Kat Update: Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes and Charlie Ward on BRICS, CiC Trump, etc. and Q The Storm Rider on Maui (Part 1-3)



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8-24-23 Kat update: Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes and Charlie Ward on BRICS, CiC Trump, etc. and Q The Storm Rider on Maui

Woman-of-the-hour, Patriot heroine, Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes, who sits on a Department of Defense Task Force, visited Charlie Ward on his Insider’s Club on Wednesday, August 23rd.

That video has now been published for all. Thank you, Charlie. I enclose my partial transcript below.

Jan’s light-filled aura stems from the fact that she VERIFIED for Global Anons and Patriots that EVERYTHING we’ve been digging, posting, unearthing & exposing—is TRUE.

She comes as SUCH a RELIEF to MILLIONS of us and continues to VERIFY what we KNOW to be true on every video appearance she has made this month.

Jan’s explosion into the Truther movement happened in the space of 9-minutes when she had an interview with Great Britain News on 8-5-23. It was that interview that President Trump, General Flynn and Q The Storm Rider all pointed to as → IMPORTANT!!!

I posted the link in another update but here it is again for those who may have missed it. Jan totally rocks.




Here are some highlights from this very important interview:

8-5-23 Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes
The 2020 Election will be re-litigated with these bogus Trump indictments
Jack Smith made a YUUUUUGE mistake
Biden is the legitimate POTUS of a BANKRUPT U.S. CORP

9-12-18 Trump Executive Order 13848
Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election
U.S. Space Force has ACTUAL 2020 Election Results
PA changed Election Laws
2000 MULES has ALL the film
Election Integrity problematic in EVERY state
Court: DJT won 3, lost 2, 57-had no standing
DJT set-up the deep state to come out
2015 Burisma gave Joe & Hunter $10 million bribe
2018 Joe on TV threatens unless Ukraine Prosecutor fired
2019 DJT called Zelensky & gets impeached
2018 DJT told Queen Elizabeth he was dissolving 1871 U.S. CORP
U.S. was giving U.K. ALL our tax $s
Told QE2 the U.S. going to be a Republic again & we’ll all be separate
Pope wasn’t happy → 650+++ planeloads to remove OUR gold from Vatican bank


The last person I can think of who exploded onto the scene like Jan is the great Sidney Powell, when she told Lou Dobbs, on November 13, 2020, “I’m going to release the kraken!” [@5:48]

That phrase ROCKED the Patriot world because we all knew it was code but code for WHAT? Eventually we’ll find out. THAT is a phrase that will live down through the ages when discussing this war of wars. “Release the Kraken!”

It’s right up there with Paul Revere’s, “The British are coming!”




BTW, Sidney’s 7-minute interview with Lou Dobbs is RIVETING for us now because EVERYTHING SHE SAID is true and we UNDERSTAND what she is saying even more clearly now. Anons just didn’t realize it was going to take us years to SHOW IT and TEACH IT to a sleeping world.

I will briefly mention what is global knowledge now, but Sidney Kraken Powell was arrested in Georgia, along with President and Commander-in-Chief Trump.

In total there are 19 Defendants. [19 is the deep state power #… Covid-19, etc. The deep state love their little codes.]

So now we have The Georgia 19. They all had to show up at the Fulton County GA courthouse to be fingerprinted & mugshotted, including POTUS, by Friday 8-25-23. And they did and were.

Whereas the deep state might have hoped this would be terrible news for President Trump, actually support for him has never been higher and keeps increasing and he’s raised $7.1 MILLION since his 8-24-23 mugshot. [Reverse 17]

President Trump released a Rap song about his GA experience because all of a sudden, POTUS has street cred. Today we had Gangsta’s, Black Men and Arabs all on video for Trump.

This is President Trump’s Rap song:


Donald Trump – FIRST DAY OUT (Rap Song)

I won’t bail, I won’t bail
I won’t see inside a cell…
I am not who they are afta
I’m just in the way
They want to get to you
But I won’t let em
No I’m martyrs
Getting back to where I started
I don’t need to do the race
I’m gon beat them R.I.C.O. charges
And if I go to prison
You can’t do me like the Clintons
I’ll be laid up
eatin steak with Secret Service chillin,
screamin orange men bad
the whole world mad..
comin’ through the deep state
I will stop the New World Order
But before that I’ll finish ______ at the Border…




Fani Willis, the Fulton County DA, just got President Trump Elected in such a landslide, the deep state couldn’t POSSIBLY cheat big enough even if they tried, even if we had an Election in 2024, which I personally don’t think is going to happen.


8-14-23 Juan O Savin

1:54:27 At some point prior to the 2024 Election
there will have to be some intervention
to PAUSE the Election cycle
because of the interference
& the continuing interference within the Election system.
An honest fair election just cannot be possible
with the way things are at this point in time.
And based on Foreign interference
with the 2020 & 2022 Elections
& the disclosures coming out through those Military Tribunals
once they make those first arrests
I believe it’s going to result in a pause in the 2024 Election cycle.

8-14-23 JUAN O SAVIN w/Spaceshot76


Jan Halper-Hayes’ wonderful interview with Charlie, and co-host David Mahoney, is important for those who have questioned whether or not and BELIEVE IT or not, Charlie Ward is MI6? Seriously? I thought I’d heard everything about Charlie. Good Lord.

In the interview, Charlie said, “I’m glad you’re here Jan so you can verify that you have actually met Mahoney and me, and that I’m not a clone.”

12:01 Jan laughed and said, “Yes, and I love your little son. He’s beautiful.”

Charlie Ward is on the QFS Team [Quantum Financial System] due to his vast experience and knowledge of global currencies.




Charlie and his family visited President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago earlier this year and he has been invited back, also this year.

We can be sure that QTeam and the Special Forces that surround President Trump would never EVER permit an MI6 agent at Mar-a-Lago. Or a clone. It’s laughable but there are some who will believe anything.

Charlie Ward is a Patriot and working for the LIGHT Forces and has been since he began making youtube videos with his iPhone in early March 2020.

He had 37 followers back then and I was one of them. I chose Charlie Ward for my Team then and have been a Ward-loyalist ever since.

Besides Jan, Charlie’s guests have included Juan O Savin and General Flynn. Neither of those great Patriots would be sitting down with an MI6 agent, I can assure you, hello.

Before I get to Jan’s wonderful interview, I would like to update everyone on the heartbreaking aftermath of the Maui fires.

Juan O Savin asked, “Did we just have a Pearl Harbor? A 9-11?”

Jan Halper-Hayes said, “We just had a Black Swan moment in Hawaii.”

It feels like all of those horrible events.

Q The Storm Rider has been the best Patriot reporter about what TRULY happened as opposed the coverup lies the deep state MSM are writing.




QTSR posted that BEFORE the fires, Maui was chemtrailed. For those who may have missed Q’s Maui update here is the beginning of it:

8-18-23 Q The Storm Rider [Edited]


Lahaina, Hawaii

MEDIA BLACKOUT is taking place as police close off 12-mile range around the city.

The first reported 60 deaths and now 100 deaths are false numbers and over 1000 to 2000 is more accurate according to local reports and citizens who have seen the bodies and missing people.

There are several major reasons the police CLOSED OFF THE MEDIA. the police are controlled by the government who are controlled by the ELITES INSIDE the democrat run state who are running with CIA operations and UN ( DAVOS ) DS OPS

Part of the MEDIA BLACKOUT had to do with hundreds of people who died inside smart cars that exploded like bombs.






The day the attacks happened, Lahaina was sprayed with a low layering of chemtrail (Aluminum & Barium nanoparticles that can exploded with strong 5G directed radiation microwaves or direct energy weapons or transformer explosions that act as electrical bombs)

The [ds] operations ordered ;
_Police to close down roads and barricade and block in the people trying to escape
_The water was intentionally shut off by Kaleo Manuel the water official who was placed by Obama( CIA), kaleo was ordered not release water.
_Warning sirens to be turned off through the city and island
_The Elites off the island were Warned in advanced and left the city


I have been asked why Q The Storm Rider posts the way he does with dashes and dots and spaces and misspellings.

The reason is because, like most Patriots, he posts in code and is read all over the world by many different types of people: Anons, Patriots, Military, the enemy, Governments, A.I.’s, etc. [as we all are.] So he writes in code. Just like POTUS speaks in code, with words, misspellings, hand gestures, clothing, flags, etc.

As it happens, Gene Decode did a brilliant decode of a QTSR’s misspelling that blew my mind. So if you know you know about QTSR and most essential Patriots.

We are in a war. No one, not even the wonderful Jan Halper-Hayes, is going to say ANYTHING outright or clearly. The enemy is listening and watching 24/7.

8-26-24  Q The Storm Rider posted this link on his thread




Brighteon Broadcast News, Aug 25, 2023 – Plandemic script revealed, re-education camps for those who #DoNotComply (explicit)

– Video of things that mysteriously did NOT burn in #Lahaina
– Massive government cover-up means they have something horrific to hide
– HUNDREDS of children were burned alive and drowned, some bodies washed ashore
– #FEMA doing everything to hide photos, videos and evidence of crimes against children
– FEMA officials staying in luxury hotels while complaining about a lack of funds
– #COVID #plandemic is pre-announced to hospital workers as the plan unfolds
– CDC admits new covid “variant” will infect those who already received all the jabs
– Saudi Arabia and many other nations join #BRICS while the #dollar nears its end


8-26-23 Telegram channel, Ezra A. Cohen posted this:

The sorrow and despair with what is happening in Maui can be overwhelming. Last week, KanekoaTheGreat posted this beautiful 1-minute Tribute Video to Maui.

Whenever I feel sad I watch it and remember that beauty, empathy, grace, light and love ARE this world; Divine qualities the devil knows nothing about.



[Jan, Charlie and Mahoney met @Christmastime in England, 2022]




[Kat note: My minutes are slightly off because when the transfer was made from Insider’s Club to BitChute video, it isn’t exactly the same. Apologize. But it’s generally the same!]

Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes

2:30 I’ve been given the information.
It’s through God’s Grace it happened the other morning.
I’ve been praying & praying,
God tell me what I can do.
And then that interview came & it gave people hope.

[8-3-23 Jan GBNews Live, link posted above]

3:53 I didn’t start out to be a psychologist.
I was in Advertising. My father almost died.
I went to see a shrink & she said “You’re a natural born shrink!”..
That was the first message from God. I feel blessed.
He’s given me that ability to see the invisible
to understand what people are saying —
to really make a difference.

9:39 In late 2013, because I was so dismayed about Obama
I got involved with a few Republicans.
The organization had fallen apart.
They asked me to set up a U.K. Chapter
& then 2 months they made me the global VP
So from 2014 – 2016
I set up our 51-country chapter
funded & worked with the web designer.

11:30 Then I applied to Stanford
to their Summer Institute for Political Psychology
& spent the Summer there in 2017
& the rest is history.

12:50 Charlie Ward
What I was going to say for the audience here watching..
You’ve actually met me in person, and Mahoney in person.


12:01 Yes I have. I have. And I love your little son. He’s beautiful.


13:09 I want to put out a personal thanks to you Jan
because this has been an incredible journey for us all.
And having people like you out there
Who have the connections
Obviously with Donald Trump, with the Team.
We all hear from different places.
Not just high up.
We check everything out & we verify everything we’ve got.
That’s probably the most amazing part.
Because God gives us clarity.

14:40 We hear amazing stuff & it’s just not true.
We get infiltrated all the time.
The most important thing is
those that are seeking the truth stick together.
We have been infiltrated by bad people
but Jan is not one of them.

14:07 I loved your interview with DNR.
He’s been my inspiration for giving up alcohol & cigarettes.


15:39 Charlie we owe so much to you.
You really are the godfather of this movement.
And because of everyone that you’ve given exposure to
you’ve been able to keep that word going.
And if it weren’t for you,
I might not have really joined the Truther movement much.


16:04 I appreciate that.
It’s been a battle. But when God calls you to do something.
God said if you do this for me. This is your redemption.
If you stand up & be counted.
The sad thing is we’re in a phase right now
unless you take away people’s money
they won’t wake up.
When the banks don’t have any money and they close
it’s amazing how quick people will wake up.


15:55 I struggle with that too.
What would be the triggers?
The second trigger is that I wish
& this is all confidential cuz it’s your club:
That Obama gets arrested
& gets exposed & his Birth Certificate is shown
& then Michele/Michael is exposed as well.

Because that will take the whole Black community
& bring them over to the Trump side.
They’re already moving, but that will do it..

Part 2:


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