The Creator


Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Thinker2, Contributing Writer

Submitted on April 21, 2023

The Creator

One mans God is another mans Devil.

You nay not like what I have to say on the subject, but please show me evidence to the contrary, not argument from your opinion. I already have an opinion, what I’m looking for is evidence. I’m open minded, are you?

The Gods have many names, because we have many beliefs, cultures, and languages:

Saturn = Satan (Latin) = El (Egyptian) = Zeus (Greek) = Ba’al (Hebrew) = Elohim (Jewish) = Father of all Gods = Sky / Thunder God

Sun by day = Apollo (Latin) = Ra / Re (Egyptian) = Helios (Greek) = Tammuz (Babylon) = Jesus (King James English)


Sun by night = Lucifer (Latin) = Set / Seth (Egyptian) = Poseidon (Greek) = Dagon (Babylon)

Moon = Diana (Latin) = Is / Isis (Egyptian) = Mary (Greek) = Semiramis (Babylon) = Dove (Symbol) = Mother of Apollo / Ra / Helios / Tammuz

Israel = Is – Ra – El = Trinity = Mother – Son – Father = Moon – Sun – Saturn

Father Time = Satan = Grim Reaper = Death = Black

Baby New Year = Apollo / Lucifer = Antichrist

The letter “J” is not found in Egyptian, Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Aramaic languages, “J” is found in the King James Bible (Jesus).

That you or I “worship” only one God, does not mean all other Gods have dropped dead. It means of the pantheon of Gods, we have selected one.


If you are OPEN, please allow me to introduce you to the Creator:

Sages / Wise-men have claimed for centuries that the Creator is Omnipresent, Omniscient, All Powerful, Eternal in a single word; “Infinite”.

Scientists claim the Universe / Multiverse is “Infinite”.

For both the Universe and Creator to be “Infinite”, they must be one in the same, because to separate an Infinite Creator from an Infinite Universe would eliminate the other.

We (people) have five or more senses, all of which are tuned to detect forms of energy (Sound, Light, Pressure, Oder, Taste, Thought).

Everything on the Periodic Table has Mass, all Mass is Energy (E = m · c²).

If you could ask a fish about water, the fish might say; “What water?” The fish only knows “water”, the idea of “no water” is beyond the fish’s comprehension.

This illustrated man’s comprehension of the Creator. What Creator?

We (people) are conscious energy fish swimming in an ocean of Energy (Creator). Creator = Energy = Infinity

There is nothing which is not Energy.


We are in the “image” of The Creator because we are made of the same stuff and we are Co-creators. Unfortunately this includes Satanists and Luciferians (delusional).

One point of all this is; God and Creator are not the same thing. God(s) are FINITE, The Creator is INFINITE. The Psychopaths have you worshiping their Gods, only you don’t know it (Bait & Switch). Crazy people don’t know they are crazy (CATCH 22).

One possible image of The Creator:

Peace, love, and blessings,

Thinker2 –


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