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(Reader) TruthIsUnbreakable’s latest article spells out, in general detail, what many of us have been saying for years now. Do I have to mention, again, however, for the millionth time, that the parasites in charge of the planet have literally armies of order following, brainwashed, jack-booted thugs in uniforms with all of the bells and whistles of armaments of war attached to their bodies in which to implement their Agenda onto the population. Nothing has changed. The Alliance/White Hats are helping to dismantle the world we once new, helping the Dark Hats continue the destruction of America. Political figures are still parasites and are still in control of the narrative here in AmeriChina. Like I’ve said before many times, the incredibly painful realization that the World Wars that were fought are just illusions of victory. The only winners are the controllers. 

People we think we can trust are the ones actually helping the dark side, knowing full well that the useless DOJ and SCOTUS and all the other alphabet agencies don’t recognize The Constitution even though they swear by it. It’s a complete joke. Juan O’Savin seems to think we can fix this whole mess by “doing this by the book’…LMAO…. It’s not going to work. The system is broken and corrupted to the core. YOU CAN’T FIX A BROKEN SYSTEM WITH A BROKEN, CORRUPTED SYSTEM FULL OF TRAITORS.

There are some seriously delusional people out there with clout. People like me don’t buy into narratives just because so and so says something. The proof is clear as crystal. America has fallen. Our country is not ours, it’s China’s. We, now, have to rise from the ashes of bullshit…and we haven’t even hit bottom yet. We haven’t even had the gut punch yet and we’re already down for the 8 count. Liars to the left, liars to the right. Every which way you turn there’s another lie. MSM is still spewing crap. The small trickle of truth coming out is like trying to stop a cut artery with a toothpick. Even though there are approximately 1.5 million armed Americans on edge, we’re hopelessly outgunned. The order followers have bigger and better weapons. We’re like cavemen with spears, rocks, and clubs by comparison. If we the people rise up against the beast we will lose. We can only protect our homes and families the best we can from the invading hordes of migrants. We can’t confront a military that is not on our side. That is suicide. 

Order followers are the #1 threat. Period. The controllers don’t get their hands dirty. That’s the bottom line. 

The order followers are in every facet of society and make up the fabric of this world. The devil did his homework this time around and is bound and determined to win this. The devil lined up all the ducks in a row and now is pushing harder every time we push back. When push comes to shove, I’m not so sure the people here in this country can handle it because they’re too damned busy watching America’s Got Talent or some other distraction like video games or woke ideological bullshit to be concerned about serious issues like world domination. The dumbing down strategy that Marxism uses to turn decent societies into Socialist/Communist/Fascist/Authoritarian/Totalitarian/NWO/dystopian wastelands has worked brilliantly. That is a fact of life. To say that “The worst is yet to come” is still very much alive and on course, of course. 

The bottom line: If the order followers can’t be defeated, we will not win this. 

Order followers are in every facet of society, every country, every village, every town, every court, every law enforcement agency, every government, every religious institution, and literally anything you can think of…even the Alliance/White Hats, even your neighborhood, grocery stores, farmlands, trucking lines, railway, military, medical, big pharma, all corporations and even small businesses…literally everywhere. 


If the military is the only way, then we’re in deep shit. There are two militaries, one good, one bad, supposedly. Both are corrupted. It’s as clear as crystal. If you’re waiting for Christ to come and save us, you’re as delusional as the rest. We are supposed to be the ones we’ve been waiting for. How’s that working out? We’re facing years ahead of us in this battle. Personally, I think the gut punch is the realization that we are years away from this being over. 

Bottom line: everything I just said. 



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