to that prayer experience being answered….by you choosing it.

This means that YOU are the one here all the time answering your own prayers because YOUR THE ONE….YOU ARE THE ABSOLUTE ITSELF…..but in this dream of creation you have to know the rules of the Game. The rules are that energy or the Creator manifest the experience you want. YOU control that energy by choosing which time frame you want to experience. It is only the matching of energies that answers your prayers. Which means if you want a love filled world with no hate or racism or whatever? You have to be the answer to actually holding that energy….and getting to that experience.

This means when you take self responsibility for your actions and thoughts and energy? Then the universe that you want or the “Prayer” that you want answered will show up or you will be there. That is a short version of how it all works. But this is too long already and I can not describe everything in enough detail in this format. But what matters is that you stay open and try to understand new ideas and then try them out. Do research because there are many teachers and books with answers. Now if you are happy with what you are doing?…That is ok and that is allowed and approved off 100%….because your not really in the matrix of the dream….YOUR THE ABSOLUTE…..and there “NOTHING HAS HAPPENED”….since all happenings are for the MIND MATRIX.

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