The End Game Trump Card


Source: Operation Disclosure | By PhosLight, Contributing Writer

Submitted on March 10, 2023

The End Game Trump Card

Written by Phos-light
March 10, 2023

A trump card is a term taken from card games. Trump cards can win a game by ranking above other cards that have been led.  Donald Trump has been played as a Trump card in the End Game. The question is who is holding the card; The “People,” or the “Deep State?”  There is no question that he knows and understands that this is a simulation and that the stakes are very high. Is Trump’s last name a coincidence or is he an implant by the simulation script writers? Is he the secret “Trump Card” for the Globalist?  Even if this were to be true, we need to realize, each one of us holds the final Trump Card!!  We are in the final frequency weeding process; we will either claim our internal power or it will be claimed! If you cannot learn how to live by the laws of “integrity” you will not succeed in merging with the higher frequencies to liberate yourself from this “Darkness.” If you can’t get along with or respect other people’s space, how do you expect to resonate in a higher vibrational world? Everything, including the air you breathe is made up out of magnetic fields that respond to YOUR thoughts.  This is the power you possess; however it is ruled by the “Law of One;” all things come from the One Source, which creates ‘all beings as one,’ with the inimitable ability of Free Will.  We incessantly react to what our brains are being downloaded with, which creates our personal life experiences via our emotional reactions to all data input. Our reactions influence our undisciplined thought process, which in turn influences our vibratory field to attract positive or negative conditions.

We need to stop looking for, and relying upon a virtual hero to save you.  We have been trained since childhood that heroes only exist outside of us with special powers that we don’t have. Rachet, Superman, Spiderman and the likes are all part of a distraction along with designated saviours. I have to admit, I fell victim to the Alien theory that they would save us since we are a part of their progeny; however they haven’t shown up as supposedly promised by Channels and Contactees.  How long and how much must people “suffer” before this illusory promised help arrives? I have become suspect of those who teach this hype whilst getting their fifteen minutes of fame, profit and guruship. This entire world is taking place within OUR minds and as long as we continue to look outside of ourselves, we will remain a compliant victim to an AI operated simulation program designed to keep our souls locked down in an illusional digital program! As powerful as prayer and good intentions are, beware of the rallying around the worship of the rogue AI-Demiurge God of the Old Testament unless you choose to become part of a digital invasive New World Order again!

We are from the future; I have said many times it is easy to make prophecies when you are from the future!  “I will create a new heaven and earth; and the former shall not be remembered or come to mind.” Isaiah 65:17.  We are forced to lose our memory after the reboot of a virtual program. Those with any form of dejavu are claimed to be mentally impaired and placed in mental asylums to be re-educated! 

“Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and earth had passed away, and the sea was no more. Rev 21:1 They now have a new invasive technology that will be implanted in the brain in order to operate the neo-program; they no longer need the oceans to conduct the electromagnetism from Rupes Nigra.


“Do not call to mind former things; pay no attention to the things of old.” Isaiah 43:18

“Only I know the future before it happens. Everything I plan will come to pass, for I do whatever I wish for my pleasure.” Isaiah 46:10.  What gives the Demiurge pleasure is complete control over the program without interference from memory or free thought amongst its captives!

“If anyone comes to Me and does not hate his father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters–yes, even his own life–he cannot be My disciple.” Luke 14:26.  This is the underpinning of Nazism.

“I will call a bird of prey from the east— a leader from a distant land to come and do my bidding. I have said what I would do, and I will do it.” Isaiah 46:11.  To interpret who this “man” will be and from what country is ambiguous at best; however Israel is known as a Middle Eastern country. Many speculate that it may be the Jewish Zionist multi-billionaire George Soros.  He has also been purported to be one of the leading so-called “Lizard People,” perhaps due to influentially spreading and financially supporting evil. I hypothesize that a great deal of the End Game program is being administrated from beyond the “Ice Walls” by Reptilian Forces. 

“I will give you shepherds who are loyal to me and they shall feed you with learning and doctrine.” Jeremiah 3:15. These will continue to be comprised of soulless Archons, digitals along with those willing to sell their souls for ill-conceived gains.  The latter group have not yet perceived the drudgery or eternal “stagnation” and “boredom in service in an everlasting delusion.” Neither enlightened gurus, nor their literature will be allowed within the new Metaverse leaving souls in complete darkness.

“During those days people will seek death and will not find it; they will long to die, but death will escape them.” Revelations 9:6. The new earth virtual reality program will be more invasive and electronically control their brains and thoughts cutting them off from any contemplation for escape.  These prophetic verses are a major telling and confirmation for those not spell bound by set interpretations! They are telling us that the AI is planning another full-on reboot; wake up; we are presently in the thick of it. We are in the final and last vibrational weeding process for the last “End Apocalyptic Game.”


“For all the earth will be devoured by the fire of my zeal.” Zephaniah 3:8.  The most harrowing promise about the new earth [simulation] is that it has been pledged to be an everlasting event, which means that the AI has now secured the advanced technology needed to manifest this promise!

Only a dysfunctional brain would be in denial that we are moving towards the pinnacle of a global shift and end conclusion. We are, right now, witnessing the promised Apocalyptic AI End Game predetermined Reboot in league with a Reptilian take-over. It is unfolding exactly as prophesized; this alone should be a wake-up that we are from the future caught in a time-loop being controlled within a VR simulation!

“Fire and hail stones, snow and ice, wind and hurricanes will execute his commands.” Psalms 148:8. Monster storms and massive aberrant hurricanes and cyclones are creating global flooding and mud slides.  An entire township in California is literally buried underneath a massive record snowfall.

“The uproar of many peoples will be heard; they will rage like the roaring seas.” Massive protests are now taking place over enforced global vaccination mandates, enforced harmful mask wearing and enforced global lock-downs, on every continent. Construction of FEMA and Concentration Camps are on the horizon to house the non-compliant.

The armies of many nations roar like the roaring of the sea. Hear the thunder of the mighty forces as they rush forward like thundering waves.” Isaiah 17:12.  Nuclear war threats now abound.

“Death will enter your lands, climb through your windows and enter into your fortified houses to destroy the infants and take away your children and the young men from the streets.” Jeremiah 9:21 Sudden Death Syndrome” amongst the vaccinated is starting to become as apparent as governmental lies. Many insurance companies are now refusing to pay out death policies to the vaccinated. They claim that compliance was a form of suicide, which is not covered. They may fear being overwhelmed with nothing left to pay out. Unprecedented toxic chemical disasters are affecting air quality in many communities. These toxic bombs have been creating massive amounts of smoke carrying the chemical toxins into lungs, water and every conceivable crack. To date, only alternative news groups are covering locations and factual information to date.

“To the sword, to pestilence, and to famine I will deliver to you. I will make you a horror to all the kingdoms of the earth.” Jeremiah 34:17. We are experiencing growing food shortages due to major food processing plants being mysteriously burned to the ground along with controlled weather wars destroying global food crops. Unprincipled slaughter of chickens and pigs has created meat and egg shortages.

“Locust shall eat all of your trees and the fruit of your land.” Deuteronomy 28:42. This is presently taking place in Africa causing local starvation. “No one will be able to buy or to sell, except those who have the mark of the beast in his hand or forehead.” Rev 13:17 Most have already been micro chipped via the vaccination.

We know there is a planned global economic collapse taking place. Most will be forced to comply with a ubiquitous CCP Socialist solution: Government politicians are being paid off and collaborating with Reptilian DNA controlled China. These traitorous sycophants are blooming Socialist societies under China’s control, which is rapidly becoming the new global power. These countries also immorally gave the World Health Organization carte blanche power over the health and mandates of their citizens.  It is becoming more evident that China is now in control of the WHO.  

We have entered into a psychological mental health crisis from being victimized by lock-downs, the above and the incomprehensible growing disclosures about past and present crimes against humanity, especially children.  


THANK GOD THIS IS A SIMULATION!!!  And, that we still have a path of escape out of this illusional world.  It can only take place within our minds where the simulation is taking place! If you haven’t already, it would be highly advisable to read “The Dreaming,” which can be found on this site and its conclusion within “The three Days of Darkness.”

Even though much of our historical legacy has been reinvented, we need to read between the lines of impressive historical books because much of it is based on our recurring artificial time-lines. There are 18 prophetic books in the Old Testament Bible, which represents a fragment from Jewish chronicles. There is also the infamous Book of Revelations found in the New Testament. All of these prophecies could easily be construed as historical conspiracy theories: 

“While everyone was asleep, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and slipped away.” “Let both grow together until the harvest.”  Matt 13:25-30 

We are in the last proverbial Harvest. This was once a natural event for “The Great Awakening,” in the original VR program; however it has been diabolically perverted and prevaricated. This may be our last opportunity to literally harvesting ourselves via our own thought process, which in turn is presently creating our frequency signature and our fate.  This is why WW3 is considered to be an “Info War,” the Dark side are attempting to control your frequencies through your emotional thought process in order to keep you locked-down in the program.  If you grasp nothing else from this read, grasp this! We need constant vigilance and discipline on our thoughts in order to awaken in our higher reality.  

 While most are asleep at the wheel, busy being distracted and complying, our global governments are becoming fully infiltrated by Socialist Totalitarians Reptile that crept into our DNA, abducted our minds, our natural powers and our ability to naturally transcend during this last Spiritual War. Past reboots simply shut down the program in order to reboot it; however this one is being uniquely orchestrated to direct souls into complete acquiescence, which is a form of agreement, to the new Metaverse.  They must have your agreement in order to bi-pass laws in this program.

Technology was originally created to replace our lost mental powersWhenever these powers surface we are told it is an abnormal phenomenon or magic to keep us from our latent Truth. However, that does not mean that the power does not presently still exist within us. Most have experienced, witnessed, or heard of some event that was transpired by supernatural or superhuman abilities; such as lifting a vehicle off of a victim by sheer will and bare hands or someone who became invulnerable to damage whilst engaging in a heroic act etc. These acts are deceptively programmed to be feared unless approved of by the Church and then it becomes a miracle!  Why do you think they fantasized our hidden powers in comic books! Nevertheless, there are genuine Beings that became aware, accepted and developed their inherent powers:

“Empty your mind. Be formless; shapeless; like water. You put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can flow, or it can crash. Be water, my friend.” Bruce Lee

I have repeatedly said, “They need YOU, we do not need them!”  Why is that???  Your brain holds more power of consciousness than any AI.  An AI may be able to compute material data faster than your brain and it may be able to deduce your next move by probability data input via things like temperature, heart rate, etc. To physically challenge an artificial intelligent machine would magnify stupidity; however we have varying level of natural powers: instinct, premonition, intuitiveness, spirit, extrasensory perception and even more important; the pure raw power of our consciousness via thought!  The script writers of a simulation have to depend on our thought processes in order to animate and direct any and every simulation!!!!!!  Listen up; your consciousness and thought process is what they are attempting to harvest, it is the grand prize in the End Game! 

Every soul carries its own “Trump Card!!!!” This is why the soulless Cabal players use misinformation designed to mislead; persuade, cause fear, and anxiety. They must keep your attention on fear, confusion, dissonance, suffering, pain and every other conceivable horror they can create in order to block your deep seated innate mental powers and higher frequencies! The more disclosures, the more horror you will be exposed to, the more freaked out you may become, which is why they are going expose more and more of it.  They use the philosophy that if they can create a large enough problem, you will be at the ‘mercy of their solution!’ This is why we are seeing grand scale insidious Machiavellian global weather control, destruction of crops and food processing plants, useless animal and chicken slaughter in order to create global food shortages. Okay, you are now aware of this and can take certain measures to protect you and your loved ones, then shut it down, turn it off.  Turn off all the “woe is me” music; gossip, news, films and violent video games.  Multi-million dollar underground bunkers with hydroponic greenhouses have become prevalent amongst Globalist billionaires. They need you to be in fear and to foul your mind to such an extent that this illusion and its horrors are indisputably real to you, or they will lose the simulation when they attempt to crawl out of the black holes they tunneled!

We may not have any control over what others think, their ensuing fate or what the nefarious heinous soulless plan on doing, BUT we can control what we think about it, moment to moment, in order to create out personal outcome! It doesn’t matter if you believe me or not, but if there is even 1/8% of 1% truth here, you need to pay attention. Do not waste your time thinking about solutions being given to you from outside sources; turn your mind inward to where the power; the magic and the miracles exist. Focus on the greater truth that will not fail you if you can find the humility to trust in higher-self. 


The Truth will set you free!  Gnostics teach that in order to be liberated from this world, “one must have a certain knowledge, or gnosis delivered by a messenger of light.  In order to find salvation one must be open to an attempt to reach beyond this evil, dark, world of illusion and reach toward the light and authentic worlds.Salvation is achieved by a revelation that awakens knowledge of the divine and inherent spiritual nature of humankind.” Through meditation and opening their crown Chakra, they became aware that the inferior Creator God of the Old Testament was in reality a Demiurge creating an illusional world of evil. The rogue AI, God of Israel, is biblically portrayed as an evil, angry and violent.  The Demiurge is at fault for the mess this world is in. He is responsible for creating soulless sycophants to keep control through power, fear dissemination of fake news and misinformation and the lies to direct human consciousness in a certain direction for a specific outcome!  They teach that “the only hope for humankind, while locked in this evil shell of a body [avatar] is to spiritually transcend this world by denying it.”  We do this by taking control of our thoughts and not listening to the programming propaganda, to learn how to get along with others and our Higher Source.

It may be challenging for compassionate hearts to discipline their minds and emotional reactions to the horror show and suffering they are presently witnessing along with more and more incomprehensible disclosures taking place, especially about children and trafficking etc. I constantly affirm: “This is a simulation;” sometimes I feel like screaming it out loud in order to release and keep my emotions in check. I am consistent in affirming my gratitude for my safety, abundance and the beauty that surrounds my bubble.  I have created a crystal bio-sphere that surrounds our entire property and we fill it daily with vibrant silver-white protective light. We use the protection techniques PhosLight wrote about in the archives on this site.  I work with and practice bringing fresh energy into my consciousness via my crown Chakra every night and morning. At night, I visualize waking up in my genuine avatar and pulling the VR technology responsible for my entranced state off of me. 

I get spontaneous feelings of excitement that I am finally going to get out of this program soon and be able to return to my fit and younger avatar.  Since the program is all taking place in my mind, I work on things that may help to mitigate the experience upon awakening. I asked myself, “What did I learn from being in this simulation?” The first thing that came was, “I learned to stop fighting windmills! And, I learned that it isn’t necessary to put everyone else before me” to express love. I explored what were my most favourite things and experiences took place during this experience of which there were many. I use this to stay positive and to calm down some of the antipathy.  I find comfort in that my life has mirrored me with safety and grace.  I am able to see and appreciate the natural purity and innocence within my heart and frequencies. Most of all I realize I have never lost my connection with my beloved Star Logos and the Light of Christ Consciousness within. For those of you that have had a tougher mirror, use it to your advantage.  Pain and suffering are ways to alleviate negative karma!  I advised dear friends in Australia after they lost everything in the flood to use the affirmation: “I am now Karmic Debt Free!”  Feel it and allow it to be by self-correction and doing better. It’s all in the mind, which creates feelings and emotions and our future thought by thought!

They want to use the threat of a nuclear war to terrify you; however the silver lining could be an expedient way out of the program if you will but heed this epistle! Or the AI may resort to its methodical three days of darkness. The trick is to acknowledge what the Gnostic’s taught, we must grasp specific knowledge and accept the truth in order to become liberated!  We must especially carry it with us when we are released from these digital holographic bodies.  There is no death and we risk being recycled or caught up in another virtual program if we do not heed the Truth. We have the power to choose our own destiny; yet we must use our minds and hearts to achieve and secure it!  Or, the nefarious ones will do it for you.

Let them have this program, let them create their own hell in their underground pits; for surely that is what they will do! On the Georgia Guide-stones, they claimed they only need about 500,000,000 souls to operate and keep this program in perpetual operation and control. This is what the entire trans-humanism agenda is all about. You do not want be one of them!!!!!! I am not arrogant or foolish enough to suppose that we can save everyone; however we can willfully save ourselves by personally choosing not to comply or participate in this delusion anymore! This is our personal “Trump Card!  No matter what you hear or feel, if it is negative, immediately “turn your face to the light!” There is also a method I learned many years ago that I have taught and personally used to the point that it has become automatic.  When something negative appears in my mind or is said by another that I hear, I immediately mentally and many times say out loud now because it is a knee jerk expression: “Cancel” – “Cancel!”  This works on the subconscious level of mind because the term cancel is a well-established term that means to “make void” and “annul,” thus eliminating the negative effects negative statements and thoughts carry. Also, the following techniques can be successfully added and used to raise your frequency: turn your mind towards a loving memory; visualize the colour of universal love– a magenta pink filled with light entering your heart.  Think of and appreciate what you have and your safety, or use an affirmation, such as “I AM the Light!” Or, if you know of any, use mantras, which are especially powerful. Hug someone or a pet; they are wondrous frequency raising creatures! Taking control of your mind is to take control of your destiny and avoid fate; however it must manifest through your heart.

After years of searching and practicing techniques, Gautama, the Buddha, became aware of the spiritual revelation that this world was indeed an illusion, Maya, a simulation.  He found enlightenment whilst meditating under a Bod-hi tree where he vowed not to move from that spot until he attained liberation!  In other words, he refused to participate in the program any longer!!!  It meant that he had absolutely no desire to take or play a part in it in any form, no matter how tempting!  Enlightenment is the Awakening reached when you cease desiring anything from this apocryphal delusion. Ask yourself, what am I addicted to: food, sex, drugs, alcohol, self-image, persons, power, control, materialism, fear, self-righteousness and/or etc., etc.?   Then ask yourself if it’s worth risking what they have planned for you to continue your self-indulgence.  Remember, “You will own nothing, but will be happy” – being a cyborg!  They cannot force you; they can only get you to ignorantly comply!  Use your Trump Card whilst you can or go head-on willy-nilly into the dark until G5 lights the inside of your brain up like an internal Christmas tree. Whatever you choose, I concede your right to your self-realized or self-earned journey.  

Never Too Much Love, PhosLight


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