I See Crazy People…


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Submitted on April 17, 2023

The Sixth Sense has a lot in common with what I’m trying to tell people.

The Sixth Sense’s Twist You Still Missed

The Sixth Sense: Ending Explained – We See What We Want to See

I see crazy people, they don’t know they are crazy. (CATCH 22) 

That’s Catch -22 – Catch-22 (1/10) Movie CLIP (1970) HD

When you know you are crazy, you are not crazy. You see your insanity / illusions. 


We are made crazy because we accept lies as truth. We act on what we believe is true, not what is true.

When our beliefs are lies we act on lies. Acting on lies is crazy.

One acting on the idea he is Napoleon is crazy, until he sees the truth; he is not Napoleon.

Have you done a personal inventory of the lies you think are true?


Religion is not what we have been taught. We have accepted lies as truth.

The word Religion is a contraction for: Re Legion (The Legion of Re). Re / Ra is the Latin spelling for the Egyptian Sun God. The Latin word for Ra is Apollo. Ra is the ONLY sun / son of the Egyptian God El. El is the Father of all Gods (see Wikipedia).


Israel = Is – Ra – El (Mother – Son – Father) or Moon – Sun – Saturn (Trinity)

We have Seven days in a week for the; Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn (El / Satan).

The Sun is the only son of Saturn (El / Satan).

One of the oldest con-games is Bait and Switch. This is what happened in Genesis on day Seven. The Serpent (Satan) entered the Garden of Eden and seduced Eve. Satan never left the Garden in the Old Testament. The proof is in the idea people can put their SINS into animals or people and kill them to be rid of their sin. Ridiculous! Even the idea this practice has been abandoned is false. This is what the Holocaust, War, 9/11, and COVID-19 are about for the believers.

Another misconception is that Apollo and Lucifer are separate. Apollo and Lucifer are one in the same, Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Jekyll is a lyer for concealing the monster Hyde. I recognize Psychopathy as being charismatic “Doctor” seducing his victim before releasing the monster “Hyde”.

Narcissism and Psychopathy are epidemic here on Earth, and Ra-Legion is there for the Hypocrites!

People fall into two categories:

  • Yahshua called them; Born of the flesh or Born of the spirit (Born Again)
  • The Ra Material calls them; 51% Service to Self or 51% Service to Others
  • Politics calls them; Liberal / Left or Conservative / Right
  • Psychiatry calls them; Narcissists or Humane (not to be confused with human, all are human)
  • Others call them; Selfish, Childish, Immature or Selfless (less self), Adult, Mature
  • Revelation calls them; Goats or Sheep
  • Christianity calls them; Hypocrites or Followers
  • They see themself as; Victim or Responsible

The Ra Material (The Law of One) –

IMMUNITY breeds Psychopathy. When people are not held accountable, they become emboldened.

Peace, love, and blessings,


Thinker2 –


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