A Long Meditation on the Darkest of Topics


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Submitted on April 25, 2023

I had some thoughts about the possible inadvisability of casting adversity in the role of a teacher in our general thinking, and then had some follow up thoughts about how inadvisable those thoughts might be!

Because I think the whole journey of my thought development around this subject has some value (and might set off some insightful neurons of your own) I have included the first piece I was going to post in quotation marks following this paragraph, followed directly by the thoughts that led me to question that first line of thinking. Though it’s long, I hope it has enough insight to hold your attention.

“I think it is possible there is an ego trap, possibly based on insensitivity in entertaining and recycling the idea that all negativity and pain serves us in the Grand Scheme of Things. I don’t know … But this is my thinking at the moment …

Here is the central paradox of speaking about this topic.

It is quite possible (some would say it is undeniably so) that pain and the agencies that are responsible for visiting it on us in all its soul-draining, despair-breeding, heart, hope and spirit crushing forms have a role to play in our evolution – as they pursue their own ends.

However, the ultimate (and I would venture to say only) outcome and realisation this ‘soulmaking’ exercise leaves us with is the unshakeable view that such forms of pain and those responsible for spreading them should be extracted from this universe and placed were they can no longer harm anyone, along with the very certain knowledge that this is the best thing that could possibly happen for every sentient being everywhere.


We intuitively grasp there are better ways to learn, grow and develop.

Consider, we really have absolutely no idea whatsoever whether pain to the level we have and do experience it was ever intended to have any kind of role in our development or that it is not through some radical (but allowed) fluke of the omniverse it appeared.

And so either because the agencies responsible for it have seeded the thought or because it is our nature to make the best of things, the idea of it having value in our development has gained traction.

I am suggesting here that we not be so keen to circulate the idea of the positive value of pain just because it sews everything up in a neat philosophical package for our understanding – especially (which is probably the case) if we are enjoying the advantage of not struggling in the context of its worst challenges personally, and can therefore allow our mind briefly to expand into some sense of the overall rightness of things.

Let’s simply be happy to say we are familiar with the idea and it may be so but the jury is still out as far as we are concerned.

This doesn’t stop anyone from valuing their own challenging experiences for what they have taught them of course, but hopefully, without falling into the trap of lacking the imagination to entertain the possibility the universe could have achieved the same aim in less distressful ways.

I think what I am getting at here is it is better not to be automatically ok with the seed thought going into your subconscious that pain is any way useful to either you or a fellow soul. A cautious agnosticism on the matter is healthiest – imho.”


Ok, that is far as I got and then a thought occured to me: what if the best and most productive way of enduring pain when it has its talons in your life is to take it as a teacher and search yourself, and perhaps ask for help in discovering, what it is meant to be doing or teaching, what its possible ‘gift’ might be …

I don’t know, but I do know it is very natural in such circumstances to pull out all the stops in seeking healing and an end to it, and clearly investigating its possible role as a teacher is surely one of those stops.

In closing I would like to tell you about a book I came across some time ago and due to the density of the material have never actually read properly but have given it my best. It is Kathleen Raine’s The Human Face of God, and I opened it because (at the time) I was really interested and intrigued by William Blake’s thinking, his overall ideas concerning man and the universe and my intuition told me if anyone knows Blake’s world inside out it would be KR.

I think I have learned enough from my selective dipping into the book to satisfy myself re WB’s perspective, but more valuable to me was KR’s encapsulation of the message of the book of the Job – I think she was right on target, so I am sharing it here.

The following is pure recollection on my part but everyone is fairly familiar with how Job’s world was completely devastated by losing his estates, his family and his health so that his world was pain epitomised.

How his friends relying on and coming from a background of their own personal knowledge had each their own suggestions how he should deal with his terrible situation and that one point Job himself starts making judgements based on his own aggrieved sense of the unfairness of things.

After an awe inspiring divine intervention that explains and answers nothing in terms of the complaints that were made and grievances aired but does (possibly because it was meant to) result in Job having a change of perspective to one embracing more humility, he makes a request that demonstrates this new disposition, afterwhich his condition improves as the faucet of blessings is turned back on again, and his world recovers.

The request he makes – and it might be the best prayer anyone could make in such circumstances – is:

Lord, please guide my thinking …



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