Thomas Anderson: Info Flash for May 6, 2023


Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on May 6, 2023

INFO Flash

Dear Readers

before I start with the summary of the last 4 weeks, let me say,
it has been remarkably calm.
of course there were those incidents of the daily madness in politics,
but there was nothing really substantial, nothing of importance.
so please excuse therefore, that the following might not be something
of weight and importance for your decision-portfolio,
it will just be… a summarization
not more
not less

technically seen this picture shows one of the most important finds in the last decades
this is obviously a stone outside
and inside an electric copperwired circuit.
but… with 4 insetad of 2 contacts.
as we know today generally there are 2 contacts, PLUS and MINUS
in this case there are 4 contacts visible.
this might be related to the findings of Edvard Leedskalnin, who spoke about
an electric current and a magnetic current.

as said earlier also the Dalai Lama is among those people  of whom we should take care at a later point of time for their special interests…

mRNA vaccines can be taken over normal digestion
this is what MIT now confirmed
whether this is true or not I can not tell
it is alarming anyway
and that more and more sources speak about those things within our food chain
is even more alarming
and very actual
and also

its different today…

Biden ended all vaccine related measures
and I am VERY sure that the big thing is going to come soon…
again there was some more detail about Mike Obama being a man
which we meanwhile know but still is disgusting to me
not because they live like they live
shall they
but to betray the American and worldwide public with this in a position like
Barrack Hussein was in is disgusting and awful
while at the same time the Biden-Actor had trouble with his mask…
the exchange of white peoples against other colored is in full swing
not only in Germany
not only in Europe
but also in the US
so if you hear something about this topic and matter,
don’t be fooled, do not think that is not your business
if you don’t believe, open your eyes
if you don’t see it with open eyes, work on your judgment of what you see
it is all in plain sight
nothing hidden anymore
the numbers are HUGE
do not think this happens “just so”
there is a plan for this
there always was a plan for this
see my last postings here on this website regarding the 4 plans for Germany
when those plans were made public decades ago, other countries jumped on the train
and were happy to receive billions of dollars and euros from the German tax payer victim
the highways and high speed trains in Europe were built with this money
the Greek, Spanish, Italian farmers lived great from this money
the Chinese still today get third world development funding from Germany.
TODAY! Today, where a visit to China gives you the feeling that Europe is still in the Middle Age…


another really disgusting thing is the exhibition for paedo art in Paris
when I see those pictures, I cant find words for my anger
we have another pandemic
this time its an infodemic
what is an infodemic?
too much information with too many independent opinions
solution: censorship!
therefore it is only logic that from now on its official:
every communication on the internet, email, chat etc is monitored and prosecuted eventually
yes, I think you should see this and think about it
a short movie about nearly 800 celebreties who fell under “sudden death”
now think:
if these are only celebreties and there is this high number of deaths among them,
what is about all those who do not have a job on television and therefore are not filmed by coincidence in the moment of their sudden death,
with is improbable enough for itself.
if you ever fall in a situation with a discussion of climate crisis and that it is necessary to reduce CO2…
Science says:
Atmosphere contains:
78% Nitrogen
21% Oxygen
1 %  noble gases
0,04 is CO2
out of this CO2 96% is controlled / produced by nature and 4% is man made
that makes 0,0016% CO2 being manmade
out of these 0,0016 % manmade CO2  1,76% of that is made by Germany
that is 0,000028% of total CO2
this is less than 1/1000 %
and because of reducing this 0,000028% by 1 or 2% = 0,0000 0028%!!!
the german government wants to shut down the most important parts of german economy
we should all be aware of the official governments position and calculation being total nonsense!
there are many posts within my channel about the banking crisis
and this is becoming more and more
and there are also many posts about the currency reset
which is also developing behind doors and here and there we get some hints of what will come
including national bank accounts for everyone, gold backed digital currency
fall of Bitcoin and others of that kind
I don’t want to post all the links here
however its worth to follow those throughout my channel in April if you are interested in that topic
Jurassic Park became true?
who knows
watch this.
do we have the right to speak out what we think?
of course!
but watch what happens next…
“44% of the people arrested by the French police in connection with the May Day demonstrations have been fired from their jobs…
Vive la democracy !!!”
last but not least a rather unimportant information:
“Britain has a new king”.


And for all who want to know more about the history of this Planet, the Secret Space programs and more…

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