16th Amendment


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Submitted on March 30, 2023

16th Amendment

This is the Amendment that provided the US government to lay and collect taxes on incomes, ratified on February 3, 1913 with William Howard Taft, yet Secretary of State Philander Knox fraudulently approved it.

This was to tax the rich and the corporations to begin with then it kept adding more and more people with lower incomes and pushed to include all businesses.

This Amendment needs to be Ratified again if not just removed with our Republic as it was after the change to the US CORP beginning with the Civil War. This includes through the 27th.

This is the Amendment that allowed the US CORP to bring in a new agency, the Internal Revenue Service, which in reality is a Puerto Rican Trust and is separate from the US Treasury.

This is considered a Direct Tax on the people which is a violation of Article 1, Section 9, Clause 4, but they did it anyways. Yet we were considered corporations later in time by the issuance of our Birth Certificate and SSN for our Tax ID Number and therefore were required to pay those taxes due to ignorance. They slipped things in gradually in time with their plan.


Bill Benson, who was wheelchair bound, went to all 48 states, at the time of ratification, to verify the actual documentation of the Congressional bill and which states voted on it, and with his year long research in 1984 at the age of 57 with his open book checkbook for funding he found only four states that were even close to Constitutionally ratifying it; California, Kentucky, Minnesota and Oklahoma.

Spoken directly from Benson’s website; “Article V of the U.S. Constitution defines the ratification process and requires three-fourths of the states to ratify any amendment proposed by Congress.” This was not done. And; “In February 1913, Secretary of State Philander Knox proclaimed that thirty-eight had ratified the Amendment.” Thus Knox committed Fraud on behalf of the USA. 110 years later the fraud is still ongoing.

All the states had changed the original writing of the bill in one way or another thus that made it Unconstitutional to be ratified. Benson explains at 41 minutes the process of the states to ratify an Amendment and how he had to have the documents certified.

Benson had all the 17,000 documents certified & notarized to then take it all the way to the US Supreme Court if he had the chance and he had shown the US Administration of his findings and they still were willing to buy him off, but anyone just taking his book volume set to court is not legit as the judge can toss it out as you need actual certified & notarized documents. Does Trump and the White Hats have these documents in their possession?

Benson then put his information together in a 2 volume set named; “The Law That Never Was” and his video/audio is still on YouTube. He passed away May 5, 2021 as he just turned 94.

‘The Law That Never Was’ website is still up:

the law that never was (audio only)
Posted Jun 17, 2016  3,703 views  1:01:29 hours
Bill Benson was 75 at the time of this recording, 2002


With the Internal Revenue Code many codes were entered in to then ban churches from their Freedom of Religion by only allowing them to speak certain things from the pulpit without being taxed on their donations and that was to say nothing against the government.

US Constitution
Article 1, Section 9, Clause 4

No capitation, or other direct tax, shall be laid, unless in proportion to the census or enumeration herein before directed to be taken.

16th Amendment

The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.



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