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Reader Post | By KS Patriot

I agree 1000% on every point! I believe I said many months ago how this is Exactly what would happen. But these So Called White Hats have PROVEN they insist on believing THEY are far more intelligent than Any of Us Peons, While yet alternatively, Proving, how Some of we Peons, are inherently more intelligent than they are. I’m not the Only one who made such statements either. There were several of us. Which again, leads me to ask, ARE these So Called White Hats the ones who should be leading Humanity in the future?

I, like you, have spoken to several people who ALL agree with us as to how FED UP we All are about these so called White Hats and their Stupid ass approach to the whole situation! I’ve watched a couple of videos of Conservatives that went to POTUS’s last “Event”, and can hear from them as well as to just how many of what USED to be their Base of support are all Fed Up and DONE with these White Hats on Everything! There will be No One LEFT to guide along the “Normies” after this supposed “Big Event”, because these White Hats Still REFUSE to PROVE A SINGLE THING TO ANYONE about ANYTHING they keep Claiming! Proving that there is absolutely Zero Difference between Their CLAIMS with No Provable Evidence and the DS’s Claims against Trump over the whole Russia Collusion ordeal! No One who WE ALL KNOW is full well Guilty as sin for Major Crimes of every sort IS EVER PROSECUTED for the whole world to see! So Why would ANYONE with half a brain cell Keep Believing THIS NEW SET OF LIARS? Because at THIS POINT, That is All they are PROVING Themselves to be. Just a NEW SET OF LIARS that NOBODY BELIEVES ANYMORE!

We are all Fed Up with hearing how This TRAP is SET, or That Trap is set, or how This person HAS “TAKEN THE BAIT”, or how we should all just keep “Trusting the Plan”! Not ONE SINGLE Person they still Claim to have done this heinous crime has been prosecuted for the whole world to see and people just Turn Away in DISGUST now at the mere MENTION of “Q” or Anything Related to “Q”! These So called White Hats, can keep Convincing Themselves that the Masses are With them, but REALITY in the Actual Real World says Entirely different when you can’t even SPEAK of this stuff without people looking at you like a Fool with disgust in their face as they walk away from you! And YET, They STILL, Sit and wonder WHY people Won’t Wake Up????? How STUPID ARE THEY?? You CANNOT, Whisper something to someone standing 500 yards away from you and wonder Why Didn’t they hear you! But that’s the WH’s Approach to all of this supposed “Slow Waking” Devolution BS! They’re clearly not smart enough to fathom the concept that “Normies” AREN’T WATCHING MSM and have NO CLUE as to WHAT THEY SHOULD BE WATCHING FOR!  I can just browse thru Some MSM to see what is being pushed out to the “Normies” by the DS and compare That, to what these so called WH’s are Supposedly Pushing out as Intel to Wake Up the “Normies” and it is truly DISGUSTING to watch! And it’s No Wonder why the “Normies” aren’t moving at all! It’s so bad, that even what USED to be Millions of Patriots, are DONE with the White Hats and ALLLLL of their Lies and Bullshit because NOTHING EVER COMES of ANY of their BS Claims and accusations except for the Real World getting worse by the day for All of us! So WHY, would Anyone in their right mind, believe there is Any such White Hat forces “IN FULL CONTROL” of Anything?? At the comparison of what the DS puts out on MSM and what Snipets these WH’s keep Saying they’re putting out but never Proving to Anyone, is a giant MindFart! So they can keep Fooling themselves all they like. We in the real world interacting with Other Patriots on a daily basis, Know full well that the Millions that Used to Support the WH’s 100% ARE DONE WITH THEM and their Lies and BS!

So, I hope they don’t still think that Trump will win his next election by the “Landslide” he WOULD HAVE at one time NOW! Because too many are done with this whole BS HOAX/PSYOP entirely! And for That, there won’t be Anyone to BLAME, but the WH’s THEMSELVES for Never PRODUCING FACTS AND PROOF OF ANYTHING about ANYTHING! 

So and so Military Tribunals and Executions…………..Prove it! So and so crimes of Pedophilia……..Prove it! So and so crimes of Treason………..Prove it! So and so crimes of Mass Genocide……..Prove it! So and so is a Reptilian/Actor/Clone……….PROVE IT ALREADY!!             PROVE SOMETHING for God’s Sake already! WE THE PEOPLE are Sick and Tired of Hearing The Storm is Coming and IT NEVER GETS HERE!! WE THE PEOPLE are FED UP With All Your alls CLAIMS WITHOUT PROOF OF ANYTHING!!

I Know I’m NOT ALONE in feeling this way and I Won’t be the Last one Speaking on the matter either! I’ve said it Before,,,,,,,,,,Many,,,,,,,,,Many,,,,,,,MANY TIMES and NOW,,,,,,,,there are THOUSANDS if not MILLIONS of us Saying PROVE IT! PUT UP OR SHUT UP!

If you WH’s Are NOT GOING TO DEFEND AND PROTECT THIS COUNTRY AS IS YOUR OATHES AS WELL as those in Congress that the Brunson’s are filing Suits against to the SCOTUS,,,,,,,,the Very LEAST you could do is TELL US so that WE THE PEOPLE Will Once and For ALL of Humanity KNOW WHERE OUR OWN MILITARY ACTUALLY STANDS!! YOU ALL,,,,,,,,,Keep claiming how it’s YOU ALL who are in Total Control of EVERYTHING,,,,,,,,,,,So all this long Drug out BS that is CAUSING MILLIONS TO KEEP DYING IS ON YOUR HANDS NOW!! YOUR HANDS!!! NOT THE DS’s, BUT YOU ALL!! YOU CONTROL WHEN,,,,,,,,,,,,Each and Every EVENT Happens that Drives all of this “Event Driven” BS!! That makes Every single BAD HAPPENING now on YOUR HANDS and NO ONE ELSE! The DS was Responsible for what DID HAPPEN for Decades and Centuries because THEN,,,,,,,,,,,THEY were “In Control”! But NOW,,,,,,by YOUR OWN ADMISSIONS Multiple Times,,,,,,,,YOU’RE IN CONTROL! So That Puts it all on YOU ALL!


Signed, Reader KS


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