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The Counterfeiting Fraud [court info]

When something is passed off as something else, we call it a counterfeit whatever-it-is, or a “knock off”,  meaning that someone has created a copy of something and abused trademarks and copyrights to make it look like the genuine item produced by another manufacturer.  

There are other forms of counterfeiting, that include most of the Substitution Schemes we have generally discussed.  The incorporated foreign businesses substituted for our American States of States are a good example.  They are counterfeiting and substituting their States of States for ours.  

This is apparent in the fact that the only discernible difference between “the State of Wisconsin’ and “The State of Wisconsin” is the capitalization — or not — of the Definite Article. 

The same thing applies to the counterfeiting of currency issued against our credit and assets by the Perpetrators of these incorporation and substitution schemes.  

There are numerous issues of extremely similar paper bills, all green, all very similarly engraved, all seemingly representing “United States” currency of some form or other, all seemingly issued by some form of “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” Incorporated.  These bills vary considerably in their actual nature and value and issuance, but they are all assumed to be of equal value and identical in the marketplace, even though some are objectively counterfeit. 


A twenty dollar Silver Certificate worth over $400 in silver redeemable from the actual Treasury Window still trades as the equivalent of a twenty dollar UNITED STATES DOLLAR worth less than one cent, unless we add the cost of printing it.  

One of the reasons that the Perpetrators want to stop printing cash money is that it costs more to print it than it’s actually worth, so they are losing money on the printing costs, even if they are allowed to increase the purported “National Debt” with it.  

These are all forms of counterfeiting and more generally, substitution schemes, that are ubiquitous throughout the activities promoted by the two Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia. 

These schemes, however corrosive they are in the longer term, are not usually what the word “counterfeiting” brings to mind, which definitely involves skilled engravers working long hours to produce exact copies and obtain specialized papers and inks to duplicate genuine bills issued by legitimate governments — not foreign, for-profit corporations. 

Regrettably, thanks to the Great Fraud indulged in by our Federal Employees and the non-disclosure and breach of trust exercised against their unwitting Employers, no such genuine bills issued by the American Government exist.  Our currency remains the United States Silver Dollar and now, the gold-backed American Federation Dollar. 

Thus, all the paper dollar bills that have been populating everyone’s wallets since Lincoln’s Greenbacks, are counterfeit.  They are private bank scrips produced by foreign for-profit commercial corporations and have nothing whatsoever to do with the actual American Government or any authority delegated to the Territorial or Municipal United States Subcontractors, yet everyone in the world presumes that all these Federal Reserve Notes of various kinds and generations are “our” currency. 

… when Barack Obama entered office, we witnessed a crime of classic counterfeiting on an unimaginable scale: he ordered that engraving plates, papers, and inks, direct from the United States Mint, be shipped offshore to various foreign locations and authorized the foreign governments to print Federal Reserve Notes at will.  


The result has been the production of trillions of dollars-worth of Federal Reserve Notes printed offshore in China and other locations around the world and all foisted off as “our” domestic currency by the same incorporated Municipal Corporations that have either created or allowed all the rest of the criminality.  

There are a few uncirculated paper bills in existence that are, at least arguably, valid for use as an American currency, including the Kennedy Dollars backed by American Silver Assets and approved by both Marcos and JFK days before the Kennedy Assassination.  Similarly, there are “The Uncut” gold-backed American dollars funded by gold investment receipts, that are sitting in warehouses all over the world, ready to be released. 

The Perpetrators know that only our American Government can issue those bills against our physical assets, and they struggle mightily to make sure that the General Public remains unaware and unable to participate in the world economy. 

…  the American people, who actually own everything in sight, have been entrapped by their own employees acting as Undeclared Foreign Agents and forced to buy everything in-house and limited by their undisclosed illegal foreign occupation to buying and using their products at their prices in collusive and corrupt restraint of trade —and so, Americans have been forced to use the Perpetrator’s private bank scrip under the force of Legal Tender Laws and effectively prevented from running their own Mint and Treasury functions by our own employees.  

We wish for the immediate release of the uncut Kennedy Dollars and the Uncut Gold Dollars to help ease the transition to a new and we hope, far better, economy in this country and the world.

We wish for the release via our Federation Treasury of the United States Gold Eagle coins we ordered from the United States Mint in October of last year. 

We wish for an immediate understanding that the American Federation Government, is the direct Delegator of the constitutionally delegated powers, and the Receiver of all powers and duties returned from the Federal Republic Government, including but not limited to the right and duty to run the United States Mint and to direct the production of credit-based notes and gold and silver coinage in behalf of the Several States. 

 Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary The United States of America … May 7th 2023            

 Source:  Anna von Reitz  Article # 4163;  First discovered: Paul Stramer – Lincoln County Watch 



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