(Reader: Helen West) What’s the Real Purpose is Anyone’s Guess


Reader Post | By Helen West

At least 2 years ago, people were instructed to sign up to telegram follow the path of the “ true news” so the real Patriots would know what was happening behind the fake news coverage. We had been encouraged to share the information with others, made to believe in dates that were upcoming. 

Since then, we the real Patriot have realized that dates are lies, people are lying in the information we are given to believe and the followers we are following are making money off us to support their shows to give us the best entertainment and make believe news out here. They start out with minimal equipment, but since we have been paying for their misinformation, we see they are buying new equipment, taking trips and making all sorts of money off us. We the people however, suffer with joblessness, trying to help family and friends with what little extra we have in all this disastrous system of things, while others assumably were put into place by the White hats to help us keep up on true news. I’m personally struggling to help my family and grandchildren have food to eat and a roof over their heads at the same time support myself with a terrible job I had to take since I chose not to take the needle. I can’t get a job that pays anything since I refused that. But, is painful to watch the Intel providers ( not really) make so much money off us to feed us so much disinformation. We are paying Charlie War and others to watch their shows. Simon Parkes West Coast Wizard, and Mark Z, all do their shows for free,  showing they really do care about the people’s struggles.

I’m sick to death however of the put downs I hear from all different sources of how it’s wrong for us to have high hopes on the RV, and Nasarra, since we should be Worrying about that just think of the children and the military saving us from the cabal. These people need to realize, not everyone has funds to buy a month of food and supplies to last years, and the day to day struggles of survival are passing away for some because they are giving up!  

Nothing we can do as we are still slaves to the Elite, but I am loosing hope in God now. To have so many real life Americans, struggle and in some cases die – due to the misinformation we have been given and corruption from the people we thought were for us as support. To be used to hurt others and kill their beliefs.  People given the belief that they would be taken out of this corrupt system and given a chance to be free finally- just to have another set of corrupted individuals use us to their benefit, pisses me the hell off. 

We need to believe in something.  Hope in something. God has allowed this evil to go on and on and the churches are corrupt and using God to defend the corruption. We can not put our faith in God till we know what’s true and untrue. Even the scriptures are tainted, we are being told. The movie needs to end and the truth made free to all. If it’s not given to us soon, not only will you kill people and need to clean up a civil war you will have created, you will need to fix people that you killed their faith, hope, and belief system. I am witnessing these facts I have shared with you.  I’m not ignoring the hurt, pain I see around me. I’m suffering with the common American. 

Suicide will be your fault when the masses give up and take themselves out of this disastrous world.  

Thank you White Hats, for your service but it’s end needs to be now. Let the truth be told this month!  We have waited long enough. 


Helen West


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