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Reader Post | By timjoebob

Yes, I’m gearing up for battle. Living in Commiefornia (formerly California) has become a very serious situation thanks to the Communist in charge, Gash Nuisance, a full-blown CCP whore, a reincarnated Babylonian demon possessed entity disguised as a human and the obvious CCP puppet, creepy Joe O’Biden. 

Contrary to popular belief, Cali is mostly conservative. That is a fact that is as suppressed as it gets. If you’re a liberal living in this state, you’ll feel right at home…until you find out the truth that Communism is the Devil himself. But, for some liberals slobbering and foaming at the mouth and from their backsides, they’ll be singing praises for the newbies that will be invading the four main states that the invaders will be pouring into—–Cali, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas. 

This is going to go kinetic like I’ve said many times before. If those stupid and dumb as fence posts political scumbags think we conservative minded and freedom loving folks here in this great state are just going to sit by in neutral position while being thoroughly screwed by the likes of those invaders, they’re even far more stupid than I thought. There WILL BE blood spilled and death and destruction. It might take a day or two before the scumbags reach Northern Cal, but you can rest assured that we’re ready, and have been ready, for three full years now. 

You can’t ‘love’ these invaders into peacefulness. You can’t offer them shelter and food and water without destroying your life in the process. It doesn’t work that way. The invading hordes want what we have worked our whole lives for. They want it all. They don’t want to integrate. Their intent is to kill us. It’s now more obvious than at any time in history. America is falling like a shooting star. 

How glorious. How pathetic. The White Hats know very well that the states of Washington, Oregon, CA, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas are sacrifice zones. Oh well, collateral damage. 

The White Hats are in control of destroying these states. You’ll forgive me if I speak lowly of the so-called Alliance. Instead of protecting the innocent, they have done everything in their power to push their Agenda. We’ve all been stabbed in the back for an Agenda. 

Communism is alive and doing quite well as the proof is glaringly obvious. It doesn’t matter if it looks like the whole world is waking up. The proof is in your face. It won’t change a thing. Waking up is one thing, but not everyone is going to fight to the death to save the world from evil just because they’re awake, now that it’s too late. 


While playing politics in political buildings or somewhere in some studio, political entities lie and cheat and devour this country while all the time telling us to trust the plan. LMAO. This has now become a joke. 

This is the plan: Take over and rule.

The ‘plan’ is just a plan to install a new government. Again, LMAO. 

New government…new rulers. 

We don’t need nor do we want new government. We need ZERO government. 

We need decent, honest people to do clerical work. We need decent, honest people to facilitate the needs of the people. We need decent, honest people in this country, not foreign nationals. Governments are evil to the core. Remember, government means mind control. Period. End of discussion. Politicians are parasites. Period. End of discussion. 

We need a new world, not just a makeover. 


I’m sorry, I’m ranting again. I tend to get a little edgy when I know for a fact that I’ll probably be engaging in combat very soon with foreign invaders. Most, if not all, will be in plain clothes. Discernment will be on high alert. If I die protecting my castle, so be it. My conscience is clear.

Live free or die.



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