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Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on July 13, 2023

INFO Flash

Dear Readers

before I start with the summary of the last 4 weeks, let me say,

it has been remarkably calm.






and again and again

I must confess I am really p… by this phase of nothing

The  EU is now officially in a recession.

private households suffer already for several years because of stagnating salaries and massively rising prises.

and what I heard from the US is, that meanwhile supermarketprices for vegetables and other normal stuff are so high,

that an average US citizen seems to spend more in the supermarket than European citizens.




NATO does everything to ignite WorldWar III and interestingly Norway started to give out 6 months contract for new military personel.

starting 2 weeks ago in “undisclosed locations”.

at the same time all civilian personel and families from military bases are gone

NATO issued secondary Alarm (“state of readiness”) for ALL NATO countries

and changed its status to “combat”

and Ukraine ordered General mobilisation




Czech president wants to find and internate all Russian civilians in his country and bring them to concentration camps

good old concept

works fine every time

in Italy Berlusconi died aged 86

remember him as boss of freemasons P2

and don’t be surprised: they are now working with P4 already

China moves ahead with ships with soldiers on board direction Taiwan




and US tries to evacuate their people from there

If you are interested in project Blue Beam and how a fake alien invasion could look like..

watch this

very revealing

and fascinating

and frightening.





all points in direction of WorldWar II

while Mr Gates makes good business and sets free his own mosquitos

which seem to spread illnesses where they haven’t been for decades

and surprise surprise, an mRNA vaccine is already at hand and can be sold right now.

get it get it get it!!!!

(there might be some minor complications, “they warned you” (don’t forget)




while governments welcome mr gates untested vaccines and allow them in more and more countries

George Soros tries to hand over everything to his son

who tells openly that he is “100 times worse” than his father

Russia on the other side prepares to leave WTO and WHO

good news, I guess

their small problem with Wagner troop and the theatre about a possible coup d´état seems to be nonsense and was stopped in less than a day





I did not mention all my postings in my channel about vaccine related stuff

like who knew when

like who tells now what really is and was

etc etc

but this picture here I would like to show you




remember I told you this is about:
(list in priorities)
–      kill most if not all germans        

  • kill as many whites as possible

now look at this map with the (official) numbers of excess mortality

see what I mean?

and perhaps you should read this one about how to be able to get rid of graphene oxide nano particles

even if you are not vaccinated and suffer from shedding “only”


member of government Alain Berset “stepped back”

internal sources say: he got fired over the massive fraud regarding Credit Suisse and UBS

and 2 or 3 more members will follow end of this year.

if you are interested in the ongoing fight against children in human trafficking

you might want to watch this

and this

you might want to read countless postings about the civil war in France in my channel.

if not, please be sure: there IS an ongoing unrest in France with damages in the billions

and started from migrants and now developing more and more direction civil war between original French people  (now called right wing extremists)

and migrants (this one is a posting from the middle of all of them)

Belgium is already next on the list

I hope for Germany as well.

by the way: german government openly discusses the execution of “different-thinkers”

the picture I see is on the one side the Deep State, which is enormously powerful and had grown power and network over decades and now tries to fulfil

all their Orwellish dreams within only a very short period of time.

on the other side, the people start to wake up, I guess mostly because of the dramatic speed of this development and because of the speed it is not hidden so well anymore.

and those people waking up are getting more and more every day in the thousands and hundreds of thousands.

and I guess this will break the neck of the deep state.

their greed is too big and their wishlist is so crazy and satanic that even the most stupid people can recognize it and are against it.

more and more


what can we do

f the system where ever you can.

follow the rules where it is necessary, find the holes in them and go through them.

do the minimum and not a bit more for the system to protect yourself.

prepare yourself.

I guess this will become a tough ride for all of us.

I´ll keep you posted.



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