Thomas Anderson: Info Flash for April 8, 2023


Source: Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on April 8, 2023

INFO Flash

Dear Readers

before I start with the summary of the last 4 weeks, let me say,

it has been remarkably calm.

of course there were those incidents of the daily madness in politics,

but there was nothing really substantial, nothing of importance.


so please excuse therefore, that the following might not be something

of weight and importance for your decision-portfolio,

it will just be… a summarization

not more

not less

The Biden Inauguration was not joined by thousands, not even by hundreds,

it was a kind of, let us call it “family  and closest friends reunion”


not more

all the ret is fake news, computer generated illusion

at least in Germany Officials now start to force their employees to destroy all evidence of forced vaccination, mandatory vaccination.

if all was so right and legal, why then destroy it?!?

just an old lexikon


CO2 was at 0,04 % of the atmosphere


same as today

but today we pay climate tax because “it has risen to 0,04%”

an old picture of architecture

the old architecture was designed to help humanity to stay within a frame of certain frequencies.

which has come to a stop with ALL modern forms of architecture.

perhaps 1miilion dead?

turkey earthquake

HAARP machine on USS warship NITZE


huge maneuver in Europe

NO FLIGHTS from 12-23 june

nobody is talking about it…

and here again some pdfs to read… (common law, maritime law, UTC)

as I sad a year ago


(“leave CS bank now, quit accounts now asap)”

the Credit Suisse has “collapsed” and has been bought by UBS

a bite much too large to swallow

we will see UBS struggling in a short time.

other banks in the US will follow

because US citizens started with the bank run last week

rumors say that in Germany Deutsche Bank is next.


the abolition of being white…

as I wrote and explained in my first book (world conspiracy)(see below)

there is a plan to whipe out the germans as the tip of the spear of the Arians as the tip of the spear of the whites.

this is not just an empty conspiracy theory by KuKluxKlan

or some right wing extremists

this is history and whoever wants to learn the reason behind this is asked and strongly suggested to read my books.

I do not promote doing what the KuKlux Klan does

I do not promote to harm or kill black people, colored people, however you want to call “non-whites”,

I just want to awake the sence of selfprotection in white people.


wont see videos like this on TV

here I forwared an article from another channel about the revolutions to come in Europe



today in France:


video of cloning hybrids

human tiger and more



B E W A R E to watch!

cant say it too often:

here is what you (Y O U !!!) can do TODAY to fight chemtrails

and remember: chemtrails are real

and confirmed by UN

and here is a perfect example of the “daily madness in politics” which I meant at the beginning:
german main news tv is now talking of “birth giving person” instead of “mother” and wont us the word mother anymore.

no joke!

here is a bad news for all who thought BRICS might save the world from WEF and G20:

Bill Gates Foundation just awarded head of BRICS for their work.

and the last detail for today

gold is now at 2007 USD

silver at 24,97 USD

it seems that the 120 BRICS countries are now selling USD at turbo speed

and the US cant do anything about it.


if you have USD you might want to think about taking Swiss Franks instead

or Yuan

or Gold

or Silver

we are entering now into troubled water….

I´ll keep you posted.



And for all who want to know more about the history of this Planet, the Secret Space programs and more…

My Channel on Telegram:

World Conspiracy in English language (ebook / paperback)

In German language (only paperback, sold out in new condition, used still available)

Space Conspiracy  in English language (ebook / paperback)

And in German (only paperback)


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