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Reader Post | By KS Patriot

Had another long discussion with a Truther friend of mine today and thought I would pass along our thoughts. 

Nothing is being achieved at this point except the prolonging of agony. People are “awake” or aware of the disaster that is their life now. If they are not aware/awake by now, it isn’t going to happen.  Friends and family dead or debilitated and if they were jabbed also, they are just waiting for their own health to fail. They’ve lost their jobs, their health, their houses. Groceries, if they can afford them, are 3x the cost they were 2 years ago and now heavily contaminated with poisons and even mRNA. But they have to eat. Everyone is sick, stressed, unhappy and just trudging thru life. No chance of working for a better life, they are just trying, at this point, to keep the one they have. No vacations, travel is a nightmare and a risk. Anything you say will offend someone, somewhere. They wake up in the morning and think of how they will get through the day, just the basics…can I afford to eat, who will get sick or die today, will my business fail, will I lose my job, will I lose my house, will I lose my retirement?

How often do you hear laughter anymore? Do you laugh during the day? Do you see anyone happy? 

Then on top of just their daily drudgery, they are getting hit from right and left with a fire hose of disasters. Air, water, food contamination, threat of war with Russia, China, Syria, train derailments spilling toxic waste everywhere, animals dying, food production blowing up and burning down, weather manipulation decimating entire cities and counties, leaving more people homeless. Hundreds of thousands of migrants spilling across our borders, Good people who speak up are thrown in jail never to be seen or heard from again, while gang members, murderers, rapists are let free without even having to pay bail. Voting doesn’t matter; why bother. Taxes being raised to provide phones, cash and health care to fighting age alien men crossing to our country while our children and veterans rot homeless on streets covered in feces and syringes. Billions given to Ukraine to be laundered back to the Elite in power.  A “:justice” system that protects abusers and child protective services that give the children to them to do as as they want. Banks failing and a digital Deep State that will soon control ALL our money. You can’t trust your doctor, your hospital, your medication or your cops. What is fake and what is real? There is so much, I cannot even list it all.

People are tuning it out. They are turning inward and just becoming desensitized to all of it. The corrupt Biden family pay for play was just exposed and no one cares, they know nothing will happen to them, that there will be no justice. They know that they cannot do anything about it, they cannot stop them from taking their money with the new digital currency plan. They are aware or awake, but they are just beaten down. So tired. So tired of trying, of fighting, of waiting and not seeing anything happen to anyone that is corrupt or evil. Truthers can see the glimpses of what is going on behind the scenes as we know what to look for now. Any of us who didn’t immediately know that the female that interviewed Trump last night was actually a guy, would have to be blind. But even for us, we have reached the state of awareness, but also the state of numbness. We see it, we know it, but it never happens in front of the Normies. We keep waiting but even we have reached the stage of “yeah right”. We also just do our daily effort and think…someday. We’ve been told for years now, it will happen next week, on this “Big” important date, this month in the future, only to see it pass HUNDREDS of times now, with no exposure. 

I don’t know what the good guys are waiting on, and I still have the faith that they have good reason to continue to prolong this hell each day has become, but if they are waiting for people to wake up, that time has passed. People are struggling to get through their own day, let alone what is happening around them. They are giving up. They see no justice, things are only getting worse daily at a rapid pace. There is so much awful depressing stuff going on, they can no longer even process it all and just tune it out. What can they do about it  anyway? They no longer care, even if they ever did. Even if they’re not awake, they are immune to what is going on around them. Their own personal space is so bad, that daily battle is almost more than they can handle. 

They are sick. They are tired. They are defeated. They don’t care because they see nothing changes except to get worse. Hope has disappeared and despair has taken it’s place. 


If the White Hats thought this would bring out the fight in the masses, they maybe made a big miscalculation. Yes, everything is finally being exposed in this daily fire hose of information….but do the masses even take notice?

KS Patriot


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