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Reader Post | By FreeMom7

    … People give value to money by being willing (or forced by Legal Tender Laws) to trade actual goods (commodities) and services for the money token, whatever the money token (or commercial paper) is.  

   Remember that token money is physical and has value in and of itself– for example, a gold coin. 

   Paper certificates representing gold or silver stored in a warehouse is not actual token money, but represents the lawful claim to a certain amount of the underlying warehoused commodity, should you choose to present your claim to the warehouse (treasury) and receive the commensurate amount of gold, silver, platinum, etc.  

   Most people in America can remember using Silver Certificates or have at least seen Silver Certificates. 

   Fiat money takes this abstraction a step further and presumes the existence of a legal claim to something of value that is unspecified.  It might represent labor or barrels of oil or…… a debt….represented as “the good faith and credit of Congress”.   

   The idea that debt has value is not new.  It is at least as old as the concept of negative numbers.  

   So now we get to the so-called “monetization of debt” — which is merely assigning a value to a debt in some certain form of actual token money. 




   First, let’s understand the concept of assigning value to token money: 

 If I have a bushel of apples and I trade it for a silver dollar, I have just given (assigned) the silver dollar the “value” of a bushel of apples and vice versa.  

 When we trade physical assets, we always establish values in this way, regardless of local market fluctuations.  The same bushel of apples might fetch two silver dollars in  some markets or half a dollar in others, but there is always this process of determining “market value” on the spot. 

What happens when we trade something of physical value — such as a gold coin, for something as amorphous as a promise to pay in the future? 

 To make sense of that kind of trade, we have to adopt a fixed exchange rate, so that we know in advance what we are agreeing to trade for.  

That is, we have to assign a value to a debt now and in the future.  

   If we are paying attention only to market prices, here is what we see: 




 Joe gives Phil a hamburger in exchange for Phil’s I.O.U. for $5, thereby creating a debt “worth” $5 for Joe (Phil’s debt is Joe’s credit)  and assigning a value of $5 to the hamburger at the same time.  

 Years go by, Joe gives Phil a hamburger in exchange for Phil’s I.O.U. for $10 (inflation has hit hard), thereby creating a debt “worth” $10 for Joe and assigning a current value of $10 to the hamburger.  

 The value of the hamburger appears to have increased, while the value of the I.O.U. has decreased over time.  This is because more and more I.O.U.s have accumulated in the system because of rampant money printing or counterfeiting or failure to “redeem the debt” by exchanging it for something of actual value.  

  Remember — the way we establish the value of money or anything else is by trading it for something of actual physical value.  

 Almost a hundred years goes by, and nobody has been trading value for value in a long, long time.  Everyone has been trading debts for credit, that is, we’ve all been assigning value to debts and monetizing them.  

   The “debt note” currency inexorably loses value, because nobody is trading anything of actual value for it.  

   In the current crisis, we, our American Government, are the only ones that have a fixed exchange rate established relating the value of our money token dollar known as the United States Silver Dollar to the value of the Federal Reserve Note. 

   That is, we are the only ones on Earth that can give value to the Federal Reserve Note, because we are the only ones that have a fixed exchange rate for it.  

   As an analogy, think of translating Chinese into English or English into Chinese — and we are the only ones with a dictionary. 

  The fixed exchange rate was established in the Emergency Banking Act of 1934 on a “dollar for dollar” basis, but of course, the value of those “dollars” has changed over time.  




   One Federal Reserve Note started out equal to the value of one United States Silver Dollar in 1934.  

 Even in the currently rigged commodity market, the United States Silver Dollar is now selling for around $22 Federal Reserve Notes, so despite best efforts to control silver prices and despite not minting United States Silver Dollars for decades, the Federal Reserve Note is now worth less than five cents against the actual United States Silver Dollar on the open market, and at the United States Treasury, almost $100,000 Federal Reserve Notes are pegged against each and every United States Silver Dollar still in circulation.  

  No actual value has been added back into the Federal Reserve Note in ninety years, which is partially the fault of funky bookkeeping and partly the fault of the whole political status and identity fraud that has been perpetuated by the Municipal Corporation Subcontractors. 

  By trying to register all of us as British Territorial U.S. Citizens and using that as an excuse to glom onto all our assets for use as collateral backing their foreign debts, the Perpetrators have created a situation in which the physical asset contributions of the American people who have been constantly giving value to the Federal Reserve Note, have not been credited to the Federal Reserve Note.  They haven’t been put on the ledger as credit for Joe.   

  That is, the value of Joe’s hamburger as an actual asset giving back value to the Federal Reserve note, has never been counted.  Instead, Joe has been misidentified as a Brit and the credit owed to him has gone to the Queen instead.  

  Having addressed the unlawful conversion of American State Nationals and American State Citizens effectuated by undisclosed registration of those same Americans as British Territorial U.S. Citizens when they were still babies in their cradles, we can see that the credit owed to “Joe” is owed back to “Joe” by the Queen, or now, King Charles III as her Successor.  Plus interest.  

  This counts as the largest unlawful conversion scheme and accounting “error” in world history.  

 Thankfully, the Perpetrators kept scrupulous records of the debt, so we also know the amount of the credit owed over time and can simply discharge the debt — except for the fact that everyone has been monetizing the debt as an asset, and except for the fact that interest has been charged on a non-existent debt.  

 That is, the Americans have clawed back at least some of the value of the presumed debt in the arena of commerce and that has kept the boat afloat for a good many years despite not giving poor “Joe” his due and despite charging us interest on a non-existent debt and charging off all the expenses (not just constitutionally allowable expenses) of their Municipal Corporations to us every time they bankrupted another iteration of “the United States, Inc.” or “the United States of America, Inc.” 

   Now you can see how we became the Preferential Priority Creditors-in-Fact and how the Queen upstaged us under False Pretenses garnered via secretive unlawful conversions of political status exercised under color of law. 




  It amounts to a gigantic impersonation fraud scheme resulting in unlawful conversion of political status as well as identity, and de facto theft of our entire country, our citizenry, and our assets under color of law by the offending Municipal Subcontractors who owe us good faith and service. 

 Once people started monetizing debt as an asset,  combined with the  process of creating “derivatives” there was no easy way to simply add the credits owed to Joe back onto the ledger and erase the so-called “National Debt” owed by all those spendthrift Municipal citizens of the United States — that don’t actually exist.

 Perhaps even worse news is that none of this — not the rampant monetization of debt, not the development of an imaginary derivatives market — none of it solves the actual problem that started this whole ball rolling, which is the fact that there has been no means to “add value” to the Federal Reserve Notes this entire time. 

 Nobody but the Americans have a fixed exchange rate between an asset-backed money and the Federal Reserve Note Legal Tender, so the Americans are the only ones who can solve this problem

   Unfortunately, the Americans are being impersonated by the British Government as British Territorial U.S. Citizens using phony birth  registrations purloined without disclosure. 

  British Territorial U.S. Citizens can’t breathe a word against the Queen’s theft of our American citizenry and assets and credit — for obvious reasons.  

 So it behooves the entire world, all 209 nations to date,  to recognize the British Swindlers for what they are and bring pressure to bear before the banks make the Big Mistake of trying a repeat of the 1890’s Bank Runs and the 1929 Crash, combined, which will only result in the arrest of the bankers and their Boards of Directors and long stints in places like Fort Leavenworth, plus, the worst economic crisis the world has ever seen. 

  The Americans must be freed on a systemic basis from the presumption of any form of British Territorial or Municipal citizenship and our assets must be “unblocked” and our gold and silver assets must be used to give value to the Federal Reserve Notes or there will be nothing left to fight over. 

  Here is the Big News for all those who have been anti-American — we are not only the victims in this story, we are also the only ones that can save the situation.  

  We have explained how we became the Preferential Creditors and how the Queen’s Government purloined the assets and credit that belong in fact to us.  




  We have also explained how currency is literally “given value” and the reason that the Federal Reserve Notes have lost almost all their value for lack of actually being credited and exchanged for value.  

  We’ve explained how the Americans wound up with the only fixed exchange rate and therefore the only means to translate a form of our lawful money into Federal Reserve Note Legal Tender. 

   So, in summary: 

 1. Our people and Government are the only ones with a fixed exchange rate allowing us to translate our asset-backed currency into Federal Reserve Notes, and thereby give value back to the Federal Reserve Notes and saving the world economy

 2. We are the only ones who can extend amnesty to the unwitting criminals responsible for this situation; 

 3. We are the only ones with the account codes needed to release the M1 funding — and do it lawfully with proper provenance; 

  4. We are the only ones with the means and the lawful assets to literally resolve the world debt and give value back to the Federal Reserve Notes. 

   The solution

 1. The horribly mismanaged Municipal Corporation Subcontractors housed in the District of Columbia must stand down

 2. The criminal malfeasance of these Subcontractors must be recognized, repented, and set aside under a General Amnesty — which still allows for possible prosecution of willful and knowing criminals; 




3. The crimes of unlawful conversion committed against the Americans by the British Crown and the British Government and the Government of Ghent and the City of Rome must be reversed, all foreign registrations must be set aside and presumed to apply only to actual employees of the Federal Municipal Corporation Subcontractors; 

 4. We must quickly release our asset-backed currencies, the United States Silver Dollar and the gold-backed American Federation Dollar, and invoke our exchange rate to give value to the Federal Reserve Notes

5. We must meet with the military bankers housed in Switzerland who are responsible

 6. Our American Government and the actual Account Holders must release the blocked account codes

 7. Everyone needs to thoroughly understand how this happened, so that it never happens again. 

 And somehow, we have to get the word passed to the members of the Territorial Congress and Janet Yellen and all the other Party Hearties that otherwise, their private scrip, the Federal Reserve Note, loses value by the minute until it becomes utterly worthless. 

  Raising the imaginary debt ceiling merely increases the problem, just as continuing to monetize debt as an asset adds to the problem. 

 The Day of Reckoning comes, and however you want to chide and goad us for being asleep all these years, we are awake now, and holding the only means — our fixed exchange rate and our authorized gold and silver-based currencies —- by which the Federal Reserve Note can have value returned to it, and by which the world economy can be saved. 

 Mr. Trump, King Charles III, and maybe even the Pope need to be reminded that the ends never justify the means, and representing us doesn’t work when we present ourselves.  

 Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary,  The United States of America …  May 26th 2023  Anna von Reitz   #4194




Via FreeMom7  Excerpted with emphasis- Love & Blessings for All – Truth can set one (& All!) Free when discovered & implemented Peacefully Lawfully, as each chooses for Highest Good of All  !!  


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