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April, 19th 2023 | #58

Hang on

We are going through one of the most trying times in history. Nothing is as it seems. Lines have been drawn, people are choosing sides between the upward spiral and downward spiral. If people still be lie ve the present administration in the US as well as most other countries are there to serve the people, God help you. It is going to be hard for even God/Creator/Great Spirit to fix this mess considering the free will, godless choices and actions being taken by the leaders of almost every institution. As one rises to the top of most institutions one has to compromise. Those at the top are usually those who are the most compromised. Service to self, the lust for power and wealth in most cases at the expense of Humanity and Nature is the modus operandi.

It is 2023, the governments and religious institutions have failed to bring us Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity. They and their agencies have failed to implement and maintain Universal Law. In fact, they have done everything opposite their mandates. Look at the crime, the poverty, the degradation of health and freedom. It is all on the downward spiral under the present leadership. Why? Why is there so much inhumanity? What is creating all the division, poverty, greed, the plagues and endless wars? Most are not ready for the truth. Most will continue to participate in their own slavery and demise up to the very end. The critical thinking, research and integrity impaired will continue to serve the morally challenged and corrupt to the last day even if it means the demise of themselves and their families. Some are so socially engineered they will march their own families to their inevitable demise. Cognitive dissonance has become epidemic. Many actually worship their enslavers.

When you look at most democratic run cities the crime, poverty levels, and moral decline is escalating along with the insanity of their leadership. The economy, the health and wellbeing of the people as well as their freedoms are all in decline. Yet they continue to vote democrat. There are also rinos that are lockstep with the democrats. The slogan to get elected is I will preserve this shit hole and it’s the other guys fault. In some democrat governed cities you cannot get a Uhaul. Why, because they are all leaving the cities. The Soros backed DA s are allowing crime to escalate with little or no consequences. In his own words Soros said one of his greatest accomplishments will be taking down America. He is one of the main sponsors of all the divisions pitting Americans against each other. BLM, Antifa, Open Borders are just a few of his organizations. How many politicians and organizations have taken money from Soros and the CCP, both sworn enemies of America? The global elite, and the CCP have installed puppets at the very top of many governments. The network is called the deep state. These people are integrity and morally challenged, most have sold their people down the river on a sinking barge they already looted. How did it get this way?

This is where you have to do your own research, put on your conspiracy hat. Most conspiracy theories are facts ahead of their time. The truly awake or enlightened to some degree are issuing warnings while the mainstream news and social media are doing everything possible to censor and discredit them.

I have experienced a lifetime of this as many. Conspiracy or not there have been malevolent forces seen and unseen operating on the Earth for 300 million years. There have been civilizations that have allowed these forces to infiltrate and infect them. The most recent recorded history was the fall of Atlantis. The Atlanteans became divided. There were those in self-service that worshiped technology and used that technology to control and dominate their people as well as others. It was overpower versus empower. There were those that operated under Universal Law, they were in service to others and wanted to help those less fortunate to rise to their highest potential. It is no different than today.


The actions against Universal Law, the abuse of power and the misuse of technology caused the fall. Yet what inspired that path? What took over the leadership at the highest levels and inspired them to act against Universal Law? The same influences from the past. These are the same influences that are creating all the divisions and againstness in religions, cultures, genders and color. They are the same influences behind the plagues and the wars throughout history. These unseen negative influences feed off the pain and suffering, those they have infected actually smile when they see the numbers of the sick, injured, and dead. They are the eugenicists, those pushing population reduction, 90% reduction according to their desires. They are the social engineers that get you to do their bidding with green new deals, 15 minute cities, you will own nothing and you will be happy with programs. Sounds good? Nothing is free.

Where do you think the money comes from? Where do the governments get their money? Who is paying for your free ride and what happens when no one is left to pay for it because they own nothing and are unhappy with the total loss of freedom? You will be forced to eat bugs, franken foods, and fake meat because the tyrants have destroyed the natural food supply with their toxic train derailments, MRNA injections and other poisonous additives introduced into the natural food supply. You won’t be able to travel to find safe natural food because you will be restricted to 15 minutes of travel with a camera watching your every move. Is this the life we want for America? Or is this the life the global elite, the CCP and the deep state want for America?

Now we are going down the rabbit hole. What are the forces behind the global elite, the CCP and the Deep State? What is inspiring the diversionary tactics, the abuse of power, the poverty, the sponsorship of plagues and wars. It is unseen, it is not human at the top. It is why there is so much inhumanity escalating as we speak. Could the demonic realms be real, the jinn, royal reptilians, dracos, tall greys and other dimensional unseen negative influences? Could this be the source of the major challenges and ills of humanity and the Earth. Could we be in an interdimensional war? Have the understandings and tools to deal with these forces been made available to us?

Are there benevolent forces helping us? Ascended Masters, Angelic beings, Spiritually and Technologically Advanced off world civilizations? Does the global elite, the CCP, the deep state, their social engineers in the mainstream and social media want you to know about them? Is there a controlled narrative operating in the political, religious, the upper echelons of the business institutions? Why is your awakening, truthful education, personal power, health and wealth a threat to them? Could some of these advanced beings have free energy, anti/counter gravity, healing and longevity technology that would seem magical. Would that end the enslavement through dependency, bring prosperity and clean technology to the Earth? How about releasing the technology that is already here sequestered away in secret black projects hundreds if not thousands of years ahead of today’s technology? Have you asked why the tyrants want you totally dependent on them with all the freebees as bait?

Do you think they care about your religion, your culture, your color or gender other than a tool to create more division? The 90% population reduction includes all of you yet so many do their bidding.

What do the dark hearts fear? The masses unifying, awakening, becoming educated, empowered, color blind focusing on character over race or belief. Their greatest fear is the masses having the knowledge of who they are and what they have done. That is their greatest fear. That is why they say keep them sick, broke and stupid. All the illusions of separation along with the plagues and wars are perpetuated by these forces and their puppets.

Step out of the matrix. Find the courage and impeccable integrity to no longer participate in the division game or support the dark hearts. Call out your leaders for not operating under Universal Law. Call out those going against the Constitution and Bill of Rights patterned after Universal Law.


They swore an oath, some took office without ever swearing an oath or have no signed and notarized copy of their oath. Those without a signed and notarized oath are impersonating an officer, a criminal offense and have no legal or lawful jurisdiction. The current administration is filled at the highest level with people who did not sign or notarize their oaths. Those that did sign and notarized their oaths that go against the Constitution are guilty of treason. Now you know why they did not sign and notarize their oaths.

Those without a signed and notarized copy and those who go against the Constitution need to be removed……

Problem solved. Which leads us to the next problem, who is going to remove them? It’s like going to the wolves telling them the fox stole your chickens in which the wolves ask, just where are these chickens. This will soon be rectified. The military is the only option. Not the corrupt generals, the complete failures in charge today. There is another force gathered since Kennedy that has been aware of this plan to take down America and have banded together. This along with divine intervention will put an end to Tyranny.

See beyond the double speak. Those who claim to protect democracy are both ignorant as to America being a Republic and usually have an entirely different agenda. Most are funded by the global elite, the CCP and Soros the spokesman and channeler of funds for the global elite. He, the global elite, the CCP and those they funded are making good on his promise fulfilling his dream to take down America. Follow the money.

Those who accepted money from the global elite, the CCP, China, other hostile governments and George Soros need to be removed. They don’t work for the people. Most work for another force. We will let you decide what that force is but it cares nothing for humanity, your color, gender, religion, or belief and again as we said earlier by their own admission, “They want 90% of you gone.” Might want to make peace, unify, and realize who your real enemy is. You will not hear this on CNN or any other mainstream news. Especially the part about the unseen malevolent forces behind inhumanity.

They crossed the line when they went after the children. Prepare yourself, the evidence will be public of what has and is being done to the children as well as who is behind it. Get ready for the shock. Famous people in leadership, icons in the movie and music industry, business moguls, all will be revealed as to their true nature. The list is long. Things are not what most have been socially engineered to be lie ve. Might want to toss out your TV, step away from mainstream and social media, use that time to take care of yourselves and family. Inner vision is the only thing you will be able to count on.

Be Well,

James Gilliland
Ecetistargate Radio Rumble, Viemo, YouTube


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