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Reader Post | By Pedro G

On the above mentioned report it talks about The Brunson vs Adams case which is attempting to be heard at the SCOTUS against 385 persons in Congress along with Biden, Harris and Pence for their respective treasonous act in the certification of the 2020 election without verifying that the votes were valid after having been warned. Basically they all did what they wanted like a bunch of drunken sailors with no regards for their actions, with something as precious as our constitution. As a result this individuals violated their oath to protect and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, and at the same time failing to protect every citizens rights to a fair representation.

Juan O. Savin stated that the remedy for this act of treason will be that these individuals would simply be, that they will never be allowed to hold public office again. 

Sir with all due respect this is totally unacceptable and wrong, the only way that our Constitutional rights will be respected in the future and that politicians will pay attention to the oath of office they are responsible for is by making sure that we do not deviate from the punishment for treason, and it will also insure that treasonous behavior will not be tolerated ever again or else the only thing it will insure is that the United States continues to be viewed as a Banana Republic. 

The United States will never be respected again by any nation in the world, if we just allow a slap in the hand and say they can never hold public office again, that will only insure that we continue the path of a Banana Republic. This is wrong Treason has always been punishable by death in the United States and no one is allowed to lower the bar for that crime.

These folks should all be put on a plane, as soon as possible, and sent to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Camp Justice for their respective military tribunals and the charge is Treason. 

That is the only solution for what they did to this great nation, their failure to uphold the oath of office they took, allowing the certification of the election to put in office a candidate that would only follow directions from a foreign adversary and as such, they have allowed a foreign adversary nation to dictate the course of this nation into communism, and the total deterioration of our culture and principles held by this nation as far back as I can remember and as well as further opening the door to the New World Order for the largest act of genocide to take place in this great nation, with the Covid vaccine.



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