Steve Beckow: Even in the Midst of Clamor


Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

April 19, 2023

Even in the Midst of Clamor

Leaked Pentagon documents say that China has a hypersonic missile that can evade all existing U.S. Defenses. (1)

It seems to be uniquely given to us to be able to watch the unfolding drama with a degree of security and detachment; we know from our channeled sources that nuclear weapons will not work on Earth. Here is Archangel Michael for instance:

Archangel Michael: [Nuclear war] is not part of the shift, of the transition, of the ascension. It not part of the Mother’s Plan.

Oh yes, we are very clear, and we repeat again, and again, and again, we will not interfere with human free will. But there are certain situations in fact when there is an override when it means such devastation and, yes, for your Star Brothers and Sisters.

No, it is not simply like catching a baseball, or a basketball. It is, in human perspective, and even in Star perspective a difficult, tricky, necessary maneuver.


And it will be done, and continue to be done. But hear what I say in this declaration on behalf of the Mother/Father One: There will be no nuclear war. Period! (2)

The truth of this statement has been shown on national TV by events at Vandenberg Air Force Base and testified to by U.S. servicemen whose Minutemen ICBMs were neutralized by a spaceship. (3)

So the Chinese for their part have traded a lot of butter for a very few paper guns. And so have we.

But the noteworthy part is the amount of stress that people must be under who read this news and believe that we’re one step closer to having nuclear bombs rain down on us. They are probably one step closer to stress-related symptoms like short temper, anxiety, confusion, etc. So be prepared.

How near to a near-death experience do we need to get as a world?

I don’t want to overlook how this situation allows us to see the value of information. The people who think that nuclear threats are a clear and present danger will feel stressed and challenged. Those who know that nuclear bombs won’t work on Planet Earth any longer can sit back and watch, unaffected.

But unto whom much is given, much is asked in return. In my view, it’s up to us to tend to the stressed and spent. Having been deprived of much as conspiracy theorists, we’re now asked to do without to serve those who demeaned us. Truly it must take the best of the best, the strongest of the strong, the most compassionate of the compassionate.


Remember: We’re all angels. (4)


Nevertheless, the real action, for me at least, is happening internally. I’m amazed to find that, even in the midst of circumstances that sometimes are relentlessly busy, I can now maintain my connection to the love in my heart.  That is what I plug myself into and get filled up by.  (5)

Even when my heart is racing from so much happening, around me and in the world, I still feel the love rising from my heart.

Now that is news. Well, on my beat it is.

It may not make headlines, but the love that I feel, and that we’ll all feel in and after the Ring of Fire/Wave of Love, is more potent, more transformative than anything I can think of that we all hunger for – wealth, sex, comfort, satisfaction, you name it.

This development is good. Now I have love even in the midst of clamor.


(1) J.D. Heyes, “Leaked Pentagon documents indicate latest Chinese test of hypersonic missiles can evade all existing U.S. defenses,” Natural News, April 17, 2023 at

(2) “It means such devastation and, yes, for your Star Brothers and Sisters.” Apparently our nuclear explosions have caused tragedy, resulting in the fragmentation of “free spirits,” whose soul parts have had to be found and reunited. Here is the God of this universe (what Hindus would call the conditioned Brahman) speaking to Matthew Ward:


“Now then, Creator can make an exception to Its gift of free will, and a few decades back in your sense of time, It made this one: No soul may explode a nuclear weapon in space. The reason is, free spirits—souls so advanced spiritually and consciously that they don’t need a body—and souls traveling astrally have been shattered by nuclear blasts. This isn’t about bodies, which last but one lifetime—it is about souls, and they live eternally.

“Every soul is a part of Creator and in this universe, of me, and every one is valued equally and loved unconditionally. Each fragment of a shattered soul is vital, and searching for every one, then reintroducing those that are found to each other in the proper order of lifetimes until the entire soul has been perfectly reconstructed can take thousands of your years. The ongoing search for fragments will continue until every soul is once again whole and healthy—that is how important each soul is!

“In keeping with Creator’s exception, I told all civilizations in our universe with the technology to prevent detonation of nuclear warheads to do that. Of most interest to you, crews in your skies or my extraterrestrial children living in your midst have done this ‘a baker’s dozen’ times. I know there is chatter about a nuclear war—I assure you, there will not be a war—and the occasional threat of sending up a missile. That isn’t likely, but if it were managed, the warhead would be rendered as harmless as all its predecessors.” (God in Matthew’s Message, Dec. 1, 2022.)

Also see There Will be No Nuclear War for the World at

“AAM: There Will be No Nuclear War … Period,” September 5, 2017, at

Archangel Michael: What is happening [is that] the human collective is simply becoming, not overwhelmed, but exhausted with the violence.

And those who would use guns or weapons of destruction of any type are reaching a point where the perpetrators of such violence simply say, “No more.” So this is part of my undertaking, Sweet One. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, April 30, 2019.)

(3) See “UFO Destroys Vandenberg Missile – Prof. Robert Jacobs Testifies” at

and “Capt. Robert Salas – UFOs Shut Down Nuclear Missiles,” at

(4) See There Will be No Nuclear War for the World at


(5) Not from my partner, my children, my friends, but from my own heart – that’s where I get the greater part of love from.

A fountain of love flows in the open heart. It has always flowed there. Only our heart door, the hridayam, has been closed.

Why do I never tire of saying this? (Because that love sustains me.)


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