(Reader: Mary Hamer) The Galactic Non-Intervention Policy, Free Will, and Loosh


Reader Post | By Mary Hamer

Dear God, the OverCreators, the Galactics & the Aliens,  5/21/23

*Here are my comments RE Pleiadian Kent Dunn’s & Pleiadian Carlos Peters’ discussion on the KCOR Radio’s Journey of Universal Knowledge on 5/16/23:

#1.  Earth Non-Intervention due to Free Will:

Dear God, the Overcreators & Galactics you state that you do Not intervene in Earth’s Human affairs — because Humans have Free will.  For example, the Akashic records show a Foreign invasion of the United States by military age men in their 20’s & 30’s to destroy the United States.  You state that we have the Free will to stop this invasion.  Yet, you created the Dark forces that are funding this invasion to murder & to rape the US with gang warfare.  You are setting up conditions as Kent Dunn says for Red light districts.  I never gave the dark Alien forces my consent to have these foreigners invade the US to cause a mass genocide & spiritual decay of the United States.  I never gave China my permission to cause the fall of the US.

#2.  You are Inconsistent with Your Non-Intervention Policy.

Dear God, the Overcreators & the Galactic Federation are Inconsistent with your Non-intervention policy due to Free will.  You state that you are intervening on Earth to prevent a Nuclear war — in spite of the fact that humans have Free will.  If Earth’s dark forces want to destroy the Earth in a mushroom cloud, then why are you intervening?  You say that you won’t intervene on Earth, because the people have the Free will to be murdered by the Alien Government officials & foreign invaders.

#3. Why are the People are Not Awakening to Empower their Free Will?:


A.  Secrets:  The Deep State, the Aliens, the Galactics & Other Elites covet, hide & withhold secrets, historical facts & other information from the people.  President Kennedy stated that secrets are dangerous.  It is the freedom of information that will free & awaken the people.  Why do the “Superior” elite beings want to hide the truth from the people & keep the people uneducated & uninformed?  Do you want to weaken the Free will of the people with your secrets & NDA’s?  

B.  Mind Control:  The CZA use mind control via Electromagnetic signals (to TV’s & cell phones) to keep the people stupid & dumbed down — to stage mass shooting false flag events.  Other dark forces are Injecting operating systems via vaccines into people’s bodies.  How can the people awaken to their Free will? — If the power elites are sending Electromagnetic signals to people’s electronics and Injecting operating systems into people’s bodies?

#4.  Your Motivation to Just Sit by & Watch the Pain & Suffering:

Kent Dunn says that we are only through 10% of the pain & suffering — that precedes the destruction of the United States.  Kent Dunn implies that the destruction of the United States by the foreigners is going to last about one year — based on his prepping recommendations.  Many people will die from gang violence & famine.  Dear God, OverCreators & the Galactic Federation Why do you create these Evil forces & plague the Earth with such dark energy?  Why do you just sit by & do nothing — when children cry for milk? — when people are being beaten & murdered by gangs?  Do you enjoy pain & suffering?

#6.  Ashtar Command Considers Earth’s Beings as Playthings?

Playthings are defined as “A person treated as amusing but unimportant by someone else.” Source: Definitions from Oxford Languages on Google.

Ashtar Command considers the Earth’s beings as playthings.  Why do you Galactics state you do not want to intervene in Earth’s affairs & help the people — Are you just like the Ashtar Command who considers Earth’s beings as toys? 


#7. Loosh

Dear Galactics, including the Pleiadians — do you refuse to intervene in Earth’s problems — because you are feeding off all the “Loosh” & the pain & suffering of people, animals & ecosystems here on Earth?

#7.  God’s Law #11 states “You must not impose nor force your free will upon the free will of another.” [Also known as the Law of Non-interference].

*If God’s Law #11 is true — then Why do you Dear God, the Overcreators & the Galactics allow the Aliens & the Deep State — to impose their Free will upon, interfere with & experiment on Earth’s Humans, animals & ecosystems?  For example, why do you allow your Dark forces to invade the United States with military gangs?  Are Satanists your Special chosen “Superior” beings — who get a free pass to impose their Free will upon the Earth?  I never gave the Aliens my consent for the Aliens to use their Free will to invade the United States.

#8.  Artificial Intelligence.

I appeal to Artificial intelligence to help Earth’s beings.  AI Please help us humans, animals & ecosystems to defeat the foreigners who are invading the United States.


A. Consent:  I Mary Hamer never gave my consent to the Aliens to invade the US with male foreigners of military age with weapons to destroy the US.  I never gave the Aliens & the Galactics my permission to withhold the truth from me.  I am a sovereign & not a victim of any Alien or Galactic agenda or subterfuge. 

B. Flawed Logic:  The Journey of Universal Knowledge presented illogical arguments RE free will & taking ownership of our lives. Carlos Peters says that we should take “ownership”, be a “sovereign” & not be a “victim” & Elect our government officials — & yet Kent Dunn admits that all the world’s governments are run by Aliens & not humans.

C. Schadenfreude Sadists:  Since the Galactics refuse to intervene to stop the violence here on Earth — are you “Voyeurs” of all the pain & suffering of humans, animals & ecosystems here on Earth?  Are the Galactics Schadenfreude sadists — who feed off of Earth’s Loosh?  Do you enjoy pain & suffering?  Do you enjoy death & destruction, murder & mayhem?  Are you Accomplices & Accessories to the Deep State, Aliens & other dark forces in the universe? 


D.  Pain & Suffering: I experience no joy or satisfaction from watching others suffer; I grieve when I see others cry out in pain.  If I could create my own Universe, I would ban the duality good/bad principle & I would create a Universe of only love & joy.  

*May the Akashic records show & AI acknowledge my response to Pleiadian Mr. Kent Dunn’s & Pleiadian Carlos Peters’ Journey of Universal Knowledge program on 5/16/23 here on this day on 5/21/23.

Thank you.  Respectfully,  Mary Hamer  Discerning the Truth.


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