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Political Status 101    

   …  most vets, know little or nothing about [political status], because [they weren’t] taught anything about that in school

 I was lucky enough to live in Wisconsin at a time when both American History and United States History were taught as separate subjects— so listen up. 

 … Americans born in one of the nation states of the Union, are not naturally Nationals of the U.S. Territories

…  Americans receive their nationality from their nation state of the Union. It happens the moment you are born.  You are a Wisconsinite or a Floridian or a Californian, and regardless of where you may live as an adult, you remain “recognizable” as a State National of that nation state of the Union for the rest of your days. 

 Whether you are recognized as a (1) State National or a (2) United States National or (3) National of the United States of America — depends on you and choices you make.  Nobody else. 




 There are three (3) choices. Get that firmly in your heads, because you need to choose.   …

Right now, [some] veteran[s] are living and acting as Nationals of the United States of America — that is, British Territorial United States Citizens, also known as U.S. Citizens, in the same exact political status as people born in Puerto Rico, even though nearly all of them were actually born in one of the nation states of the Union.     

Why is that?    It’s because they signed up to serve in the U.S. Military.  

 When they did that, they unknowingly adopted a foreign citizenship owed to the Territorial United States Government and they accepted a foreign political status, too, that of the U.S. Citizens, who are native to The United States Territories and Possessions.  

 They might have been born in Maine or Michigan or Nebraska, but for the duration of their Service and until they change it back, they are in the same exact political status and have the same U.S. Citizen obligations as someone born in Puerto Rico—–and Puerto Rico is a what?        

Puerto Rico is a British Commonwealth.  

 Don’t believe me?  Look it up  …




 The U.S. Military has always been a foreign Federal Subcontractor owing good faith and service to the nation states of the Union and to The United States of America, even though they technically work for the United States of America, Incorporated —– a foreign Municipal Corporation. 

 If your military services are paid for by a commercial corporation, and not by a national government, you are serving as a commercial mercenary.  By definition…    

 For the duration of their career in the U.S. Military and even as retired veterans, [they] will be operating in this same foreign capacity until they are discharged and write to their Branch Commander and announce that they are returning home to original jurisdiction.  

 They are operating as Nationals of the United States of America — meaning U.S. Citizens of the Territories and Possessions belonging to The United States.  

 That’s their choice and it’s one of the three (3) choices.  So be it. If they want to live their whole lives as Subjects of the British King and work as cheap mercenaries, … 

 If, however, they want to come home and enjoy the freedom they fought for, if they want to actually own land in this country, if they want their Constitutional Guarantees honored, if they want freedom from Federal taxation and interference — any of those things, then, listen up. 

 … those blessings are only available for the people living in the States of the Union — that means people who are adopting their original birthright political status as State Nationals. 

 Not United States Nationals, not Nationals of the United States of America, not just “Nationals”, either.  

 If you want the blessings of your birthright, you have to adopt your original birthright political status as a State National, which is also one of the three choices

 …   really know the history and the law involved… Don’t add to the confusion, don’t mix apples and oranges (like confusing me and what I am doing with what David Straight is doing), and don’t assume anything.  




 I have a young man who works with me who made the effort to document everything I have ever told him for himself.  

He went out and read the primary sources, the law dictionaries, the case law, the public records, the American History books that are still to be found, American Jurisprudence, The Excellence of the Common Law…. and when he was done, he came back and has been working for the Federation of States ever since.  

This is not because of me, it’s because of him.  

The only way for you to be sure about any of this, is to research it and read it for yourselves— and that is a long hard commitment.  

Still, I have enough faith in the commitment and discipline of our military to believe that when your own safety and well-being, and the safety and well-being of your families, your States, and your country are at stake, you will do what he did. Learn. Think. 

… we will all be on the same page and hopefully moving forward at the same speed.  

Sunday, May 21, 2023 By Anna Von Reitz #4185 Excerpt 


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