The First Global Nuclear War and a Cover-up of History!



Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Theodore Colon, Contributing Writer

Submitted on June 17, 2023

The First Global Nuclear War
and a Cover-up of History!

If we open up the latter part of the book of Genesis in the Old Testament, we read the intriguing account of the Israelite prince named Joseph, captured and sold as a slave in Egypt. In short, through a series of crazy events, he rises in power until he is also a prince of Egypt, second only to the Pharoh himself.

Then Joseph has a dream warning him of impending famine. So for seven years, he stockpiles every spare bit of grain and food available in Egypt.


A famine hits the ENTIRE ancient world that lasts for SEVEN years (and Egypt survives, as does likely the entire human race due to Prince Joseph’s foresight).

The description of this famine fits modern scenarios and projections of a nuclear winter following a global, all out nuclear war, a winter (or mini-ice age) that is projected by modern meteorologists and war planners to last between 5 and 10 years…




Read about it yourself in Genesis chapter 41. Twice towards the end of the chapter, it mentions the severity of the famine in relation to the entire world, and in looking at the original Hebrew text; it does indeed refer to the inhabitants of the entire earth, not just the Middle East.

The Bible also talks, between the lines, about another effect of this nuclear war: Radiation poisoning of the human race.

If you read through the generations of men immediately proceeding Joseph, and note their lifespans, they consistently average between 175 and 200 years. Then Prince Joseph comes along, and not a single person after him lives more than 130 years (and most much less).

SOMETHING happened during the lifetime of Joseph that cut the expected lifespan of man almost in half, worldwide. The only thing that fits is global radiation poisoning.

There are legends and myths from almost every culture of man somehow referring to this war or some fallout of it.

Dating still not an exact science.  

If the world experienced a global nuclear war, one that produced enough radioactivity to halve the lifespan of man, it also produced enough carbon-14 and Beryllium-10 to completely skew any evolutionary or archaeological time-line that doesn’t take this massive influx of carbon-14, Beryllium-10, and other radioactivity into the system into account. The war and its radioactivity introduced so much Carbon-14, Beryllium-10 (and other radiations) into the system that it both poisoned life, and completely changed the natural balance of production and decay of Carbon-14 and Beryllium-10 on Earth. Anything living before this war would appear to be much older than it actually is, because its Carbon-14 levels were much lower than the levels found in organic/living things immediately after the war. Likewise with Beryllium-10 levels in rocks and other inorganic materials. So the whole method is skewed prior to 2000BC.




Atlantis and Lemuria.

Briefly, the legends of Atlantis pretty much all refer to a very technologically advanced civilization with air flight capabilities, that disappeared beneath the sea in a single cataclysmic event. Some of the best modern research into the legends verify that the civilization likely did indeed exist, and that it was destroyed, presumably by a volcanic eruption/explosion like in Pompei’s destruction (or a nuclear explosion?).

Best estimate of a date for the disappearance of Atlantis? Roughly 2000BC.

Seen this date before?

Legends of Lemuria are even spottier than those of Atlantis. But in brief, they were also supposedly very technologically advanced, and then disappeared suddenly.

Then you have the Greek legends of a war collectively referred to as “The Clash of the Titans”… And while the specific details may have become shrouded in myth, the point remains: they agree that there was an incredibly destructive war fought between very advanced civilizations.

How about the legends found worldwide of little people, leprechauns, fairies, gnomes, etc and so forth, races of humans whose founding civilizations got wiped out by SOMETHING?

Deep in the heart of Siberia lies a strange valley where the locals fear to tread because people that go there have a tendency to not come home. Indeed, even some modern explorers have fallen strangely and gravely ill when exploring this area (near Tunguska, site of an unexplained, massive, nuclear bomb-sized explosion about a hundred years ago, long before WWII). The locals understandably call it the Valley of Death.

But the weird part is that the locals also have legends associated with the valley. They include details of an ancient war fought between highly advanced “One eyed giant’s” and unknown Alien races, using huge weapons located under the copper pots that would deploy from under ground and target the intruder capable of shooting down threats from the air (including interplanetary threats

Libyan Desert glass.




On every single continent, there are areas where they can find or have found what some people have dubbed “Seas of Glass,” either on the surface, or buried under centuries of dirt, where the sand and/or dirt has literally been fused by intense heat into glass. The color of these seas varies according to the mineral content, but they are everywhere. And they are, practically speaking, identical to the ones that were created by the US Government in the Nevada desert when they were first testing the modern atomic bomb.

Would you believe that the moon even has at least one sea of glass on it?

Something incinerated the residents of an ancient city inspired the biblical story of Sodom.

Tall el-Hammam, located in a valley in present-day Jordan, was suddenly abandoned millennia ago and remained uninhabited for centuries. Yet the reason for its demise remained up for debate – some historians suggested a natural disaster or violent war. But the new research, a culmination of 15 years of excavation, reveals that the city and its residents were subject to extreme temperatures and pressures.

Excavations at Tall el-Hammam began in 2005. Archaeologist’s first uncovered pottery, buildings, and bodies.

But then they started finding evidence that things had gotten really hot, really fast – like a rock that had melted to black on all sides, remnants of melted pottery and metal, and glass that had liquefied and splattered onto fragments of human bones.

Glass melts starting at 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit. Iron and pottery’s melting points are even higher.

“The technology didn’t exist at that time, in the Middle Bronze Age, for people to be able to generate fires of that kind of temperature,”

In a layer of sediment dating back 3,600 years, the group found fractured sand grains – known as shocked quartz – which only form at very high pressures. Those pressures had also converted wood and plants in the city into microscopic diamonoids that are almost indestructible.

Additionally, the group found dust-like particles called spherules composed of vaporized iron and sand. Spherules form at about 2,900 degrees Fahrenheit..




The explosion above Tall el-Hammam, had a yield between 5 and 30 megatons – at least 330 times more powerful than the atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima.

“People in the area were blinded, deafened, and obliterated.” 

In Tall el-Hammam archaeologists unearthed bodies that were missing legs and skulls. Some victims had been blown against the walls of rooms and buried under rubble. Many of the people likely died without knowing what had happened, incinerated by the blast.

“More than likely, everything that was burnable would’ve caught fire, like wood and clothes”. “If you were on a hillside looking down into the valley, the sound of the explosion might’ve broken your ear drums.”

Then a shockwave, which would have felt like an intense wind barreling in at 740 miles per hour.

“The shock that would pass through your body would pulverize your insides.”

He added that the pressure from the wind would have been 100,000 times what we normally feel.

Indeed, in Tall el-Hammam archaeologists unearthed bodies that were missing legs and skulls. Some victims had been blown against the walls of rooms and buried under rubble. Many of the people likely died without knowing what had happened, were incinerated by the blast.

“Remember it’s not where you’ve been that count’s”

We got this!




With Free Will, we have a great responsibility not to succumb this time to archon evil zombie mind control magic, thus turn EVIL Around and LIVE in God’s Christed Conscious.”

Maximum, Love, Light, and Truth.

Please use discernment.


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