(Reader: Logan B) Which Comes First?


Reader Post | By Logan B

Charlie Ward tells us EBS then RV. End of discussion. Even though everyone says Charlie heads the QFS team he himself says he is only a spokesman. 

Simon Parkes maintains the EBS won’t be a big deal. A few hotspot cities with no relation to the RV. 

Before the Q movement, White Hats and Trump got involved with the whole the black swan end of the world events triggering a worldwide EBS thing this was just going to be a peaceful little revaluation of a few currencies and some bond redemptions. There were only a few Dinarians, PP recipients, CMKX holders, farm, Native American and church claims, historic and Zim bond holders to quietly pay out done. Now it has become this worldwide juggernaut of millions of get rich quick schemers looking to make a fast buck. I am not talking about newbies who found their way to this site or MarkZ’s site but I derive this from MarkZ’s complaints of his email box constantly full of newbie questions who having gotten involved with this to make a quick buck who had no idea there was anything more to it. 

The Chinese Elders and St Germain was ready to peacefully get this done before the grey hats military generals got involved. They convinced the Elders to St Germain’s dismay that this could not be done without military intervention. 

I know Judy that the White Hat military is doing a wonderful job saving the children from satanic dickheads and were desperately needed but I am saying this could have been done post-RV quietly as it is quietly being done now. The grey hats were allowed to operate by the Galactics under the condition they do one thing quickly. Remove the dark controllers. The grey hats claim this is done by clone and body double replacements of leaders and minions with thousands of arrests, some form of imprisonment and execution of originals. The Galactics aren’t convinced this is the case or they would have landed by now. 

So what’s the holdup? The grey hats have been trained (brainwashed) from childhood that peace is ever only achieved through conflict hence the EBS that they have been trying to justify to us for years. 

Years ago when I first learned that the military got involved in this my gut reaction was this won’t be a good thing for us. My fear was confirmed when they said they had no intention of making poor slobs rich. By that time it was confirmed they were in complete control of this and still are. 


I know Goldilocks and others are excited that Nations and central banks are moving toward asset backing and blockchain but does any of that have anything to do with the QFS? 3D technology has existed for this for sometime now and the only reason Nations and banks are doing this is to save their own butts and care nothing about commoners. History has proven that fiat money naturally self destructs on it’s own without any outside influence. It is the nature of the beast. If the QFS was in control would it allow any Criminal transactions to still be executed? I don’t believe it could even if it had the ability to do it. When the QFS does take control all Criminal activity stops. This includes oil, medical bioweapons of all drugs, tainted food and water, all black ops and general military, EVERYTHING harmful to humanity and earth. The QFS was done doing what it needed to do for an instantaneous transformation from dark to Light a few seconds after it was brought here but was stopped from doing it. Think about that. 

Star Trek has shown us that 5D quantum technology can be used by 3D humans and Gene Roddenberry was told that only military one minded discipline would be able to use it and with Solar Warden and many other organizations that is secretly operating that is exactly what is happening. What do these secret operations do with that technology? For the most part not anything good which is exactly what the Galactics didn’t want us to do with it. Would ordinary people use RV or GESARA money to buy or quantum technology to replicate oil, weapons, harmful drugs and food to sell for profit? Of course not. So why do the Galactics think we would? 

Is the QAS even still there? I don’t want to scare anyone but the QAS has been around for millions of years and when it has been brought to a planet, not utilized and removed it has always meant disaster for the planet even to the point of destruction. It is the last solution for a planet. Either accept a timeline of Light and abundance or a timeline of dark and face slavery and possible destruction if the Light feels all hope is lost. In 2012 the question of which way are we going was proposed. Enough of us chose the Light to split the timelines one way or the other and saved us from being blinked out of existence on December 21st that the Mayans thought would happen. I don’t think we are completely out of the woods yet even though the Galactics tell us we have already won. For God’s sake if we have already won why aren’t they here on the surface to finish this already? 


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