(Reader: TM) The Parallel Society vs. Totalitarianism


Reader Post | By TM

For those of us who are Aware that we Exist within a Parallel Reality…
Our Comprehension Of What Is To Become Our Own Will’s Creation Of A New Paradigm’s Structure.
This Is In Turn Facilitated as We Release All Concepts, Within This False Construct …
We Are The Masters Of Our Co-Creation.

So As Humanity Continues To Be Guided
Towards This Creation Of A Parallel Economy , More So Within These Last 3 Years Of A Fake Global Pandemic , One Can Almost Observe This , As The Previously Existing Supply Lines Have Been Collapsed , A Global Economy And What Was, Is Dissolving ,And Printed Trillions Of Fiat Dollars Funding , Yes , The Cabal , As Well A Restructuring , A New Paradigm Simultaneously With The Intention Of Creating A Parallel Reality That Is Being Co-Created As We Speak.
Our Old World DisOrder Is Being Re-Created As We Speak …
Are We Heading For A More Seemless Transition As We Speak ?

So As More Of Humanity Tries To Grasp This Concept ; That By Allowing One’s Self To Grow And Expand Our Conscious State , We Experience A Dislocation From What May Be Considered …
Societal Norms

These Societal Norms Have Been Imposed Upon Us As The Control Factors That Have Been Placed Upon Us As Test Subjects …
Thereby Removing The Shackles Placed On Our Minds Bodies and Spirits…

Mostly , In Our Human History ,As One Stage Is Destroyed, Another Stage Has Been Put In Its Place By Our Controllers Our Enslavers …
Always It Appears To Put Us In A Place Of Position / Opposition As Well As Slaves / Masters…

By Doing So Perpetuating This Dystopian Game Where No Human Can Supercede The Parameters That Have Been Placed Before Us Because We Were Never Allowed To Win.
No Game , Just A Delusion Within The Illusion …
Within A Plane Of Existence That Has Been Reset So Many Times That Only Confusion Reigns.

For Us , Its About A Weaponized Duality.
Time, As It Appears To Me ;Being An Amateur Historian ,To Have Been Compressed And We’ve Been Pushed Along This Cosmic Rollercoaster Of Devastating Crisis After Crisis ; Both Bent On Destroying The Planet And Humans Alike As We Are Rushed Into Industrialization , Mechanization & Computerization At Warp(ed) Speed.
Leaving Humans And Our Humanity As An Expendable Resource.


There Is No Game.
All Games Are To Be Played
Yet we are not the Players…
Just The Played…
There’s No Fun In That
End The Game.

So We Are Placed In A Quantum Quandary Where Fighting The System Is A Losing Proposition.
We Play Into Evil’s Hands When Our Actions Or Thoughts Cause Us And Others Enough Angst That In Order To Survive And Or Defeat Evil We Must Become What We Try To Overcome …
So We Do Evil’s Bidding By Playing By Its Twisted Rules…

Is Nirvana Nothingness ?
Or Is Nirvana All That Is ?
Think Outside The Box ?
The Tesseract… The 4D Box ?

So Our Creator Has Placed Us In A Position Of Learning And Acting On Our Own Release From This Tormented Paradigm By Creating A Parallel Reality That Allows Us To Co-Create This Paradigm Along With Our Creator ; Who Knows The Rules Of Engagement …
Don’t Engage With The Enemy
Because We Then Become Like Them.
Creativity Overcomes The Negativity.

This Requires Us To Reach Up To Reconnect With Our Higher Self …
Here’s The Crux
Anger Will Not Assist Us In Attaining This Level
Nor Will Any Of Our Base Human Emotions
By Divesting Our Selves Of These Base Human Emotions And Grasping That Ever Elusive Act Of Contrition As Well As Our Own Divinity We Retain Our Dignity And Our TRUE DIVINE Stature Though Forgiveness.
Will Enough Of Us Be Able To Collapse This False Reality Superimposed Upon Us Human Test Subjects ?
Through LOVE ?




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