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Time is like a river shaped like a doughnut; a toroidal field of infinity with infinite possibilities. If this is true, then anything we can imagine already exists, has been, or will be, given the fact, or possibility, of multiverses where every possible universe exists in infinite frequencies of different realities according to quantum thinking.

I always liked the theory or imagining of what it would be like to be able to slow your existing reality down, like a long boat on the river where you could jump off for a moment and check out the shore time reality and then jump back on before it passes you by.

The funny but interesting thing is that we’ve been here before many times. ‘Nothing new under the sun’ is the quintessential phrase we’ve heard before. If that is true, then we’re repeating over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again and again and again and again and again and again ad infinitum…and where it stops nobody knows. And, supposedly, every 26,000 + years the whole ball of wax starts again, but, supposedly, a little bit further up the ascension ladder we go.

Well, this is getting really, really, REALLY old…even infinity is getting boring, now. Just because our memories have been wiped, the FEELING of already “been here, done that” is still very fresh in and at the core of our being…our very existence since creation…we inherently know but we cannot explain HOW we know, we just know from a FEELING. I feel it. Do you? If you can, then it might give you a window in which to view a portion of my frustration and an explanation of why I rant so much. It’s like doing a job over and over again because you didn’t do it right. “YOU’RE NOT DOING IT RIGHT!”

Gee, I wonder why! Like I’ve said many times, we’re like a ‘wind-up toy’ that just runs into walls, furniture, people’s feet, pets, etc etc etc.

Oh, I know people will have a rebuttal on this but it still won’t change the facts of life. If the dark and sinister and dastardly are allowed to just proliferate beyond control, then everything falls at the feet of the force that is allowing it in the first place. End of discussion. Period. Now, you can debate this until the end of time. It won’t change a single thing. It’s like a a vinyl record that has a skip and repeat…the groove has a piece of debris stuck on it or it’s a damaged groove. Someone has to move the needle to skip over the bad groove so the music can continue on until the music stops at the end of the recording. Comprehensive description isn’t necessary, just an understanding of mechanics is simple enough.

Life is insane, because we’re insane. We keep trying to get somewhere using the same game plan and expecting a different outcome.


It will never stop until we really, truly, wake up to the fact that we’ve been duped and screwed for hundreds of thousands of years…maybe millions. At this point, who gives a flying rat’s ass? We just want our memories back so we can move forward and get out of this insanity. If we don’t know what causing the disease, we can’t cure it. That’s just basic intelligence.

So, here we are again looping back around the record approaching the skip again…the clogged or damaged groove coming up. It’s the all too familiar NDE that seems to never go away. It will be a NDE for those who survive but it sure as hell won’t be for the dead.

Time is shaped like a doughnut…like a torus. We are inexorably connected to it because we exist in time and space…at least we think we exist in time and space. But, do we really?

I think we’ve all been duped into thinking certain ways to further kick the can down the road. But, if we had our memories back, that would destroy the illusion that we think is reality. It’s becoming very apparent that more and more people are mentioning that we have to have a NDE so that we can stop the merry-go-round of insanity. Like I’ve said before, there’s a huge difference between a NDE and actually dying.

What’s it going to be this time around? Are we going to be able to stop the merry-go-round of the time-doughnut? No. The time-doughnut will be here until the Disappearance of the Universe. But, if we get past the skip in the groove, we can finally move forward towards our main objective—–full awakening as ascended masters.

It’s a compelling thought, don’t you think?




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