(Reader: TIGER) Response to Steve Beckow “World Government may be a Stretch Now”


Reader Post | By TIGER

Steve Beckow,

I agree with your title but not your content. World Government is an idea that will stretch — the hemp of nooses. The world thankfully has NO shortage of empty lampposts, nor rope.

Before you start thinking about world government you should be thinking about which theory of government you want to impose on everyone. You should be talking about the difference between a Government Of Laws and a Government Of Men. You should be talking about the Rule of Law. You should be talking about what self-government means, what is a Republic, and what is Socialism in its many forms (Progressivism, Communism, Liberalism), for which , actually, the difference is moot. You should be thinking of the difference between the intent of a government meant to secure human rights and a government that has as its primary intent to secure wealth, which, as we have brutally witnessed in living color, means securing wealth on for those who support it, in a parasitic, pirate-pyramidal scheme, to the detriment of everyone else.

Further, if you choose to support the intent of government as self government on behalf of The People, to secure human rights, you should be thinking of whether the Constitutional System renders that or not, and if not, what changes to that system should be incorporated to secure human rights.

Once you decide which form of government you favor, you should then conduct an experiment, which is, to start small and prove the system works. That proof should be necessary before one tries to say this system is so great every country, and the World, should adopt it.

Socialism has failed EVERYWHERE, including here in the US for the last half-century, which we are witness to, and its supporters say that is because we just did not get it right, this time for sure. Right.

Some of our States are deeper into Socialism (hence parasitic Tyranny) than others, and, given a choice, hoards of US citizens are choosing to move from those states to others. This same effect was witnessed earlier when many technologists and scientists moved from Nazi Germany to the US starting in 1933. On the one side many celebrated how tyranny made the trains run on time and industrialized Germany at the cost of personal freedoms. An example of that was, the unemployed were rounded up and built the Autobahn at prison wages. 


I hope discussing the theory of government does not bore you. That certainly wasn’t the case in Revolutionary War America. You could not go into an ale-house without seeing and hearing at least one spirited discussion on how the government Should Be. That level of involvement is a virtual requirement for Self Government. Unfortunately, by design, our schools began leaving all that out and replacing it with the Woke agenda.

Even now, I ask anyone, what alt-newscaster wants to discuss self government and what reforms are necessary to secure the intent of the Constitution? They prefer to report what IS happening rather than what SHOULD BE happening to rebuild our society, and specifically, to re-establish the rule of law, to specify what is needed, and impose deterrent penalties for those who would use public office for their private gain. 

I wrote a short, Paine-style book on what I personally see as the needed reforms which is free at and any reader is welcome to it and to write their own view of this.

Let’s get real. Americans bought into the “Great Society” and “Kinder, Gentler Government” that claimed it would be a safety net for everyone.  We have now seen the end of the Woke “rainbow” it “progressed” to and it is a despotic nightmare. NOW we need to pick up the pieces of our country, and our States, and rebuild our society. That will take a lot of thought and a lot of work. And WE BETTER GET IT RIGHT this time.



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