Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 31, 2023



Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Wed. 31 May 2023

Compiled Wed. 31 May 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her Twenty Two Multiple Personalities”

Be Prepared
Emergency Broadcast System Activation Worldwide
Martial Law Across the Globe
Global Currency Revaluation
Worldwide Shutdown So Military Can Safely Make Mass Arrests of Cabal Members
Be prepared with at least a month’s supply of food, water, fuel, cash and essential items on hand for yourself and others.

A World-Wide Call For Fast and Prayer
Pray for a restoration of Freedom for People of the World. Pray for the brave Military Forces making mass arrests of Global and Political Elites who have kept The People enslaved and please do special prayers for the rescue of Ritually Abused Children and Adult Survivors who Satan worshippers have used as fodder for Pedophilia, Child Sacrifice and Cannibalism rites in honor of Satan.

We will fight for America like no one before. We will not give up. We are one people, one family. We will make America strong again. We will make America proud again. We will make America safe and we will make America great again. 
…President Donald J. Trump

“The Promise of Liberty”

Memorial Day Special (May 24, 2020 – Live Stream) – Music & The Spoken Word – YouTube

What makes any country great is the principles of it’s founding; it’s boundless potential and it’s constant striving to live up to providing that Freedom, Equality, Liberty and Justice for all.




Judy Note: Emergency Broadcast System Activation across the world was expected at any time and likely before Thurs. 1 June. The EBS will trigger the Global Currency Revaluation combined with a worldwide shutdown under a Martial Law that would insure safety for The People of the World during Mass Arrests of Cabal members.

The Internet, Mass Media, phones, Businesses, jobs and schools will be shut down from 2-10 days depending on where you live. The Electrical Grid would no longer be needed as Tesla free energy would take over.

Prisons, jails, hospitals and other institutions with kitchens feeding people who cannot go elsewhere are being told they must have a ten day food supply on hand in order to prepare for supply chain disruptions. The Military will be handing out food and supplies to those in need. Be prepared with at least a month’s supply of food, water, fuel, cash and essential items on hand for yourself and others.

Judy Note: If you are reading this Update as it appeared here, be aware that some information has been redacted. For the complete un-redacted version, see the PDF copy at the end of the report.

Global Currency Revaluation:

  • On Thurs. 1 June:

The US would default on it’s debts, thereby missing loan repayments that were bound to send world markets into a tailspin.

All 209 countries would be connected to the new Quantum Financial System.




At 8:00 am EST the Quantum Financial System’s Fed ISO 20022 will activate a universal language for global financial networks to communicate with each other.

Bond redemption will begin to be paid out.

  • Most likely Tier4B (us, the Internet Group) should receive notification to set exchange/ redemption appointments early morning Thurs. 1 June.
  • Out of Iraq I am hearing they have made progress with the rubber stamping of the budget…and the final vote is expected tomorrow Wed. 31 May on their budget.
  • and before a 2-4 week shutdown, while Head of the Global Redemption Committee, Dr. Charlie Ward, indicated on his show that Tier4b notification would come after the EBS – which was expected to begin at any moment.
  • are being told they must have a ten day food supply on hand for supply chain disruptions.  That would likely be the changeover to the QFS (Quantum Financial System).  …Hal Turner news
  • “I just got off the phone with a friend that owns a Real Estate company in Georgia and she said many in the Real Estate industry are blown away on how many multimillion dollar homes have been bought in Georgia & Florida over the past three weeks. Her statement was, ‘Are there millionaires dropping from the sky? It’s very interesting how we have so many million dollar homes being bought up over the past three weeks!’ While we are daily hearing lies about how the RV has not started, it sounds like other Tiers have been getting money, but being under NDA’s it’s been a hush, hush game!”
  • June 30, 2023 . . . Historical Turning Point For The Global Financial System (Video)
  • Is the US Imploding?, William Mount:

Tues. 30 May 2023 Bruce, The Big Call The Big Call Universe (  667-770-1866, pin123456#

  • Iraq put their new Dinar Rate in their Gazette last Sat. and announced it on Sun. They are supposed to make it public internationally tomorrow Wed. 30 May.
  • Sometime in mid-June Med Beds will be available for the general public. The Med Beds are free for the public to use. There will be no charge for the Med Bed.
  • There were companies putting out emails and information on sale of Med Bed treatment  – which is a total scam. If you have paid out monies for scam Med Bed treatment you can be reimbursed by taking a copy of your documentation to your redemption appointment and/or your Med Bed appointment.
  • Tues. night 30 May midnight will be activation of the Fed ISO 20022 protocols.
  • Wed. night 31 May midnight all banks have to be Basil Three compliant or they will be closed.
  • Thurs. 1 June the gold/asset-backed new US Note currency will be in the banks.
  • Paymasters Bond Sellers started receiving their packages tonight 6 pm Eastern Tues. 30 and will continue to receive through Sat. They will get access to those funds Thurs. 1 June.
  • Most likely Tier4B (us, the Internet Group) should receive notification to set appointments early morning Thurs. 1 June. 
  • Increase to Social Security payments and the Restitution Allowance (pay back for interest and taxes that the Cabal illegally collected from you) will come in June – paid out for 13 months in a row. Seniors age 62 and older will receive their Restitution Allowance in a lump sum payment.

Emergency Broadcast System Activation, Free Inhabitant (Africa) on Telegram:

  • The coming of the EBS has already been publicly announced worldwide
  • Things will go down within next couple of days
  • 50 US senators have been given Q phones and are underground preparing for the Event
  • The EBS will trigger the RV, GCR and Martial Law
  • Thousands of banks not compliant with asset-backed currencies will be shut down by the White Hats
  • You need 2-4 weeks of cash, food, water, essential items on hand
  • We will be switching to Tesla Free Energy through Tesla Towers being switched on
  • You will be given a 24 hour notice before the shut down in 17 strategic US cities
  • There will be no Mainstream Media broadcasts.
  • Darkness will be revealed by the Light.
  • Prepare for 2-4 weeks of a shutdown – no school, work, shopping and Internet – to be replaced with new Internet on Star Link. 

Restored Republic:

Timeline: JFK Jr. Alert: 4 Important Dates Announced – Steve Jobs & Lady Diana Is Alive? (Videos) | Alternative | Before It’s News (

  • The EBS and Martial Law was set to activate at any time worldwide.
  • On Thurs. 1 June US Inc. would default on it’s debt, while at 8:00 EST the Quantum Financial System’s Fed ISO 20022 would then activate a universal language for global financial networks to communicate with each other. The 209 major countries would have their new gold/asset-backed currencies live on the Quantum Financial System and GCR Bond redemption would begin to be paid out.
  • Tues. 13 June Q’s Timeline: (30 days from Mother’s Day) MOAB attack on the King and Queen. …Q
  • Thurs. 16 June collapse of IRS and all tax orgs.
  • Sun. 18 June GESARA/NESARA announced during EBS Disclosure implementation.
  • Wed. 21 June Special Counsel John Durham to testify on his report to House Judiciary Committee (1788 became law on June 21).
  • Sun. 23 July Inauguration of Pres. Donald J. Trump and his VP, JFK Jr, a celebration where those in the World Protection Program would come out.
  • Tues. 25 July Queen Diana’s Coronation.
  • In June 2023 the General Public would have access to Med Beds.

Resources for Satanic Ritual Abuse/ CIA Mind Control/ Trauma Survivors:

The Real News for Tues. 30 May 2023:

FBI, Facebook, Adam Schiff, Democrat Operatives, Election Interference, Disinformation and the Battle for Truth! – American Media Group (

  • The FBI and Facebook, institutions that should safeguard the democratic process, were actively engaged in spreading disinformation during the critical period before the 2020 election.
  • The effort to deceive the American people raises questions about the integrity of the electoral process and the trust we place in those tasked with protecting it.
  • Adam Schiff and his fellow Democrat operatives perpetuated the disinformation campaign. Had the truth about the disinformation campaign been brought to light before the election, it could have inflicted irreparable damage to Joe Biden’s presidential aspirations.
  • The American people were deliberately kept in the dark, manipulated by a sinister coalition of powerful actors determined to secure their preferred outcome at any cost.
  • The 2020 election, which was supposed to reflect the voice of the people, now emerges as a stolen mandate. Every vote cast, every citizen who exercised their democratic right, was potentially robbed of their voice by those who swore to protect it.
  • Election interference, disinformation campaigns, and the silencing of dissenting voices is a stark reminder of the challenges we face in preserving the integrity of our electoral process. As we grapple with the revelations of this web of deceit, we must stand united in demanding transparency, accountability, and justice, for without them, the very essence of our democracy hangs in the balance.

The Brunson Supreme Court Case Regarding the Takedown of the Biden Administration and all of Congress.




Ken and Barbie vs. Goliath IRS:

Must Watch Videos:

[Note: Sensitive content in this report has been redacted. See redacted content in the full report attached below.]

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