(Reader: TheEndIsNear) A Global Cataclysm is Coming


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Do you want to know what is really behind the fake coronavirus pandemic, so-called vaccines, war in Ukraine, UFO hoax, etc.? The alternative media offers many different theories, but no sure explanation. Most people only look at news that has a lot of views, is easy to understand and confirms their beliefs. While the really important and science-based theories are difficult and thus unpopular. Even conspiracy theorists do not have enough determination and courage to look into them. The answer to all your questions exists and I am ready to share it with you. However, I cannot promise that the truth is what you expect or that it will be easy to understand. I know that most of you will ignore this post. But the few who are willing to take several days to explore this subject will gain knowledge that even famous conspiracy theorists do not have. They will also significantly increase their chances of surviving what is coming.

To understand current events, you must first learn the history. The world’s biggest secret is that there have been tremendous global disasters in the past that decimated populations and caused the collapse of empires. Chronicles from the 14th and 6th centuries describe events as if from a disaster movie. They write of “an extraordinary earthquake over the whole world”, “poisonous earthy exhalation”, “fire falling from the sky for 16 days”, “falling stars” (meteorites), “the sun became dark for 18 months”, “hailstones of incredible size”, “lightnings that killed thousands of men and animals”, droughts and torrential rains destroying crops and causing famines so great that people resorted to cannibalism, and “a pestilence which spread over almost the entire world” and “swept away third part of the human race”. And all this was happening within just a few years.

These global disasters were caused by the impact of the Sun’s magnetic field, which suddenly increases once every several hundred years. The years of occurrence of previous catastrophes show that they reoccur with remarkable regularity. Unfortunately, the cycle clearly indicates that the next such catastrophe will occur in 2023-2025. Soon there will be massive earthquakes that will destroy entire countries. Powerful geomagnetic storms will cause long-term power outages. Asteroids will fall to the Earth. Sudden climate change all over the world will lead to widespread food shortages. Governments are afraid of public panic and uprising. They are going to instigate a world war to keep themselves in power through terror. They will allow a deadly pandemic to spread that will kill a few billion people.

The media, both mainstream and alternative, will say it is a man-made crisis or an alien attack. They will say that the disease is caused by radiation or a virus from a bio lab. Those in power want you not to find out what kind of disease it is and how to cure it. Earthquakes will be explained by HAARP and climate change by the overproduction of carbon dioxide. They will say the asteroids are nukes and the power outage is due to a cyber attack or EMP. They will do anything to hide what is really going on, because as long as you are unaware, they can easily manipulate you. Do not believe them. Similar disasters have happened in the past.

This is not just another theory, but a cycle of global disasters confirmed by the chroniclers’ records. It is hard for you to believe this because you have been fooled by historians all your life and the media has programmed you to disregard such warnings. Please do not judge this hastily, but examine the evidence for yourself. You can find all the information at Please read and warn others. If this website is not available, you can download it here:



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