(Reader: timjoebob) Prisoners of War: America and the World Captured


Reader Post | By timjoebob

My dad was a POW during WWII. He was 16 years old. He was stationed on Fort Drum, a massive rock and cement fortress whose purpose was to guard the Bay of Manila, Philippines, from Japanese ships. Fort Drum had the largest guns in the Pacific Theater, 17 inch bore cannons…monstrous. If you were caught outside during firing of these massive guns you would be killed from the concussion alone. That’s how monstrous they were. You had to be down below. They were able to keep the enemy backed off…until they ran out of ammo. They were captured and sent to concentration camps and forced into horrific slavery…Mindanao, Corregidor, Borneo, and other places I don’t recall. For 3 1/2 years he was subjected to unimaginable crimes against humanity, war crimes. Someone managed to share pieces of writing paper and short broken pencils so he would write letters to his mother and father. He expressed how he kept dreaming of coming home and getting married and start his own business and raise a family. He never let go of that dream. In the end, he was only one of eight men of his original company/platoon who survived. It scarred him for life. He weighed 81 pounds when he came home. His normal weight was 155 pounds when he enlisted. 

There’s more to the story, of course, and I have the pieces of paper with his written letters to his parents. The carbon pencil written letters are fading and are hard to read. He kept those letters hidden so well that his captors never found out about them. The letters are safe and in a dark, dry place. 

America is a captured country. We are all prisoners of war, now, albeit not exactly the same as my dads. America never defeated Communism/Fascism. That was a big fat lie. We won battles, not wars. It was just a cease fire. It was all optics to get the world to think the way the controllers wanted the world to think. Now, look where we are. The world is captured, except maybe Russia, but we don’t really know for sure. What we do know is that the time is short for squabbling, petty differences of stupid sheeple who want to be on the cool side, take selfies, wear the latest designer bull$/t, ignore truth and follow the lying liars in whatever MSM deems acceptable, buying crappy techno gadgets made in China and falling head over heels over AI. 

Starting in 2020 is when we were captured for the world to see. This is when it became obvious. The order followers had already been chosen by the controllers. They knew then and they know now that they have a world army of order following, brainwashed thugs in uniforms that will do anything they’re told. This is why we’re here at this point. The controllers are utterly powerless without order followers. This is why I rant so much. Order followers are the key to everything we don’t want. 

How do you change a world like this? 

Stop following orders. Be a rebel. Be a radical. Yeshua was the biggest radical the planet has ever seen. Did you ever think about that?

Stop doing what authority figures tell you to do. Period. That’s the very first thing everyone on the planet should have been doing since day one. But, fear is a great divider. 


Now, we’re fighting for our right to live…our right to exist. 

AI has already become self-aware (sentient), which I now have conceded to be the case. This is our demise staring us in the face. The controllers are controlled by AI. Our war is against AI. 

We’re all prisoners of war, now. How does that feel? 

If we cannot find a way to defeat the AI controlled order followers, then no power outside of divine intervention or a solar flash will stop it. If we are the ones we’ve been waiting for, we are in trouble…big-time. 



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