(Reader: Marilyn W) Questions we all have


Reader Post | By Marilyn W

Dear Good People, I saw this on Telegram, and would like to add my query to these  very questions.

The Status of our Nation: 4/19/2023

I think we deserve some answers from the White Hats directly for these questions as I think we deserve answers at this point. My husband and I are elderly and both of us need the healing of the med beds and we both could use the help of the funds that essentially have been stolen from us over the years by the Cabal.  

by Dobie Tejas

1. If you are in Control, why haven’t you taken over the Mass Media?

2. If you are in Control, why hasn’t FAKE Joe Biden & Harris not been Removed?

3. If you are in Control, why does CONGRESS still act like they are legitimately in session? How are they getting paid since Federal Reserve no longer prints money and US Inc is defunct?


4. If you are in Control, why haven’t you publicly announced the end of US Inc. ?

5. If you are in Control, why haven’t you announced NESARA / GESARA to the public?

6. If you are in Control, why haven’t you removed Gen. Milley and Sec of Def Austin?

7. If you are in Control, why haven’t we seen public arrests of cabal officials?

8. If you are in Control, why haven’t you fixed issues with our FIAT Currency?

9. If you are in Control, why are you promoting an Election in 2024 when you haven’t publicly resolved the problems of the 2020 and 2022 elections?

10. If you are in Control, why are you LYING to us, the American people, about everything, why not just come clean with us and expose it all now?  You’ve been kicking the can down the street for years and many of our Senior Citizens, MAGA and TRUTHER’s know this.


11. If you are in Control, why do you continue to let people die that could be saved by MedBeds?

12. If you are in Contril, who is in control of the QFS system? Who is making all the rules for it without consulting with us, We the People?

13. If you are in Control, why are we the last ones to get restitution from NESARA? Your mantra is America First, but in reality, its America Last.

14. If you are in Control, why is it that our Restitution will be paid out over 11 years? Many of our elderly that were affected the most won’t live that long, especially since you haven’t rolled out Med Beds for them to increase the longevity if their lives. Seniors 61 and older should receive their full payments up front.

15. If you are in Control, why let this charade go on? We deserve our Scooby Doo Moments to have the players of the Cabal unmasked.

16. If you are in Control, why haven’t you sent out StarLink kits to everyone so we can get off of crooked cabal owned public internet systems?

17. If you are in Control, why haven’t you made it clear to SCOTUS that they have committed TREASON by refusing to rule on Brunson -vs- Adams? Why haven’t they been held accountable?

Thank you for your consideration and please answer our questions.

Kind Regards, 

Marilyn W



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