(Reader: Frank from Germany) Trump Let us Down Once, will he again?


Reader Post | By Frank from Germany

Trump let us down once. Will he let us down again?

If you believe it or not I used to be an ardent Trump supporter. I used to be an ardent Great Awakening supporter. I totally believed in the MAGA movement. This is why yesterday, I mustered all my self-containment and tried to watch Trump’s CPAC speech but … honestly, I just could not to watch it until the end.

Really, there was a time when Donald Trump was my shining light, my hope in a world about to plunge into darkness. I fought for this man in a way I had never fought for anybody before – even to the point of sacrificing old friendships and my social network.

Then in the run-up to the 2020 election Donald Trump looked millions of his supporters straight into the eyes and told them that together we would make America (and thus the world) Great again. Trump looked them in the eyes and he knew he was lying. Because at this moment he already knew that he had absolutely no intention to win the election. He knew at this moment that he was about to leave the battlefield and thus let down millions of Patriots. He knew that he was going to hand over the presidency to mass murders. And no, the Democrats did NOT steal the election. Trump gave it to them. If you know that a burglar is sneaking around your house and you leave the door wide open then you are not a victim. Trump knew that he had caved to the pressure of the leftist mob. And what is even worse is that his best plan to ‘save the world’ was to put the life and the future of millions of Patriots into the hands of the most stupid, most brainwashed, most unworthy normies on this planet. Because EVERYTHING WE ARE SEEING NOW is staged only to wake up the normies. And what if they don’t wake up? Well, then you have to destroy the country even more. Honestly, these people had poison happily injected into their children. If you look back at the Covid-crisis and you tell me that these people are not stupid, brain-washed and unworthy of freedom and self-determination then you haven’t understood anything. Trump handed the keys over to these people.

Anyway, with hindsight, Trump’s Plan to Save the World was to allow the DS, their leftist footsoldiers destroy the world hoping that this would wake up the stupid normies. This is beyond insanity.

And then there are guys like General Flynn boasting: Local action, national impact. But when Patriots actually implement that and vote for Kary Lake then the super clever 5D-chess masters White Hat geniuses are not able to protect the election – or maybe it’s not that they are not able. Maybe they have no intention to protect the election.

In a nutshell, Trump has used his CPAC speech and many other occasions to present himself as the big Messiah, the only one who can prevent World War III. In my opinion, it was his cowardice and his idiotic, flawed and naïve plan that has brought us into this mess in the first place.


I am sick and tired of Trump’s collective punishment. I am sick and tired of having to wait for the stupid leftists and normies to maybe wake up. I see the same full-mouthed speeches like in the run-up to 2020 and I just don’t believe Trump anymore. Promises made, promises broken!

Frank from Germany


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