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Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Parisse Deza, Contributing Writer

Submitted on August 12, 2023

Hello Fellow Humanitarians

Here we are at the heliacal rising of the star Sirius, a most important time for the flow of new energy to the Earth. The Egyptians loved Sirius and had an extended season dedicated to Her which spanned from our July 3rd to August 12th. When Sirius rises with the Sun (that’s what ‘heliacal’ means) She begins to bathe the Earth with Her high vibrations. For the next week, if you are able to see a low horizon just prior to Sunrise, it will reveal Sirius right there, very big and very bright. Taking in that energy is very beneficial and will enhance your vibratory field.

Please see my in-depth article on this subject here:

This sparkling new edition starts with a wonderful explanation from psychiatrist Gabor Mate on how our problems are given to us to force us to pay attention to ourselves and to remember how to love ourselves.

Starlight Blessings, Parisse

Independence is my happiness, my country is the world, and my religion is to do good.
              – Thomas Paine’s Aquarian motto




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How Our Problems Teach Us to Love Ourselves – An illuminating explanation by Gabor Mate

“…all the difficulties you experience, all the problems you have, exist quite simply because you don’t want to grow up. On some level we don’t want to take responsibility…all the difficulties that we have are actually designed for us by a part of ourselves that loves us so much that it will create extra difficulties for us if we don’t get the message. What else can it do?

“I’ve had people who have overcome addictions say to me, the addiction which gave me HIV is the best thing that ever happened to me…what they are saying is that those difficulies woke them up to the necessity of getting to know themselves…to accept themselves, and, yes, to love themselves. And but for those experiences, they were too stubborn to learn. They were just going to stumble along life, living an alienated existence, and they were never going to wake up to who they really were.

“…any problem comes along, not in order to make our lives miserable, but to make our lives less miserable. And the suffering that it imposes is an attempt to wake us up. And that if we wake up, we’ll have a reason to be grateful.”

7-Year-Old Boy Sues California School District For Violations Of Civil Rights




7/26/23 – “What makes H.N. different from most other kids—other than that he is very mature for his age—is that he is the plaintiff in a case that was filed with the California Superior Court, Santa Cruz County, when he was 7 years old.

“Because of the lawsuit, he is not disclosing his name and just goes by H.N. for privacy purposes. He is suing the Scotts Valley Unified School District, the district superintendent, the school principal, and two teachers for negligence, false imprisonment, violating his civil rights, and other charges.

“It all started in September 2021 when at times he refused to wear a mask in school and did not consent to getting tested for COVID-19 weekly.

“The complaint mentions nine separate incidents in which H.N. refused to wear a mask and subsequently was isolated in a classroom by himself with a substitute teacher, taken to the principal’s office, or taken to classroom 34, which was used for storage at the time.”

Meat Consumption And Longevity

8/1/23 – “In February of last year, the International Journal of General Medicine published a study that was easy to miss, as no major media publication reported on ‘Total Meat Intake is Associated with Life Expectancy: A Cross-Sectional Data Analysis of 175 Contemporary Populations,’ by Wenpeng You and his team of researchers.

“For years we have heard that the secret to a long life is to cut back on meat consumption and increase our intake of carbs—advice that is enshrined in the USDA’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans. But that’s not what these researchers found.

“You and his team analyzed data from 175 countries and territories—in other words, almost the whole world—and used various statistical methods to ‘explore and compare the correlations between newborn life expectancy … life expectancy at five years of life … and intakes of meat, and carbohydrate crops, respectively. The established risk factors to life expectancy—caloric intake, urbanization, obesity and education levels—were included as the potential confounders.’

“The researchers found that worldwide, meat intake was associated with a longer life. ‘This relationship remained significant when influences of caloric intake, urbanization, obesity, education and carbohydrate crops were statistically controlled.’ By contrast, consumption of carbohydrates had a weak but negative correlation with life expectancy.”

Kari Lake Advocates for Decertifying 2020 Election Rather Than Impeaching “Illegitimate” President Biden: “He Really Isn’t… the True President”




8/3/23 – “Popular Republican Kari Lake spoke out on Thursday surrounding the 2020 election during an appearance on Steve Bannon’s War Room on Real America’s Voice. This interview followed former President Trump’s latest arraignment on speech crimes in Washington DC.

“During the discussion, Lake posited that the conflict American citizens are currently witnessing is one between ‘We the People’ and the ‘tyrannical’ government.

“Lake further emphasized the illegitimacy of the 2020 presidential election, stating that the January 6 riots were staged to distract from the fraudulent election certification.

“She said, ‘All that January 6 was a staged riot to cover up the fact that they certified a fraudulent election.’

“Lake further expressed her opposition to the idea of impeaching Joe Biden — rather than impeaching him, she proposed revisiting the 2020 election fraud results.

“’If we just go back and deal with this fraudulent election and what happened in 2020, we don’t have to impeach him, because he really isn’t, in my opinion, and many others and you look at the evidence, the true president. Why don’t we decertify 2020 [election], and that’s the way we deal with it,’ Lake said.”

Jim Jordan Launches Investigation Into Biden-Facebook Censorship Scheme, CCDH

8/3/23 – In new memos recently released by Facebook, the social media giant was pressured by the Biden White House into altering its algorithms so that mainstream news sources would be elevated over conservative sites.

“‘We know from the Facebook Files that the Center for Countering Digital Hate was working with the White House to censor speech,’ said a senior GOP congressional aide. ‘But how far did it go? Republicans want to find out, and of course subpoenas are on the table if we don’t get answers.’

“Jordan’s letter, which was first obtained by the Washington Examiner, is the latest escalation of the GOP’s efforts to investigate how the federal government has, in some cases, coordinated with the private sector to flag certain speech, including speech related to COVID-19, as “disinformation” or “misinformation.” 




Everything Is a Rich Man’s Trick 

Required reading, this extraordinary, comprehensive, three and a half hour documentary shines light all over the true history of the US in the 20th century.

Produced by Francis Richard Conolly, historian, researcher, thinker, and filmmaker, this is one of the most watched documentaries of all time. It began as a Youtube video which achieved over a billion hits by becoming the first documentary to untangle all the establishment lies and reveal the entire truth about the Kennedy Assassination and 911. But it goes much farther in scope than those isolated events and puts together over a century of history in a way that reveals clearly just who was doing what and why.

Wikipedia Co-Founder Says It Is an Instrument of the CIA, FBI and other US Intelligence Agencies

8/4/23 – Larry Sanger, the co-founder of Wikipedia, told journalist Glenn Greenwald that the site he helped found in 2001 has become an instrument of “control” in the hands of the left-liberal establishment, among which he counts the CIA, FBI, and other US intelligence agencies. In 2007, Virgil Griffith developed a program called WikiScanner that could trace the location of computers used to edit Wikipedia articles, and found that the CIA, FBI, and a host of large corporations and government agencies were scrubbing the online encyclopedia of incriminating information. “The left very deliberately seeks control”, Sanger said. “And it’s not just the Left. We’re learning that now. It’s the Establishment, and they have their own agenda.”

Oklahoma Governor Issues Executive Order Defining Biological Sex

8/4/23 – Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt became the first U.S. governor to issue an executive order legally defining what constitutes a biological male and female sex in a move to preserve women’s rights on Aug. 1.

“I am taking decisive executive action to ensure the true definition of the word ‘woman,’ meaning a biological woman, is what guides the state as we reaffirm our commitment to ensuring the safety, dignity, and sanctity of women across Oklahoma,” a press release from Mr. Stitt’s office read.

As long as I am governor, we will continue to protect women and ensure women-only spaces are reserved solely for biological women.

The Strange Secret to Success – Earl Nightingale




This awesomely inspiring lecture by motivational speaker from the mid-1900s, Earl Nightingale, is beautifully animated by After Skool Studio.

“Why do men with goals succeed in life and men without them fail? Well, let me tell you something that, if you really understand it, will alter your life immediately. If you understand completely what I’m going to tell you from this moment on your life will never be the same again. You will suddenly find that good luck just seems to be attracted to you. The things you want just seem to fall in line. And from now on you won’t have the problems, the worries, the gnawing lump of anxiety that perhaps you’ve experienced before. Doubt. Fear. Well, everything’s in the past.

“Here’s the key to success, and, the key to failure: We become what we think about.”


By Josh Mitteldorf

8/4/23 – “Yes, ecosystems are collapsing. No, it has nothing to do with CO2.

“Major reasons for this collapse include:
  • habitat loss
  • deforestation
  • every war is an environmental disaster
  • widespread poisoning of insects, which are at the base of the animal food chain
  • insects are also pollinators, and plant life becomes fragile when insects disappear
  • draining of wetlands, mining of fossil water, and damming of rivers
  • deliberate targeting of apex predators, including lions, wolves, and whales
  • washing of topsoil into the rivers and oceans
  • wasteful practices in mining, agriculture, and industry
  • global travel, bringing invasive species that tend to homogenize ecosystems worldwide

And, of course, weather manipulation.

“All the hype about a climate catastrophe based on carbon emissions is based on computer models that are woefully inadequate. These models have been wrong about the changes in the last 40 years since modeling began. They are no reliable guide to future climate response, though they are are continually being cited as authority. In the last 7 years in particular, CO2 emissions have continued and accelerated, atmospheric concentration has increased steadily, but temperatures have gone up and down.”

Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes Ground-breaking Interview

8/6/23 – “UK-based US Republican commentator, Dr Jan Halper-Hayes joined GBN’s Stephen Dixon in the wake of Donald Trump’s latest indictment, when the show turned into a head-exploding conspiracy extravaganza.




“This clip from a British morning show is going viral because of the fact that such words were actually aired on the mainstream media – and in the UK, of all places, the home of the Deep State. 

Excerpt: They made fun of him because they assumed he broke protocol and walked in front of the Queen. No! If you go back and look at it, you’ll see he looked at her, she gave a wave with her hand, he proceeded, she took a couple of steps and he waited for her to join.

That was an optic to tell us that he then was going to bankrupt the US Corporation. Because it was the Vatican, the Crown and the US that was part, since 1871 and we were giving you our tax dollars. We were paying back – forget this Tea Party and “taxation without representation”, we owed you a lot of money because you helped us in the Civil War. 

And so now, Trump told the Queen, “I’m ending this. We’re dissolving this corporation. We’re going to go back to being a republic and we’ll all be separate.”

Canada: Muslims Unite with Christians Against Trudeau’s Push for Transgender Indoctrination in Schools

8/7/23 –  “The Trudeau government is pushing the LGBTQ+ agenda in the nation’s school system. Parents have been informed that children enrolled in preschool and kindergarten will not be addressed with biological pronouns such as ‘he’ or ‘she’, but the children will eventually decide what they will be called, despite what the parents want. 

The most vocal critics of Trudeau’s policies are coming mostly from the Muslim population who are telling the PM to keep his ideology away from their children. Muslim activists are now teaming up with Christians to stage a million-person march across Canada in September. 

Kamel El-Cheikh is organizing the coast-to-coast march and all faiths are invited to join in denouncing leftist gender ideology in schools. A 48% majority of migrants who were not born in Canada are now voting conservative compared to 38% that are voting liberal.”

Secret Knowledge Hidden Underneath the Great Sphinx

As someone says in the Comments section of this YouTube piece:




I don’t know about others, but I am ready to know the full history of the world. No more waiting.

Many fine scholars such as Graham Hancock, Robert Schoch, Andrew Collins and others are fulfilling this request for us in this inspiring and mind-expanding mini-documentary from 2019, whose implications span far wider than just the Sphinx.

“The great sphinx of Giza, the oldest known monument from the ancient Egyptian world, stands as a symbol of the arcane mysteries still waiting to be unearthed. Could the truth about our past, and Enki’s knowledge given to humanity, be locked in an ancient chamber situated below the great beast’s paw? We examine mounds of evidence, in the face of contradictory conclusions, to try and determine its age and decode its original purpose.”

Parisse Deza is new age Renaissance man and visionary with 50 years experience in self-cultivation arts, who calls his field Consciousness and Creativity. He is an educator, counselor, reader, visual artist, writer, Daoist internal alchemy, chigung, and feng-shui adept, and ordained minister in the Universal Life Church. He currently lives in Sedona, Arizona. His main purpose is seeing-in the Aquarian Age and the fulfillment of the original American dream of absolute personal freedom in relationship with all Life.

He is the co-creator and curator of The Best Is Yet To Come educational website for the new paradigm.

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