Laser LAZLO and Georgia Trump

LAZLO on the left: Real Genius Aha! moment


Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Grant Ouellette, Contributing Writer

Submitted on August 5, 2023

Puff the Magic Dragon (Peter, Paul and Mary)

Puff, the magic dragon
Lived by the sea
And frolicked in the autumn mist
In a land called Honalee

Little Jackie Paper
Loved that rascal Puff
And brought him strings and sealing wax
And other fancy stuff

Together they would travel
On a boat with billowed sail
Jackie kept a look-out
Perched on Puff’s gigantic tail

Noble kings and princes
Would bow whene’er they came
Pirate ships would lower their flags
When Puff roared out his name

Oh, Puff, the magic dragon
Lived by the sea
And frolicked in the autumn mist
In a land called Honalee




(Lahaina imagery: they got puffed by dark dragon fire)


The deep state took over the universities 90 plus years ago. The movie Real Genius is an example of how they use and dupe the students, in this case to develop a high powered laser.

Maui foretold starting with 2 Real Genius clips:

Real Genius laser final (1985) – YouTube the laser works but the power source only allows for one shot

Lazlo – YouTube Real Genius clip, Lazlo: “I’ve been thinking about your laser solution. I figure you’ve increased the power output to 6 megawatts. What would you use that for?”

“All’s you need is a tracking system and a large spinning mirror and you could vaporize a human target from space.”




That’s 40 years ago: 38 years plus time to write the ‘comedy’ movie. Yes, comedy!!!

CHINA: Landscapers are using lasers for tree cuttings, and now their military reports they have improved laser (weapon) technology to the point of a continual endless shot power source.

Atlantis went down when the Cabal did not use space technology for the greater good.

10 Greatest Laser Scenes in Movie History ( includes Goldfinger, and Star Wars: The Death Star apparently is equipped with a super-laser, not some other kind of unspecified energy weapon. 

Lahaina, Maui Symbolism

Lahaina, Maui => LM, 12th and 13th letters

The usual dark freak symbolism applies:

Worship of Lucifer, Moloch, Baal and Satan (S); initials in any order

BML => Brigadier, Major, Lieutenant General ranks (1 to 3 stars)

MLB => Major League Baseball




BLM => symbolism in TV series Matlock (character’s initials from Ben L. Matlock)

2 letter LM version:

LM => lunar module

KLM => airline, K for Khazar

LM => Lahaina, Maui or laser Maui

LMB => Lahaina, Maui Burnt, or other B possibilities, Banyon Tree area, Breadfruit trees, Beaches, Bezos, Benioff

ZetaTalk Newsletter Issue 885 Aug 27 2023

Paraphrased: The Maui fires were hot enough to encase a dog in glass, the ash so hot it glassified; similar to what happened in Pompeii long ago. (pics shown)

The fires in Maui are caused by plate subduction where 3 of the 4 Pacific plate subsections meet. This is a Niburu coverup. The ground was hot enough to burn car tires and seats, but the treetops were left intact.

Common Sense Physics:




Apparently the forests are 13 miles away from Lahaina. It is unlikely that the fires spread from the forests.

If the ground is hot enough to burn car tires and melt steel then it is hot enough to boil the roots of trees. The tree roots would be destroyed and the trees would die, and their green leaves (parts) would wilt almost immediately. How do these trees look today? Are there signs of significant stress? Are there any burn marks on their trunks from the ground up? If they are still healthy then the heated ground theory appears specious for Lahaina.

It is possible that Lahaina did have ground heat, but that alone does not explain what is in the photos and witness statements.

Other web data and obvious questions:

Lasers that don’t hit blue targets? Mansions painted blue? One unburnt blue car, all others burnt out?​

And Zap says Hawaii passed land takeover legislation back in January. How convenient.

Certain famous-because-they-are-related humanoids own luxury mansions on Maui. Will the natives or other forces remove them and take over; ‘nationalize’ those lands and buildings? Perhaps fire from the sky, flaming arrows, will do the job. Bird sanctuary anyone?


EXPLOSIVE REPORT! WE CAUGHT THEM AGAIN: New Findings Show Coordination and Collusion Between PA and GA in 2020 Election Steal | The Gateway Pundit | by Joe Hoft

54 Hour Comparison: Compare the Pennsylvania graph from 26 hours to 80 hours to the Georgia graph from 6 hours to 60 hours. How did the voters and voting systems in those two states know to vote and count in the same ratio(s) of blue to red for 54 hours to arrive with virtually identical voting graphs? The graphs are fractals of each other. What about chaos theory: tiny variations will cause (vastly) different outcomes? I find it unbelievable that there were no tiny differences in the ratios of voters for 54 consecutive hours in Georgia and Pennsylvania. I find the info in this one article by itself is enough to disqualify the 2020 Presidential election results and the voting machines in at least Georgia and Pennsylvania.





HORSE RACE: Recent non-related symbolism: August 2023 King’s Plate winner: Number 13 in the pink ‘Paramount Prince’. What a brilliant race. The Queen’s Plate ran for 71 years; 17 backwards.

Harvard Physicist Says Godlike Aliens May Be Creating Universes – Era of Light

REPTILIANS: News is the underground reptilians are leaving en masse after being shown an image(s).

I believe they were shown the Dragons; that the Light’s Dragons are here. Dragons eat archons and reptilians as snacks. Reptilian instinct kicked in.

I believe the Lahaina incident is related to the above: losing the access to the underground and support therefrom, the soulless tried to grab Maui.

The Dragons are coming!!!
The Dragons are here!
Puff it up, baby!
Puff the Magic Dragon

It is not unusual for spots, stains and shite to appear when ‘The Cleaners’ look closer.

It is time for the end of corporate governance worldwide. The corporate fiction ends now.

Who am I to judge God? Which souls God throws into the mix? How and when they enter? How and when they exit? Have you looked at Infinity? Anything is possible. The Great Ones know how to stir compassion. Influenced by Kryon. Thanks




The Freedom Flag Flutters

“Love awakens the soul to act.” Dante, Inferno


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